Woodworking Machine with Auto Tool Changer

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Detailed Woodworking Machine with Auto Tool Changer Description:

This type machine equipped with international apical fitting (Auto-tool CHANGER tool optionally) China domestic vacuum pump. The Spindle equipment is the first brand of the world, 5KW China domestic made water cooling spindle. It is fit for engraving and cutting on density board, solid wood material Japan servo motor. Auto tool aligning system. Auto oiling system. New style DSP controller. 8 tools holder, can changer the tool automatically. it is made from electric wood board with high adsorb, can adsorb different materials, this material with big density(1.3-1.45g/cm), heat resisting. High speed, high efficient, idle speed can reach to above 35meters/min, it can reach to 20 meters/min when processing wave board, it can match 4-5 common type machines.

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