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Ball Crusher
Features: 1) Tank radius: 3,600mm 2) Tank length: 6,000mm 3) Motor model: TDMK 1600-40 4) Motor power: 1,600 5) Motor revolution: 140rpm 6) Overall length: 17,000mm 7) Overall width: 8,800mm 8) Overall height: 8,800mm 9) Capacity: 45 ~ 230cbm 10) Ball capacity: 120MT 11) Lift device: yes 12) Hydrostatic/hydrodynamic bearing: yes 13) Total weight: 189,000kg
Product Group: Ball Crusher
Company: Shanghai Vostosun Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Mining Machinery
Various sorts of mining machinery, including exploration, mining, mine supply, crashing, riddling, transmitting, grinding, spiral grading, floatation, resolutive electrolysis, lixiviating, filtering, reelecting, downstream treatment and gold-refinery etc...
Company: Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Pressing Parts and Strainers
1) Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. 2) Manufacture process: pressing parts and stamp parts. 3) Surface treatment: galvanization, and others for customers' requirements. 4) This parts are diffusely used in mining.

Coal Gasifier
Our coal gasifier is designed to be high production capacity, high gasification efficiency and better adaptability to various coals, high gas calorific value, and only need one worker to operate it. Main specifications: 1) Diameter of hearth 1.6m (coal gas output 1,200-1,400cbm/hour). 2) Diameter of hearth 1.8m (coal gas output 1,550-1,750cbm/hour). 3) Diameter of hearth 2.0m (coal gas output 1,900-2,150cbm/hour). 4) Diameter of hearth 2.2m (coal gas output 2,321-2,612cbm/hour). 5) Diameter ...

Impact Crusher
Application: It can crush granite, basalt, bluestone, etc the diameters of which are from 100mm to 500mm, and its crushing compression strength is not more than 320mp. The final product is desirable device for aggregation used in highway and railway surface and water and electricity industry. Features: 1.Connected with locking sleeve assembly. 2.Final product with cubical shape. 3.The blow bar with high chrome. 4.Easy maintenance. Hydraulic or hand opening. 5.Reliable operation. Impact plate ...
Company: Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Cutter Bits Holders
All the holder for round and flat cutter bits, for coal mining and Drill auger usage. We can make any holder as your samples and with lowest price, all the holders made by forging and heat treated. C10, C30, B43H (U43H) , B85 / 2 etc

Raymond Grinder
Features: 1) All stuff is non-inflammable and non-explosive. 2) Product size is adjustable in the range of 80 - 325 meshes. 3) Application: Raymond grinders are mainly used to grind barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talcum, marble, limestone, ceramics and other stuffs with mouth's hardness no more than 7 scales and humidity less than 6%. a) Number of rollers: 3. b) Roller size: Ø210 x 150mm. c) Ring size: Ø630 x 150mm. d) Max. feed size: 15mm. e) Product thickness: 0.2 - 0.044mm. f) ...
Company: Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Mining Machine
1) Engine adopts DEUTZ F6L912W, and almost core parts are supplied by CLARK, thus the quality of it is extremely good. 2) Operating weight: 6,600kg. 3) Payload: 5,000kg. 4) Length: 6,612mm. 5) Width: 1,800mm

Drilling Rig
Whole machine's weight: 2.5t. External dimension: 4000:2020:2010. Move speed: 5km/h. Climbing capacity: 30. Minimum space from ground :250mm. Crosshead's pitching angle: up&down 10. Crosshead's tilt angle: Left 35,Right 10. Crosshead's compensate length: 900m. Drilling hole's diameter 90-130mm. Drilling hole's depth 30m. push-out length a time 2m. working pressure 0.5-10.0mpa. Air consumption 6-9m3/min. Host power 25hp(18.6kw). Apply rock f=6-20. Out ...

