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List extensive product information of Metal Mineral (include Chrome Ore, Silicon Ore, Metal Ore, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Antimony Ore, Copper Ore), provided by Metal Mineral manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

We have zinc and silver concentrates in bulk for sell, aprox. 52% pure, we put one lot of aprox. 500 mtons in arica for load.

Pyrite Ore
Spec: (S:35%~52%; Fe:>42%; As:<0.1%; SiO2: <3%; Zn:<0.1%; Pb: <0.1%; Cu:<0.05%; H2O:<0.5%;) size 0.1 - 100mm 250mesh 325mesh.

Black-Plated ERW Steel Pipes
1) Standard: ASTM, JIS, BS, GB. 2) Grade: Q235, Q215, Q195, Q235B. 3) Round section diameter: 19 - 340mm. 4) Wall thickness: 0.8 - 13mm. 5) Plain or beveled ends

Iron Ore
1) Fe 62% (rejection below: 61%). 2) SiO2 <5, 70% max. 3) Al2O3 <1, 75% max. 4) P <0,027% max. 5) S <0,017% max. 6) Moisture: 6.00% max. (free moisture at 105°C)
Product Group: Iron Ore
Company: Henan Armco & Metawise Trading Co. Ltd    China

Mycotoxin Binder
Zearalenone and Ocratoxin, and eliminates these toxins with feces, reducing their toxicity and increasing the nutrients absorption. ZENIFIX is a fine, inert, chalk-white powder with free-flowing properties, which helps mixing and pelletization processes. HOW ZENIFIX WORKS? The binding effect of ZENIFIX occurs in the animal's intestine where it is activated when in contact with gastric juice; it binds to toxin molecules, forming an indissoluble and highly stable complex. This complex ...

Geology type: Bauxite formed by tropical weathering. Mineral type: Massive, clayey and sandy bauxite mineralization. Reserve base: 300Mt in current reserve area. Mining method: Open pit. Processing method: Crushing and drying run-of-mine ore for shipmen. Reserve base: 300Mt in current reserve area. Mining method: Open pit. Processing method: Crushing and drying run-of-mine ore for shipment. Bauxite deposits are found across much of western and central Guinea, having been formed by the ...
Product Group: Bauxite

Brown Fused Alumina / Barium Silicon / Calcium Silicon
We are the manufacturer and supplier for the mineral and metals. Metals: 1. Zinc ingot. 2. Ferro Phosphate. 3. Silicon metal. 4. Electrolytic Manganese. 5. Ferro Silicon. 6. Manganese Silicon. 7. Barium Silicon. 8. Synthetic industrial Diamond. 9. Brown Fused ALUMINA. 10. Silicon Carbide. 11. Antimony ingot. 12. Tin ingot. Minerals: 1. Phosphate rock. 2. Phosphate Powder. 3. Barite lump (Powder). 4. China clay. 5. Clnnabar. 6. Realgar

Iron (Fe) Ore 65%
Iron (Fe) Total 64. 81%. Iron Trioxide (Fe2O2) 92. 67%. Aluminium Trioxide (Al2O3) 0. 86%. Calcium Oxide (CaO) 1. 52%. Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 0. 09%. Manganese Dioxide (MnO2) 0. 41%. Chromium Trioxide (Cr2O2) 0. 10%. Sodium Oxide (Na2O) Less than 0. 01%. Potassium Dioxide (K2O) 0. 45%. Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) % 3. 43%. Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) 0. 27%. Loss On Ignition (LOI) Less than 0. 01%.
Product Group: Iron Ore
Company: Henan Armco & Metawise Trading Co. Ltd    China

Silicon Metal
1) Si-1: Si99.5% min., Fe: 0.3% max., Al: 0.1% max., Ca: 0.1% max. 2) Si-2: Si99.4% min., Fe: 0.4% max., Al: 0.1% max., Ca: 0.1% max. 3) Si-3: Si99.3% min., Fe: 0.3% max., Al: 0.3% max., Ca: 0.1% max.

Nickel-Chrome Pig Iron
New products for stainless steel making, Ni-CR pig iron can instead of Ni & Cr. Use this products can reduce cost around USD390 for one ton steel.
Company: Henan Armco & Metawise Trading Co. Ltd    China

Caustic Calcined Magnesite
The caustic calcine is a kind of material which is used to further burn high purity magnesite, middle grade magnesite and taking various percales as the raw materials.

