Fluoropolymer coating Tank(ETFE)

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Detailed Fluoropolymer coating Tank(ETFE) Description:

ETFE(F40) coating Container Tank/Teflon lined vessel Teflon Lining Equipment : storage tank, Reaction vessels, Centrifuges, Receiver / Dosing Tanks, Distillation Columns etc. Lining: PTFE,PFA,ETFE(F40),FEP(F46),PE,PP,PO ; ->Bonded Linings: Using PTFE sheet, high adhesion adhesives and vacuum forming systems to firmly bond the lining to the steel substrate. We are able to offer a highly corrosion resistant lining suitable for large diameter and intricate parts which are able to withstand vacuum conditions. ->Rotary Linings: This is rotary-lined by heat fusion method of resin such as PO,PP,PE,FEP(F46) in the field that existing sheet lining such as complex-shaped tank,vessel ,filter housing,valve etc. cannot be carried out. The lining thickness can be arbitrarily adjusted in 3-5mm, and its characteristic that there are no penetrating chemicals and vacuum portions. ->Coating Linings: Anti static coating PFA,ETFE(F40) for critical anti-corrosion application

Fluoropolymer coating Tank(ETFE)
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Fluoropolymer coating Tank(ETFE) in China.


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Company: Nanjing Zhengyuan Group Co.,Ltd.
Address: Shanghai Office: Room 26,Floor 16th,Lane 2025 West Zhongshan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai,China,P.C.:200235
Region: Shanghai, China
Contact Person: Ivy
Telephone: 86-21-33681081

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