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LED Driver
1) Input voltage: AC 220 - 240V ; 2) Rated power: 10W ; 3) Output voltage: DC12V ; 4) Short circuit protection ; 5) Dimensions: 140 x 38 x 26mm

Electronic Transformer
We can supplly Electronic Transformer from china. Lighting transformer Description: Voltage: 110-130v, 220-240v(putin), 12v(putout), wattage: 35w, power factor: 0.98.
Company: Ningbo Yuanjie Lighting Electric Devices Co., Ltd.    China

Emergency Lighting Inverter
Specifications: 1) Suitable tube: 18W / T8 ; 2) Mains supply: AC220V / 50Hz ; 3) Nicad battery: 6V 5cell 2.5Ah ; 4) Rated voltage range: 5.0-7.3V ; 5) Duration: 2 hours ; 6) Discharge current: 1A. Similar models: 1) CDZ-EEL36L for 36W / T8 ; 2) CDZ-EEL58L for 58W / T8 ; 3) CDZ-EEL14L for 14W / T5 ; 4) CDZ-EEL28L for 28W / T5 ; 5) CDZ-EEL13S for 13W / PLC ; 6) CDZ-EEL18S for 18W / PLC ; 7) CDZ-EEL26S for 26W / PLC

60W Transformer
Pri: 220-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz, 0.25A ; COSf=0.99 ; Sec: 11.6 AC eff Max. 4.9A 60W, 20-60VA ; Thermal cutout 125 ; Auto-reset ; Surge protection ; Overload short circuit protection ; 5 year guarantee (40,000 hours) ; EMC approved ; Dimmable: Dimensions (L x W x H): 110 x 38 x 35mm
Company: Ningbo Yuanjie Lighting Electric Devices Co., Ltd.    China

Lithting Transformers
1) 127V / 220V / 240V 50Hz / 60Hz ; 2) Rational structure ; 3) Longworking life and Ultra-quiet ; 4) Little magnetic leakage and low raise temperature ; 5) Suitable for various ultra-thin type lighting fixtures
Company: Ningbo Yuanjie Lighting Electric Devices Co., Ltd.    China

Elcetronic Transformer
1) Input: 220V / 50Hz ; 2) Power: 60W ; 3) Product dimensions (L x W x H): 99 x 34.5 x 29mm ; 4) Power factory: 0.99 ; 5) Output: 12V / 40KHz ; 6) Direction: outlook design patent ; 7) Case material: fire resistance plastic

Lighting Dimmer
The dimmer HS-201 adopts the controlled silicon to control brightness steplessly. Users can control brightness according to their will. It is of beautiful shape, uses fire-resisting material and works stably. It is undisturbed to household appliances and is a kind of ideal dimmer product. Features: 1) Rated voltage: AC230V / 50HZ ; 2) Working temperature: -10oC ~ +60oC ; 3) Relative humidity: 85%RH ; 4) Size: 95 x 60 x 81mm ; 5) Power adjusting range: a) 230V incandescent lamp: 20~250W ; b) ...

Lamp EVD
1) Voltage: 36V, 24V ; 2) Power: 400W, 300W, 250W ; 3) Average life: a) Domestic products: >50 hours ; b) Imported products: > 70hours ; 4) Light output: 10,000 - 18,000lm

Electronic Transformer
1) Output Range:20-60VA ; 2) Ta:50 Tc:85 ; 3) Packing:100pcs/ctn(29 x 18.5 x 28.5) ; 4) Dimension(L x W x Hmm):132 x 32 x 21 ; 5) G.M.:10kg/ctn.

Electronic Lighting Transformer
We offer the product is the new energy-saving switch adopted the good sensitivity detector and SMT. It incorprates automatic, convenient, energy-saving, safe and practical. It works by human motion infrared rays. It can start the cotrolled load at once when body enters detection field. It can identify day and night automatically. Its installation is very convenient and using rage is wide.