Nickel Ore 1. 2% -1. 4%
We operate a mine with a capacity of 50, 000 tons of 1. 2% -1. 4% nickel laterite ore. We still have 20, 000 tons of uncommitted production starting. We are looking to receive offers for our uncommitted ore production.

Ti, Ta, Nb Tube
Application: widely used in seawater breed aquatics, nuclear power, petrochemical industries, avigation, mechanical manufacturing, etc.

Dead Burned Magnesite
Dead burned magnesite (dbm): 1. Mgo:97.7%min. Sio2:0.5%max. Cao:1.2%max. Fe2o3:0.5%max. L. O. I.:0.3%max. B. D:3.30(g/cm3). 2. Mgo:97.5%min. Sio2:0.5%max. Cao:1.2%max. Fe2o3:0.7%max. L. O. I.:0.3%max. B. D:3.30(g/cm3). 3. Mgo:97%min. Sio2:0.7%max. Cao:1.4%max. Fe2o3:0.8%max. L. O. I.:0.3%max. B. D:3.30 (g/cm3). 4. Mgo:96%min. Sio2:1.0%max. Cao:1.5%max. Fe2o3:0.8%max. L. O. I.:0.3%max. B. D:3.25 (g/cm3). Size:0-10mm or 200,325mesh

Iron Ore Fines
We hv ready cargoes of iron ore fines as: 1. 58% fe rej, 40000mt at managlore f. O. B 47 usdpmt. 2. 58% fe rej maina jetty goa, f. Ob 40000 mt rs. 1775 pmt. 3. 52% fe 40000 mt goa f. O. B 25 usdpmt. Includes govt duty.
Product Group: Iron Ore

Chromium & Nickel
We have a mining factory in Philippines which is engaged in producing chromium and nickel. There are three kinds of the Ni ore as follows: 1. Ni 0.9-1.1%, Fe more than 42%. 2. Ni 1.4-1.8%, Fe 25-30%. 3. Ni 1.9-2.3%, Fe 10-18%

Antimony Ore
We need partners to cooperate to exploit our 200 km2 ore area in Cambodia including antimony, nickel, copper. We have been exploiting the antimony ore (over 62% ) and get 10 MT of antimony but not yet for the nickel ore.

Iron Ore
Specifications : Chemical Composition ( Percentage by weight basis). Fe: 63% (Rejection 62%). Al2O3: 3.5% max ( Rejection above 4.5%). SiO2: 3.5% (Rejection above 4.5%). TiO2: 0.72%. PHOSPORUS: 0.06% max. SULPHUR: 0.05% max. CaO: 2.4%. MgO2: 0.73%. MnO2: 0.19%. SIZE : 10 mm 90% Min. Plus 10 mm 10% max. Minus 0.15 mm : 30% Max
Product Group: Iron Ore

Tungsten Based Heavy Metals
Produce different kinds of tungsten based heavy metals. Tungsten based heavy metals has high density, high tensile strength, high elastic modulus, low thermal expansion coefficient, good absorbtion of radiation, good thermal and electrical conductivity, high electrical resistivity, good mechanical processing characteristics. Gesac produce various kinds of high density tungsten alloy such as rods, balls and other accessories, which are major used for bellow area: Aerospace, medical and ...

We can make 120MT high purity copper (99.9999% min.) annually. It is used in the hi-sensitive audio, biologic medicine and sputtering targets maker.

Manganese Ore 46% & 39%
Manganese ore grade 46 % for Sale. Commodity manganese ore. Quality mn ( grade 46 % ).. A/mno2 = 75.8%. B/fe2o3 = 9.2%. C/sio2 = 5.9%. D/al2o3 = 7.6%

Copper Ore, Nickle Oxide, Zircon Sand
Copper Ore Material: copper ore. Origin: nigeria. Quality: 30% -44% copper content in the ore. Size: 0 to 50mm. Nickle Oxide: It used for glass industry, ceramics, glaze, coloration, electronics, battery and war industries. Zircon Sand: - Content: Fe-47% , Tio-10% , ZrO2-20% , SiO2-18%.

