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Detailed Powder Metallurgy Description:

The explosive cladding and rolling technology of rare metal materials is one of the featured techniques for us. The institute systematically researches cladding of more than 50 sorts of metals including Ti, Cu, Al, Ni, Zr, Ta, stainless steel etc. material performances and engineering application techniques. Explosive cladding, explosive-rolling, rolling cladding etc are used to produce clad plates, sheets, tubes, rods, bars, joint fittings, dish-shaped plates, bimetals etc. which are widely applied in the fields of chemical engineering , metallurgy, medicine, light industry, ship-building, aerospace energy industry, nuclear industry. Rare metals (such as Ti, Cu, Al, Ni, Zr etc) clad materials are in the domestically leading level; the clad materials of common non-ferrous metals and stainless steel are in domestically advanced level.

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Powder Metallurgy in china.

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