Lighting Transformers
Model: 10 x 15.5: 1) Output voltage: 6V-0-6V ; 2) Load: 0.3A ; 3) N.W.: 20 ; 4) Quanity/carton: 100 ; 5) Measurements: 22 x 19.5 x 20.5. Model: 13 x 20: 1) Output voltage: 12V-0-12V ; 2) Load: 0.3A ; 3) N.W.: 24 ; 4) Quantity/carton: 100 ; 5) Measurements: 24 x 22 x 19. Model: 16 x 20: 1) Output voltage: 12V-0-12V ; 2) Load: 0.5A ; 3) N.W.: 14 ; 4) Quantity/carton: 50 ; 5) Measurements: 29 x 22 x 12. Model: 16 x 24: 1) Output voltage: 15V-0-15V ; 2) Load: 0.5A ; 3) N.W.:14 ; 4) ...

HKJSM (C) Mining Lamp
Newer: It adopts large Ni-H capacity battery as charged power, completely free maintenance without any acid and alkali pollution. .Smaller: Small volume, light weight. The total weight of the lamp is about 820g, it relieves the users' labor load greatly. More convenient: No need to add acid, electrolyse during using, unnecessary of any form maintenance even if it is free for a long time. Meanwhile, it can auto test the charging device, no need special attending on it in charging ...

Reflector Lamps
Tri-phosphor tubes (2U, 3U, spiral) with high efficiency electronic ballast. Saves energy by up to 80%. Specifications: R38 / R30, 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, 13W, 18W, 20W, 22W

LED Transformer
1) Input voltage: AC 220 - 240V ; 2) Rated power: 10W ; 3) Output voltage: DC 12V ; 4) Short circuit protection ; 5) Dimensions: 140 x 38 x 26mm

Electronic Transformer
1) Output Range:20-60VA ; 2) Ta: 50oC; Tc: 75oC ; 3) Dimensions (L*W*Hmm): 119 x 44.5 x 20 ; 4) Packing: 100pcs/ctn(26 x 25.5 x 24) ; 5) G.M.:12kg/ctn

Electronic Transformer
As the built-in mode transformer, it can only be mounted inside the enclosure of luminary or inside other suiltable enclosures, especially suitable inside the spotlight with the restricted requirement of the mounting size.

Light transformer (JMB series)
Light transformer (JMB series), with a secure shell, supplies the power for low voltage lighting?safelight. It is widely applied in electronic industry, industrial and mining enterprise, worked as control power supply for usual circuit of machine tool and mechanical equipment and as power supply for safety lighting and indicator lamp. 220V or 380V is applicable.
Product Group: Light Transformer
Company: Dongguan Wavey Electric Co., Ltd    china

Automatic light guide panels plate box drawing lines plotter V cutter groove engraving machine
Automatic light guide panels plate drawing lines plotter V cutter groove engraving machine can process ultra-thin light box ,light guide panel plate, acrylic, plexiglass and other materials characterization grid or drawing lines. applicable for lighting,sign board industry,interior decoration, shop showcase industry, specialized in 3D V-cutting light guide panels plate (LGP), slim light box,super slim light boxes,ultra-thin light box, LED light box,LED slim light box, LCD advertising media ...
Product Group: Automatic Light Guide Panels Plate Box Drawing Lines Plotter
Company: china aoke carton LGP box packing printing clothing bag shoe light stikcer electronic patttern sample maker plotter cutting machine company    China

led flexible strip 3528
Application: ·LED flexible strip; ·Architectureal indoor lights for corridor, window, archway etc; ·Backlight or edge lighting for signage; ·DIY lights for home use; ·Outline for the buliding or edge lighting. Features: High quality PCB board,3528SMD LED, the distance between two LED is 16.54mm,every 3 LEDs in one group, cutting every 3 LEDs, flexible enough to be bent at any angles, much brighter than normal rope light. Technical data: Item No.:LE-DT3528 LED Qty.:30/60/120/m ...
Company: Guangzhou Leled Lighting Co.,Ltd.    China

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