Expanded Metal Meshes
Expanded Metal Meshes: Material: Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Brass Plate, Aluminum Plate, Titanium Plate, Nickel Plate, ect. Spec: In all sizes, thickness, any style, available for quickly delivery. Customer orders available. Application: Mainly used in filtering, Medical, Paper-making, breeding, battery, protection craftwork, audio facility

Crushed Iron Ore Or C-Ore Of Grade 59-62%
We are the exporter of iron ore fines .We have our own crusher at Bheemasamudra near Chitradurga district. The details are furnished as below, Crushed C-ore: Fe 59% -62% grade, Size 05-20 mm, Tumbler 76-80, Silica 4% (maximum)

Copper Ore
We are END-SELLER for: 1. Beryllium Ore. 2. Copper Ore. 3. Lead Ore. 4. Manganese Ore. 6. Rutile / Titanium Ore. 7. Zinc Ore. We also have SELLER SOURCE to 8. Crude OIL. 9. Petroleum Products

Chrome Ore, Chromite
1. description of goods: Chrome Ore lump. 2. country of Origin: Pakistan. 3. specification: Chrome Ore lump. Chemical Composition (On Dry Basis) : Cr2O3: 40% Basis (Rejection at lower than 34% ). Al2O3: 18% Maximum. MgO: 22% Maximum. SiO2: 20% Maximum. Cr / Fe: 2. 4 / 1 BASIS. Phosphorus: 0. 01% Maximum. Sulphur: 0. 02% Maximum. Moisture: 5% Maximum. Size: 10-300mm, 70% Minimum and 0-10mm, 30% Maximum

Gallium Metal
We LITOP export gallium in bulk or small quantity to worldwide.Pls kindly find the detail information as follows: Item: gallium metal Purity:99.99% or higher 99.9999%,99.99999% Packing:1kg per plastic bottle,20kg per wooden case price:negotiable Delivery: prompt. or negotiable by DHL,UPS OR FEDEX,or other. Payment :by T.T. before delivery. Inquiries and orders accepted via fax, email or CD. Verbal purchase orders will not be accepted.
Company: Guangzhou Litop Non-ferrous Metals Co., ltd.    China

Indium Wire
Indium Wire Purity: 99.995%min Diameter:1.0mm;1.3mm;1.5mm, 2.0mm,3.0mm or as your requested size. Packing: 100g/250g/300g per coil, or as your requested.
Product Group: Indium Wire
Company: Hension New Materials Co., Ltd    China

Indium ball
Indium ball Purity:99.995% Size: 1-3mm; 2-4mm; 3-5mm Packing: 1Kg per glass bottle. If you are demand this material, please contact us any time.
Product Group: Indium Ball
Company: Hension New Materials Co., Ltd    China

Vanadium Metal
Vanadium Metal Purity: 99.95%; 99.9%; 99.5%; 99% Form: powder :200mesh; 325mesh; 400mesh. Form: slug: 0-30mm Packing: 2Kg per glass bottle.
Company: Hension New Materials Co., Ltd    China

Tellurium: Composition(ppm): Fe:5 Cu:5 Al:5 Na:8 Si:5 As:5 Bi:5 Pb:5 Sb:5 S:11 Te 99.99%min Weight: about 5Kg each. Packing: 25Kg per case. Tellurium: 99.999% Form: plate, powder, slug.
Product Group: Tellurium
Company: Hension New Materials Co., Ltd    China

ASTM A387 A387M Low alloy steel plates
A387 Low alloy steel plates ASTM A387 Steel plates The enclosed conditions are 1.Relative grade A387Gr5CL1 A387Gr5CL2 A387Gr9CL1 A387Gr9CL2 A387Gr11CL1 A387Gr11CL2 A387Gr12CL1 A387Gr12CL2 A387Gr22CL1 A387Gr22CL2 2.Adopting standard ASTM(ASME) 3.Mechanical property Tensile strength(Mpa) 415-690 Yield strength 205-310 Elongation in 50mm (%) 18-22 4.Dimension(T*W*L) T:6-100mm,W:1500-4020mm,L:3000-18000mm 5.Delivery conditions HIC,HR,N,T,N+T,Q+T,UT test,impct test,etc. ...
Product Group: Steel Plate
Company: Henan Hzz Iron & Steel Co., Ltd    CHINA

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