Calcium Aluminate

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Detailed Calcium Aluminate Description:

Calcium Aluminate For Refined Steel-making (Fused Type) Made from selecting material of high quality, melting the material in electric furnace, cooling, crashing into different sizes. This product can be divided into following types: CaO-Al2O3, CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO and CaO-Al2O3-BaO-CaF2. We can also adjust products composition according to customers' requirement. Principle: Add deslag substance---Calcium Aluminate into the molten steel in LF furnace. Quantity is about 1. 5% of the molten steel in LF, namely, one ton molten steel needs Calcium Aluminate 10-15Kg. Density of molten steel is higher than Calcium Aluminate and the ratio is about 7. 8: 3. 5. In the deslag course, Argon was pumped in LF furnace from the bottom, it drives the deslag reagent to mix with the molten steel completely. Then the reagent adsorbs sulphur substance completely. Dregs will suspend on the surface of molten steel due to its low density and can also have warm-keeping function.

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