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List extensive product information of Metallurgy Supplies, provided by Metallurgy Supply manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Sintered spinel. Specification: Mgo; 32% min ; Sio2; 0.5% max ; Cao; 0.5% max ; Fe2o3, 1% max ; Al2o3, 64% min ; Na2o+k2o 0.5%max ; Tio2, 0.1% max ; L.O.I, 0.3% max ; B.D, 3.25g/cm3 min ; Size, as required

Synthetic Slag
The covering powder used in tudish and furnace, to keep heat and protect against re-oxidizing of the molten steel. There are two types: acidic and basic, distinguished by chemical composition, to fulfill different requirements from the customers.

Aluminum Foil and Copper Wire
1) Aluminum foil: Al/ PET, Al/ PET glue, Al/ PET/ Al, Al/ PET/ Al glue. 2) Copper wire: Cu0.10mm/ Cu0.12mm/ Cu0.15mm/ Cu4 x 0.10mm/ Cu7 x 0.10mm/ Cu6 x 0.15mm. 3) CuSn wire: CuSn 0.10mm/0.12mm/0.15mm/3 x 0.10mm/4 x 0.10mm/4 x 0.12mm/ 6 x 0.10mm/7 x 0.10mm. 4) Aluminum wire: Al0.12mm/0.16mm/8 x 0.16mm/6 x 0.16mm. 5) Copper clad aluminum wire: CCA0.12mm/0.16mm/0.51mm/0.81mm/1.02mm. 6) Copper clad steel: CCS0.12mm/0. 15mm/ 0.16mm/ 7x0.16mm /0.20mm/ 0.26mm/ 0.51mm/ 0.63mm/ 0.65mm/ 1.02mm/ ...

Powder Metal
These products are widely used in powder metallurgy. Sintered structural parts are being used in 2/4 wheel vehicles, electric machines, agricultural products, office automation, electrical home appliance. Powder metallurgy can produce: 1. Complicated shapes in a low cost without machining through high productivity and material saving. 2. Accurate parts in uniform authority. 3. Nonstandard material for special purpose such as high anti-wear, anti-friction properties. 4. Self lubricating ...

Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.15 - 0.4mm ; 2) Width: 150 - 580mm ; 3) Steel grades: SPCC ; 4) Hardness: T2.5 - T4 ; 5) Tin coated mass: 2.8g/2.8 ; 6) Coil weight: 2,000kg

Cold-Rolled Bright Steel Strips
1) Material: Q195, Q235, Q215,Q345, SPHC, SPCC. 2) Thickness: 0.3 - 2.5mm. 3) Thickness tolerance: +/-0.03mm. 4) Width: 30 - 400mm. 5) Width tolerance: +/-0.15mm. 6) Surface treatment: bright finish/dull or black finish
Company: Zhengzhou Essential Material Of Steel Co. Ltd    China

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil
Hot dip galvanized steel sheet in coil (SGCC): 1) Quality standard: JIS G3302 SGCC, ASTM A653/CQ 2) Surface of product: regular spangle, minimum spangle, zero spangle, according to the clients' requests 3) Surface treatment: according to customer's request 4) Thickness: 0.22 - 2.0mm 5) Width: 900 - 1,250mm 6) Zinc coating mass: Z07 - Z18.
Company: Zhengzhou Essential Material Of Steel Co. Ltd    China

Iron Powder Used For Steel Metallurgy
Our products of iron powder is used to make core-line of Fe-Ca used in steel refine. (Fe 98.0% min.; C 0.06% max.; S 0.03% max.; P 0.03% max.)

