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USB Lava Lamp (plastic bulb)
Filled with clear liquid and paillettes 7-color changing when powered Paillettes glitter when powered Nice gift as decoration Plastic case, different colors available USB powered
Company: Zhongshan Strong Lighting Co., Ltd.    China

7-Color USB Glitter Lava Lamp
7-Color USB Glitter Lava Lamp with Plastic Bulb, USB Light, USB Lava Lamp USB mini lava lamp will simply brighten up your desktop Can emit sparkles of light on the desktop and walls Can be used for night web surfing No batteries required, powered by USB Includes 180cm USB cable Uses single small light bulb Filled with clear liquid and a bunch of glitter flakes
Company: Zhongshan Strong Lighting Co., Ltd.    China

Lava lamp with Keychain
We have more than 300 model Lava lamp, there are USB Lava lamp, Led Lava lamp and Lava lamp with socket, there are some new shape for the inside stuff like as the horse, star and others. Lava bulb: R39 25W or R39 40W. Color assort: Water color: blue, clean, green. Wax color: red, clean, yellow, purple, black, orange, green.

Lava Lamps
Power Supply: USB power supported ; Directly insert the plug to the USB port without transformer ; glass bottle with aluminum base and top ; The primordial ooze that once ruled our world has been captured in perpetual motion. Lava is the moment. Its ever changing patterns are hypnotizing yet invigorating. Lava is an art form. Classic and at the same time. Progressive. Lava is prehistoric and post-modern. Lava is here to stay. The color of lava wax and liquid can be designed by yourself, ...
Company: Zhongshan Strong Lighting Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Lava Lamp
Our factory is a specialty manufacturer of lava lamps, glitter lamps, and motion lamps. 1) Lamp is filled with pure water and wax 2) When heated, the wax will float around freely due to temperature difference. 3) R39 30W ; Silver/black base ; Low power consumtion ; Various colors are available.

Lava Lamp
43CM Tall, 11CM Width Can be Imprinted with required logo on the Brushed Aluminum Base Color available for the base: Silver, red, blue, yellow and multicolor, Silver is popular Color available for the solid lava: Up to you, Red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple etc Color available for the liquid water: Up to you, Red, blue, yellow, pink, purple etc, Clear is popular

Promotion Gifts - Lava lamp night light
20CM Tall, Silver glitter ; Brushed Aluminium base and bottle cap ; Color available for the liquid water: Red, yellow, pink, blue, green etc ; With replaceable bulb, and an on off switch ; Simply plugged into the socket and spark around the room ; Once the bulb has gently warmed the liquid the silver glitter starts to move slowly around reflecting lots of sparkles.

Rocket Lava Lamp
Wax lava lamp consists of a glass gottle and a metal fitted with a 25 watt light-bulb. The lamp is filled with specially formulated liquid including water and colour liquid wax as well as a metal coil at the bottom to conduct heat with bs approval.

Lava Lamp -Lite Magma Light
13-inch height ; Aluminum base & cap ; Liquid color available: Blue, clean and green ; Lava color available: Red, white, yellow, purple and green ; It's a novelty item typically used for decoration rather than illumination. The gentle flow of randomly-shaped bulbs of wax suggests the flowing of lava. The lamps are available with a wide variety of container styles and colors of wax and liquid. Mesmerizing and fun! Watch the blobs flow through the liquid, creating ever-new ...

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