micro-farming machine

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Detailed micro-farming machine Description:

 The performance characteristics of the micro-farming machine Saves time and effort - light weight, easy field transfer, low labor intensity The use of a wide range of --- greenhouse vegetables, paddy fields, dry land, sand, clay, etc. can be farming Diverse functions --- rotary tillage, deep plowing, ridging, ditching earth, sowing, weeding, irrigation, spray to fight drugs Young brand micro-farming machine is widely used, with a rotary tiller, deep plowing, ridging ditching earth, planting hoe, irrigate, spray to fight drugs and other functions, a multi-purpose machine. Applied to the base of greenhouse vegetables, fruit trees, gardens, upland, paddy fields, sand, clay and other operational

micro-farming machine
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of micro-farming machine in China.


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Company: Juxian Yuato Machinery co.,ltd.
Address: North Industrial Park,Juxian,shandong,china
Region: Rizhao, China
Contact Person: xianmin
Telephone: 86-633-6178818