Ferro Silico Calcium Cored Wire
We are one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of alloy cored wire, the inner alloy or metal may be Ca, FeCa, CaSi, CaSiBa, CaAl, Mg, Al of 13mm diameter. Please send you detail requirement. We will send our best offer immediately. Hope, we can make a good and long relationship in our future cooperation. Specification: Ca 30 / -2% min; SI 56~58% min; c 1% max; al 1. 5% max; fe 4. 5% min Wire dia: 13 mm. Shape: Round. Powder fill rate (avg) : 220 / -20 grams per meter. Coil dimensions: ...
Company: Zhengzhou Essential Material Of Steel Co. Ltd    China

Glass Etching Tape
Glass etching tape is use for etching sand blasting and acid work. It is available in various grades to serve different type of purpose. Grades available are C0, C1, C2, C3. It is also available with plotter paper. KOTADIA ENGINEERS'S Glass etching tape is made up of soft film so it is excellent for plotter cutting. It is available in clear, yellow and milky colors.

Powder Metal Products
We can supply the powder metal product such as rods tubes, balls gyro rotor and watch vibrators with tngsten heavy alloy, crucible, target and electrode with prue tngsten, plercing point bar, plate,sheet, strip bar and crucible with molybdenum, frerrous powder metal parts.

Carbon Spring Steel Wire
1) Types available: low carbon steel wire, mild steel wire, high carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, and non galvanized steel wire. 2) Diameter range: 0.2 - 13mm. 3) According to the standard of GB4357-89.

Filter Media
The pressing & filtering integrated oil press can control the pressing temperature. automatically. The machine use electricity to heat the press case and to make. it reach pressing temperature in short time, which improve the oil output rate. These integrated oil presses include press, vacuum filter, heating pipe and control cabinet.

Powder Metallurgy Parts
1) Materials: Iron series, copper series, copper steel alloy series, stainless steel series. 2) Applied software for specification drawings: Pro-E, Auto CAD 2000, UG. 3) Main equipment: a) Compacting equipment: maximum 750T ; b) Continuous sintering furnace, sizing machine, oil impregnation equipment. steam treatment equipment. 4) Applications: automobile engine parts, electric power tool parts

Steel Shot
Used for blast cleaning of casting, die-casting, forging, sand removal of casting, steel plate, H type steel, steel structure.

Calcium Aluminate
Calcium Aluminate For Refined Steel-making (Fused Type) Made from selecting material of high quality, melting the material in electric furnace, cooling, crashing into different sizes. This product can be divided into following types: CaO-Al2O3, CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO and CaO-Al2O3-BaO-CaF2. We can also adjust products composition according to customers' requirement. Principle: Add deslag substance---Calcium Aluminate into the molten steel in LF furnace. Quantity is about 1. 5% of the molten ...

Galvanized Iron Wire
1) Diameter: 0.30mm - 3.0mm. 2) Finishes: EG, HDG, vinyl coated. 3) Tensile strength: 30 - 55kg/mm². 4) Coil specifications: 0.1kg - 2.5kg/coil. 5) Surface treatment: black, galvanized

Tinplate Sheets
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.16 - 0.4mm ; 2) Width: 180 - 580mm ; 3) Steel grades: SPCC ; 4) Hardness: T2.5 - T4 ; 5) Tin coating mass: 2.8 / 2.8 ; 6) Surface: as bright as a mirror

Deformed Steel Bars
1) Deformed bar grade: HRB335 / 400. 2) According to GB1499-98 standard. 3) Diameter: 10-32mm. 4) Length: 6m, 12m. 5) Special lengths and diameters available upon request

Round Strand Wire Rope
1) Range of products: zinc-plating stranded wire; steel cable for operation; zinc-plating and low-carbon steel for communications; steel core, carbon spring wire; phosphate carbon steel wire for optic fiber. 2) Construction: 1 x 7, 1 x 19

Powder Metallurgy
The explosive cladding and rolling technology of rare metal materials is one of the featured techniques for us. The institute systematically researches cladding of more than 50 sorts of metals including Ti, Cu, Al, Ni, Zr, Ta, stainless steel etc. material performances and engineering application techniques. Explosive cladding, explosive-rolling, rolling cladding etc are used to produce clad plates, sheets, tubes, rods, bars, joint fittings, dish-shaped plates, bimetals etc. which are widely ...

