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Coiler Machine
) Reel diameter: 420mm, 510mm, 650mm. 2) Reel length: 450 - 1,250mm. 3) Automatic grip jaw. 4) Hydraulic dilation and decrease. 5) EPL self-tracking system
Company: Shanghai Jingxiang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.    China

H-Beam Flange Straightening Machine
When H-beam of welding fabrication is in the process of welding and heating , the wing plate must be bended and transfigured. The machine is a special device applied for straightening flange plates. It can be operated easily and highly effectively. It is widely used in many fields, such as metallurgy & architecture, metal structure, engineering hydraulic equipment and industrial installation.

Uncoiler with Hold-Down Arm
Specifications: 1) Models: MTA-250, 300, 400 - 1600. 2) Max. material width: 250 - 1,600mm. 3) Material thickness: 2mm. 4) Coil weight: 3,000kg, 5,000kg, 7,000kg, 10,000kg, 13,000kg. 5) Motor: 1/2 - 10HP. 6) Speed: 15m/min. 7) Machine dimensions (L x W x H): max. 3.0 x 2.0 x 2.0m. 8) Coil expansion: manual and hydraulic. 9) Coil car: optional. Features: 1) Precise micro-adjustment device, suitable for precision processing. 2) Uses electromagnetic contact and electric parts, long service ...

Profiling Gas Cutting Machine
1) Input voltage: AC 220V/50Hz. 2) Weight: 58.5kg. 3) Cutting thickness: 5 - 100mm. 4) Cutting speed: 50 - 750mm. 5) Max diameter of circle cutting: 600mm. 6) Length of line cutting: 1,200mm. 7) Max cutting square: 500 x 500mm

Heat Treatment Furnace
1) Heating method: oil heating, coal heating, electric heating, gas heating 2) Temperature: 200 ~1,500 degrees. 3) We can design and manufacture furnaces according to customers' requirements, including technical curve, dimension of hearth, amount of treatment, method of loading the products

Iron Worker
The machine adopts mechanical driving, the frame adopts cast steel, steel welded structure which has sufficient strength and rigidity. The machine is an ideal equipment for cutting square bars, angles, round bars, channels and joists, as well as punching and notching.

Ultrasonic Electric Spark Mould Polisher
skinwrinkle treatment automatic ultrasonic electric spark mould polisher is improved and developed on the basis of original e-9188 b polisher. This machine has not only kept the advantages of heavy power and high efficiency of original e - 9188 b type polisher, but also increases the functions of mould face skinwrinkle treatment, tool resonance frequency autotracks, the stepless regulation of output power, and the like. With new design, good function, convenient operation, and visible ...

Solder Wire Drawing Machine
1) Principal electric motor driving on the wire drawing principal axis and winding axis through a flat belt or a gear chain, through wimble drive to winding system and achieve the drawing & winding finally. 2) Tin wire put into the draw-extend room through wire setting rack, go through tower wheel, then draw by the wire drawing model, cooling mode is spray or water logging. 3) The wire will traverse pulling wheel, wire passing idler pulley, wire setting wheel and then enter into wire ...

Impact Crusher
offers several models of quality impact crushers used in both primary and secondary crushing applications of aggregate, and in recycle crushing of reinforced concrete, asphalt and other construction and demolition debris. Shibang impact crushers are a new design that produces an excellent cubical product. This impact crusher produces a high ratio of reduction. The impact crusher is built for rug durability and simplicity of operation. Adjustment is easy from the exterior of the crusher. ...

Four-Roller Reversing Cold-Rolling Mill
This machine has two kinds of transmissions, the working roller and the backup roller. Roll assembly is equipped with special bearings and includes a common electric screw-down rolling machine and hydraulic precision rolling machine. It is suitable for standard carbon steel, alloy steel, copper and aluminum.
Company: Shanghai Jingxiang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Vibrating Sieve, Sieve Shaker, Vibrating Separator
ZM series of vibro separator and filter is used for sifting and filtering powder, granule and serous fluid. The product is advanced design as integrates sifting and filtering into one system. It is characterized by efficiency, light weight, compact structure, low noise, long usage life, easy operating and maintenance. It can be fully closed to blockage free mesh and with good capability in sorting and filtering for any kind of powder and serous fluid sifting as fine as 500 mesh, while ...

