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Detailed portable ultrasonic spot welder Description:

HK KEEPLEDER LTD is Chinese manufacturer guided by Various application of welding and cleaning solution providing, for ultrasonic welding machine (ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine), high frequency welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, clear cylindrical packing machine

Portable ultrasonic spot welder is applied for ultrasonic spot welding, ultrasonic embedding, ultrasonic riveting, ultrasonic hot pressing, ultrasonic cutting ultrasonic embossing, folder positioning, decoration in the field of stationary industry, consume electric, electronic industry, costume industry, auto parts, textile industry, toy industry and telecommunication industry, portable ultrasonic spot welder has special application, if add a vacuum pump in the head of horn, can do rhinestone hot pressing and flash disk hot pressing, if portable spot welder is mounted on the table, named table-top spot welder, which is used for elastic spot welding and Velcro spot welding, surgical belt welding, mask loop welding, which is better than cementing, hot-melt welding and screwing, portable ultrasonic spot welding machine has high efficiency, environment friendly, energy save, easy operation, nice and strong welding effect

Portable Ultrasonic spot welder is capable for non-woven cloth spot welding, PP corrugated board spot welding, ABS spot welding, PVC spot welding and nylon spot welding, PP/PE spot welding

Portable Ultrasonic spot welder is qualified for various welding shape and size, dotted spot welding, flat spot welding, diagonal spot welding, and mesh pattern spot welding the size is 1mm up to 15mm

Portable Ultrasonic spot welder has features of convenient carry, room save, light weight, the power of portable spot welder can be 150w, 300w,500w,800w, 2000w,2600w, the voltage and frequency can be 110v,60hz or 220w,50hz, digital portable spot welder and mechanical spot welding are for your optional

HK KEEPLEADER LTD’s portable ultrasonic spot welder is self-made generator, have advantage of integrated circuit, overload protection function, frequency auto-sweeping design and low noise.

With vast experience in plastic welding technology, we are renowned for our ability to solve unusual and difficult applications. We believe it is our flexibility and commitment, as well as our knowledge that places us ahead of the competition

Please remember renowned brand “keepleader”

Portable ultrasonic spot welding machine, is also called portable ultrasonic spot welder, handhold spot welder, hand-hold spot welder, ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine, ultrasonic handhold spot welder, portable spot welder has three main pars: ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic horn, the ultrasonic generator transform the 50hz, 60hz current to 15,20,28khz electric energy, further transform to the mechanical vibrating basing the same frequency on the surface of thermoplastic parts, within less second, friction between the welding area generate heat energy to melt and weld the thermoplastic together, the vertical tension strength can get the inherent character of welding parts

Application example

Plastic toys: Plastic water gun, aquarium type games, Plastic Children’s toy, plastic gifts and etc

Electronic products: audio box, audio pin wheel, disk enclosure, mobile phone battery board, rectifier transformers, switches and sockets, remote control, electronic swapper,

Appliances: digital clock, electric trumpet hairdryer, water tank of steam iron, electric kettle, computers and etc
Stationery, daily necessaries: pencil case, the cover of folder case, the middle line of folder case, pen holder, cosmetic box, plastic shell, toothpaste tube sealing, mirror, mug, lighter, seasoning bottles and other sealed containers
Automobile, motorcycles: battery, front corner lights, rear lights, instruments, reflector, manual gear sheath welding, car doors welding, car front bezel welding, car foot pa

portable ultrasonic spot welder
  • Model: portable ultrasonic spot welder
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  • Post date: Aug 12, 2011
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of portable ultrasonic spot welder in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Address: Rongxing Buidling,Bantian, longgang District, Shenzhen city, China
Region: shenzhen, China
Contact Person: Ms Helen Wang
Telephone: 0086-13590415784

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