Testing Sieve
Meshes: From 4'' Opening to 635 Meshes. Diameter: From 3'' to 12''. Height: From 1'' to 4''. Stainless Steel Wire Meshes and Hoop. Stainless Steel Wire Meshes and Copper Hoop. Copper Wire Meshes and Hoop. Copper WIre Meshes and Stainless Steel Hoop

High-Speed Eddy-Current Multipurpose Powder Mill
The factory absorbed advanced foreign technology and developed series high-speed eddy-current multipurpose powder mill. The machine is an equipment of grinding microfine powder in plastic, mine, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, especially is used in grinding retrieved plastic grain of thermoplastics PVC, PE. The practice and experience of plastic product factories shows that the chemical and physics functions of the products can keep all parameters of new raw material if adding ...

Submerged Scraper Conveyor
Submerged scraper conveyor is used for the continuous conveyance of conventional coal dust boiler ash, and especially for the places with limited water volume and clearance height. Submerged scraper conveyor is easy to operate. The ash is fallen from the boiler, and then gathers on the upper groove of the conveyor, whose water will cool the ash. At the same time, the moving scraper brings the ashes on the same level to rise and dehydrates. The ash will fall down through the discharge opening ...

Pneumatic Roof Bolter
Pneumatic Roof Bolter is suitable for bolting on coal lanes, half coal manes and rock roof whose hardness under 8f, capable of drilling,mixing and bolt installing. High rotate speed , big stall torque. Advanced water valve make pipeline of water supplying more reliable and bear higher pressure.Double exhaust system and new pattern seal guarantee air legs up and down efficiently. The axis of main shaft and legs are in the same line, which guqrantee best effect.

Circular Vibrating Screen, Vibrating Screen
The vibrating equipment is used to separate the stuff. It is composed of main frame, screen web, electric motor, eccentric bock, rubber spring, and coupler. We will offer suitable type according to your requirements. Features : Simple and dependable Eccentric type system. High screening capacity. High durability. No transmission of screen panels. Ready changing of screen plates. Rigid and vibrating resistance screen body.

Our mining equipment and the tools products are as follow: 1) The pneumatic breakers: B67C 30 kg energy 24-42 615mm length. The two models are made according to USA GD company's technology with high efficient. 2) The hydraulic breakers and hammers: YC12 12kg, YC25 25kg; YC70 70kg, YC110 115kg; YC180 180kg Similar to NPK models. These products are exported to Italy, Denmark and other countries. 3)Pneumatic rock drill Hydraulic rock drill. Hydraulic rock drill cop1032 100kg (Made under ...

Coal Mining Machinery Springs
1) Applications: safety valves, control valves, tri-valves, hydraulic control check valves. 2) Tested with force of 30,000lbs for 24-hour period

General Deferrizater
1) It is used to sort the iron out in metallurgy, covered vessel scrap workshop, Casting workshop. 2) The unique stainless steel plate-armored belt can protect the belt from ruining By the sharp ferromagnetism material efficiently. 3) Strong magnetic field intension, high gradient and strong attractive force. 4) No need of excitation, which can save the energy; self-cleaning belt, which is Convenient for operation. 5) The magnetic source is reliable as the magnetic source is made from NdFeB ...

Crushing & Screening Plant
Designs, manufactures and supplies stationary and mobile crushing, screening and washing plants, plants for recycling of wastes, building materials and asphalt. All types of crushers, screens, feeders, belt conveyors, batch and continuous machinery and systems for the processing of raw materials, compounds, waste and residues in the fields of Ceramics, glass, building materials, chemicals, molding sand, technical products, surface finishing materials, metallurgy, agricultural chemicals and ...

Strapping Band Making Machine PP & PET
The screw and the cylinder of SJ-PP type automatic or manual PP plastic strapping band making machine adopt excellent-quality alloy steel through nitrogenization treatment and has the advantages of long life for use. Good abrasion resistant and high output of extruding. With the advantages of automatic temperature control, economical power consumption. high output and easy operating. It uses PE powder which is mainly I & II grade recycling material as its main raw material. During the ...

Mining Machinery
Series High Speed Cylindrical Grinder are designed on the base of MBS1332B series. grinder. Wheelhead cross feed is provided with hyd. rapid approach and withdrawal, auto intermittent feed and manual micro-feed, without semi-automatic cycle. The machine is suitable for small or large batch production, and active measuring gauge can not be matched.

We offer a wide selection of replacement wear resistant parts for crushers. We produce hammers, grates, breaker blocks, side liners, breaker bar sleeves, rotor hubs, complete rotor assemblies, top cover liners and throat collars.

