Aluminum Foil and Copper Wire

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Detailed Aluminum Foil and Copper Wire Description:

1) Aluminum foil: Al/ PET, Al/ PET glue, Al/ PET/ Al, Al/ PET/ Al glue. 2) Copper wire: Cu0.10mm/ Cu0.12mm/ Cu0.15mm/ Cu4 x 0.10mm/ Cu7 x 0.10mm/ Cu6 x 0.15mm. 3) CuSn wire: CuSn 0.10mm/0.12mm/0.15mm/3 x 0.10mm/4 x 0.10mm/4 x 0.12mm/ 6 x 0.10mm/7 x 0.10mm. 4) Aluminum wire: Al0.12mm/0.16mm/8 x 0.16mm/6 x 0.16mm. 5) Copper clad aluminum wire: CCA0.12mm/0.16mm/0.51mm/0.81mm/1.02mm. 6) Copper clad steel: CCS0.12mm/0. 15mm/ 0.16mm/ 7x0.16mm /0.20mm/ 0.26mm/ 0.51mm/ 0.63mm/ 0.65mm/ 1.02mm/ 1.63mm; 15%, 17%, 21%, 23 - 40%, 34% - 40% conductivity

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Aluminum Foil and Copper Wire in china.

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