Metal Knitting Net
Our company mainly produces various kinds of sieve nets and solution filters, such as nylon net, plastic net, metal knitting net, armor plate net, protective net, fiberglass net, pulling net, window curtain net, enclosure net

Hot Roiled Flat Steel Bar
1) Sizes: a) Thickness: 7mm - 32mm ; b) Width: 70mm - 160mm ; c) Length: 6m - 12m. 2) Standard: DIN 60Si2Mn, ASTM H92600, GB60Si2Mn, JIS SUP7. 3) Surface: oiled or black painted to prevent rust

Prebaked Carbon Anode
We product prebaked carbon anode, Specifications: 1) High density ; 2) B.D.: 1.58g/cm3 min. ; 3) R.D.: 2.08g/cm3 min. ; 4) Good mechanical intension ; 5) Compress strength: 45MPa .; 6) Flexural strength: 11-12MPa ; 7) Low elec. res.: 54 uOhm

Bio-degradable Heavy Duty Metal Forming Fluid
EASY-Draw is a heavy duty, multi-purpose, bio-based drawing, forming and blanking fluid. It is formulated with the best vegetable oils and selective extreme pressure additives for superior protection and performance. Applications: Recommended for stamping, drawing, forming, blanking and spinning Good for most metal types Applies by brushing, dipping, spraying or other method. Benefits: Superior lubricity and extreme pressure characteristic. Good adhesion to metal. Light coating eliminates ...

Covering Agent / Flux / Calcium Silicate
Covering agent (flux/calcium silicate) is made from wollastonite and other materials. It is mainly used in steel and iron smelting to keep heat and protect against re-oxidizing of the molten steel and iron. We have several types and other chemical compositions can be adjusted. Specification: (SiO2 33-43) (CaO 10max. ) (Fe2O3 3.0max. ) (Al2O3% 15-25) (MgO -) (Moisture 0.8max. ). Physical: Melting Point:1300-1400 C. Size:2.0mm max.

Aluminium Fluoride
Dry method: 1) Bulk density: 1.5-1.6gr/cm³. 2) L.O.I: 0.5% max.. Anhydrous method: 1) Bulk density: 0.8-1.0gr/cm³. 2) L.O.I: 1.0% max.

Corundum (BFA, BFA-S, and WFA)
High toughness micro hardness is 1,800-2,300kg/mm². Abrasive articles made from it are suitable for grinding metals of high-tensile strength such as steel, annealed malleable iron and hard high-class refractory products. White aluminum oxide has even higher hardness compared with BFA; articles made of it are suited for grinding high carbon steel, high-speed steel work pieces and cutters. It can also be used in grinding and polishing materials, precision casting abrasives, spray and paint ...

Brass Powder, Bronze Powder
Brass Powder, Bronze Powder: 1.have produced with high quality materials 2.high pressing function 3.the quality of products is steady 4.have being widely used in the friction materials, oil infiltrated bearings, constructional parts and diamond tools.
Product Group: Brass Powder, Copper Powder
Company: Shaoxing Jililai Metal Material Co.,Ltd    China

Pure Copper Powder
Pure copper powder: 1.AD: 2.5g/cm3 FR: ≤35s/50g 2.Chemical component: Cu ≥99.5% 3.Mesh: -100,-200 Particle appearance: irregular 4.have produced with high quality materials 5.high pressing function 6.the quality of products is steady
Product Group: Copper Powder
Company: Shaoxing Jililai Metal Material Co.,Ltd    China

Copper bar
Our company can supply copper bar, please check the details: Material: T2,T3 Size: dia5-200mm Please contact for requirements about copper bar.
Company: An Shan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd.    China

sell graphite electrode
Our company can supply RP, HP grades of graphite electrodes (Dia 150-350mm, Length 1500-1800mm), if you have requirement about it, please send your inquiry to dlwljenny at yahoo dot cn. I will quote you our best price. Hoping to establish business relations with your esteemed company.
Product Group: Graphite Electrode
Company: Dalian Wanlong Trading Co.,LTD    China

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