Combined Crushing and Screening Plant
Jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and hammer crusher are available. The combined crushing and screening machines can be divided into three types: fixed, portable and sleigh type. The size of crushed product can be from 0 to 40mm. The classification of size of crushed product can be set and adjusted according to customers, different requests. The combined crushing and screening machines are reasonable combined with different crushers and have compacted special crossing distribution ...

Stone Processing Machinery
The multi-function single-arm milling and cutting machine with computer control is suitable for cutting, chamfering, edge-milling, edging, and drilling marble and granite slabs as well as processing mushroom stone. Having assorted functions, this machine features stable working, easy operation, high processing quality and high efficiency.

Cone Crusher
Diameter of bottom end of conical crushing head: 900mm. Max. feed size: 115mm. Adjustable range of discharge opening: 15-50mm. Crushing capacity: 50-90cbm/h. Electric motor power: 55kW. Speed of eccentric shaft: 333. Weight: 11.2kg

Oil Recovery System, Oil Purifier, Oil Recycling
( oil purification, oil purifier, oil filtration, oil recycling, oil treatment, oil regeneration, oil restoration, oil filtering, waste oil disposal, oil reclaiming, waste oil management, energy saving, oil reconditioned, oil reconstituted, oil restituting, oil recovering, oil filtration, oil filter) Application: This machine integrates fine filter, high efficiency demulsification and dehydration into one body. This machine, which can remove large of water without heating, creates the ...

Precision Sieve Shaker
We are the Chian bashan precision filter co. , ltd. And we are a professional supplier of the sieve shakers. And our products all have high quality and competitive price. Since the company founded in 1988. We have developed many types of shaker. And the precision sieve shaker is our the lastest products. And it is used in the chemical industry, i. E the carbamide, alkali and so on.

Vibration Sieves
Our daimeter 400mm-2500mm-typed series sifters made of quality stainless steal can be installed four layers of sifters at most. Their electromotor can vibrate steadily and produce great vibration strength. The flexible net frames are easy to stretch completely and replace in a very short time so that their efficiency is raised greatly. Therefore, their advantages of quick replacement, light weight and flexibility.

Green Sand Foundry Equipment
Foundry equipments for green sand, foundry plants for green sand, intensive mixer, fluidized bed sand cooler, moulding machines, knockout cum feeder with double eccentric shaft, dust collector, fabric filter bag type dust collector, sand mix muller, heavy duty sand mix muller for green sand

Charcoal Machine
It can be linked with the carbonishing machine to recycle the heating produced by the carbonishing to dry the sawdust etc. Motor power: 4 / 6. 25kw. The moisture after drying: 25% -70%

Wedge Wire Screen
Wedge wire screens are made of metallic profiles that are welded onto rods at every contact point. These profiles are usually triangular in shape, while the rods themselves vary in shape. The products is applied for the protection of down hole equipment as well as the surface surely smooth production and extesion of producing cycle of oil, gas and water wells by means of gravel pad to control the formation sands. It's sand-control tools used to hold relatively leading position in oil ...

Crushing Bucket
Suitable for crushing quarry stone, gravel, construction & demolition waste, concrete pre-cast with re-bar, asphalt etc. Machine can load, crush and stockpile within a small area. Crushed material can be dropped from 300mm from the stockpile. On larger sites, materials can be crushed in site, thereby avoiding the need to moving the material to a central area for processing. Operator located in the cab of excavator rather than over the mouth of larger crushers. Unlike larger crushers, ...

Jigging machines, module preparation plants
Company GRAVICON designs and supplies the following equipment: - jigging machines with efficiency from 30 up to 350 t/h - jigging machines with movable sieve with efficiency from 2 up to 100 t/h - jigging machines for slurry preparation of size +0.5 mm with efficiency up to 30 t/h - module preparation plants with efficiency 50 and 100 t/h for preparation: coal; manganese ores; dumps of ferromanganese and ferrochrome productions; chrome ores; iron ores; barite ores; lead; zinc ores; ...
Product Group: Jigging Machine
Company: SPE Gravicon    Ukraine

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