Metallurgy Machinery
We offer the high efficiency machine which can extract gold from mass ore automatically in dry state. With our latest technology, our machine can extract variety of precious metal ore, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from mass gangues. Our technology are no environment-shock wastewater ore extract process, and provide the active method to pick out the target-ore directly from mass gangues and also provide high efficiency, low cost, large scale dry continuous extraction method.

Energy-Saving Extra Long Shrink Machines
Specifications: 1) Dimensions: 3,800 x 750 x 1,300mm. 2) Weight: 150kg. 3) Conveyance speed: 0~20m min. 4) Max. shrink size (W x H): 400mm x 250mm. 5) Max. sustainable weight: 25kg. 6) Power: 18kW. 7) Transmission: AC stepless speed regulation. Heating: stainless steel vane type heating tube. 8) Suitable material: PVC, POF, PE thermal shrinkable

Roller Kiln For Commodity Porcelain
The roller kiln for commodity porcelain with directly firing is one of our new energy-saving kilns which we have designed. It is suitable for glaze firing once and low-temperature color printing firing, which is furnished the equipment such as the automatic temperature controlled machine, the automatic pressure controlled machine, the automatic machine for product in / out the kiln and automatic return line. So the whole processing is fully automatically and pipelining.

Hardware & Accessory
professional company for various kinds of hardware including die cast zinc and aluminium alloy parts, die stamped parts, laser cut parts and CNC machined parts, etc. Our products are Metal Emblem, Room Plate, Auto Plate, Metal Case, Metal Display, Dia casting and stamped and CNC machined metal parts for machinery and home appliance, etc. We can do complete production processing in-house such as chemical etching, sandblast etching, laser engraving and cutting, pad printing, roller printing, ...

Cast Steel Shot
Blast cleaning of cast steel shot: 1) Used for blast cleaning of casting, die-casting, forging, sand removal of casting, steel plate, H type steel, steel structure. 2) Rust removal of cast steel shot: rust removal of casting, forging, steel plate, H type steel, steel structure, descaling of forging. 3) Shot peening of cast steel shot: shot peening of gear, heat treatment. 4) Shot blasting of cast steel shot: shot blasting of profile steel, ship board, steel board, steel material. 5) Shot ...
Company: Shanghai Jingxiang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Scrap Briquetting Presses
scrap briquetting presses are applied to compress sawdust of steel, iron, aluminum and brass into blocks of high density, making recyling and smelting easy. This series are especially useful in casting plants where the pressed sawdust of iron can be substituted with raw iron. Features: 1. Hydraulic driven, stable operation, less vibration, safe and reliable. 2. Simple underground footing neede. 3. Plc control, with alternatives of manual or automatic operation.

Color Coating Line
Coil loading car; decoiler; pinching machine; shearing machine; stitching machine; flatter; hauling machine; strip guider; storage device; brush roll machine; alkaline cleaner; cleaning device; drying device; formation device; dry furnace; filming machine; curing oven; normal temperature wind cooled box; water cooling box; inspectiong platform; down coiler; hydraulic station, error correcting aiming the center system

High-Speed Steel Ball Bearing Die Set
Steel Ball Bearing die sets are made to custom specifications. Custom die set specifications differ with each order and typically include the size of the die set, the location of the pins, the thickness of the steel, the type of bushings and the special machining required. Our engineering department reviews each customer drawing prior to manufacture. SENTAI builds a full range of custom die sets from the very smallest to very large die sets measuring 120" x 360" (3000 x 9000 mm). ...

Tile Imitating Corrugated Tin Sheet Rolling Machines
I. Main parameters: Dimensions: 11, 200 x 1, 600 x 1, 600 (LxWxH). Rolling speed: 4m / ph-8m / ph-Electric motor: 15 HP (3 pha). II. Technical performance: Automatic cutting the length of the sheet and setting the number of sheets as desired. Changing the modes of the teo ending blades. Automatic changing two speed levels when stopping or starting. Hydraulic system with cooling device to allow 24 hour operation of the machine.

Continuous Rotary Extrusion Equipment
Continuous Rotary Extrusion equipment for processing non-ferrous metals (i. E. Aluminium and copper) for producing cable products (i. E. Solid Aluminium Conductors, Aluminium Clad Steel Wire, Aluminium Sheathed Cables etc) and tubular products (i. E. Aluminium refrigeration tube, aluminium multivoid tube etc) as well as copper electrical products (trolley wire, commutators, bus bars etc)

Cutter Master, End Mill Grinder
1) Cutter master/end mill grinde. 2) Simple, safe operationoanyone can learn. 3) High-grade castings throughout, precision machined and fitted. 4) Rapid mounting of attachments. 5) Sliding motor mount for rapid setting and lock. 6) Wired for 100V, single-phase motor. 7) Uses standard 5C collets. 8) Dovetailed ways with adjustable gibs

Glass Working Kiln
1) Max. glass size: 1,100mm x 1,200mm. 2) Bending depth: 400mm. 3) Installed power: 18kW. 4) Outline dimensions: 1,400 x 2,400mm. 5) Total weight: 350kg

Magnetic Drum Separator
750 permanente separator is a kind of wet weak magnetic one, comprised of ferrous magnet, which used amount-producing and low-price sv-ferrite magnet. The magnetic filed strength of drum surface is 160 tesla. 750 permanente separator is matched with direct flow(s), inverted flow(n) and semi-inverted flow tank. It can be used to select 1-0.3 and 5-0mm strong magnetic mineral.

Acid Etching Device
This device is highly automated, easy to operate, and convenient to maintain. Besides its advantages of low operating and maintenance costs, it features efficient output and long service life. It is preferred and widely used by medium- and small-sized metallurgy factories.

Muffle Furnace
In this improved model, ceramic fibre wool insulation (instead of brick insulation) has been provided resulting in weight and size reduction of furnace. The weight and size of the furnace is 1 / 4 and 30% respectively as compared to brick furnace. The heat up time is less. Heat loss is very low-resulting in power saving.

Busbar Copper Punching, Cutting, Bending Machine
Busbar Machines (Punching, Cutting, Bending): Digital Busbar Punching, Cutting, Bending Machine 12x125mm NEW. Digital Busbar Punching, Cutting, Bending machine process copper bars up to 12x125 mm. Perfect design of it enables you to mount apparatus onto machine in a very short time for cutting, punching and bending processings. It has options of programmable accurate mm. Settings, hand or foot pedal control on bending process. You may lift bar up and make smooth punching from bottom due to ...

12 Tons Melting Furnace
1 unit 12 tons Melting Furnace Equipped with Demag Optimelt system, basket loading with rotary canopy For liquid and solid loading cap 12 tons. Equipped with Demag Optimelt system, basket loading with rotary canopy For liquid and solid loading cap 12 tons. Graphite electrodes, hydraulic drive and electrode hydro-electric adjustment. Transformer power 6 Mva. To be connected to 20 kv to 50 hz

Ball Mill, Grinder, Pulverizer, Crusher
Ranges of application: It has been used widely for fine grinding of calcite, marble, limestone, superfine cement, kaolin, gesso, barite, scoria, fly ash, pulverized fuel ash. 1. The output is very large under the same consumption compared with the same product. 2. There are no pollution and little wear in the operation. 3. The lining and grinding ball are used according to the chemical composition. 4. The classification wheel is made with the phenomena compound. 5. The efficiency is ...

Jaw crusher
Working range: Jaw Crusher is mainly used to crush kinds of mining stones primarily, and the largest compression resistance of the material to be crushed is 320MPa. The jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgical industry, building material, highway, railway, and chemical industry. Working Principle: The motor transmits power through belt, drives the moving jaw do periodic motion to the fixed jaw surround the eccentric shaft. The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw ...
Product Group: Jaw Crusher
Company: Henan Yulong Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Steel rolling mill production line
The steel rolling mill train which can be manufactured by us are described as following: 800 steel rolling mill train, 650 steel rolling mill train, 550 steel rolling mill train, 500 steel rolling mill train, 450 steel rolling mill train, 350 steel rolling mill train, 300 steel rolling mill train, 280 steel rolling mill train and 250 steel rolling mill train. According to users'requirements, we can manufacture the full continuous rolling production line, semi-continuous rolling ...
Company: An Shan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Cast iron crusher, metal crusher
We R & D production of cast iron crusher, Using the hydraulic cylinders push the material, clamping, crushing,, comparing with the past used drop hammer, gas cutting, crushing ,having the advantages of highly efficient, safe, time-saving, labor-saving . Casting furnace charge after crushing to facilitate investment and materials, greatly increased the efficiency and molten iron melting quality, is the preferred equipment for foundry Enterprise. Can be produced according to the actual ...
Product Group: Metal Crusher
Company: Hebei Xin Tian Long Hydraulic Machinery Factory    China

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