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List extensive product information of New Materials, provided by New Mineral & Metal Material manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Titanium Clad Copper
1) By explosion rolling. 2) Titanium clad copper, (Zirconium clad copper) supper material of 2 in 1. 3) Excellent corrosion resistance. 4) Excellent conductivity. 5) Great application in electroplating, electrolysis, hydrometallurgy. 6) Product form: square, round, rectangle, drum. 7) Sizes: 10 - 150mm (outer dia.)

Single Silicon Target
1) Type: single or multilateral. 2) Purity: 99.999%. 3) Crystals: / . 4) Resistance: 1 - 30. 5) Surface: polished. 6) Size: 10 - 200mm.

Melamine Faced Chipboard / MDF
Specifications: 1) Size: 4 x 8' (1,220 x 2,440mm). 2) Thickness: 0.7 - 2.5mm. 3) Finish: glossy, matt, embossed, velour, or according to customers' requirements. 4) Melamine facing chipboard is used to make furniture and cabinets, as well as indoor fixtures

Balled Gypsum
These gypsum balls are not made from natural gypsum and instead they are made from fertilizer industry and they are a man-made gypsum, also containing calcium sulfate-bi-hydrate (CaSO4-2H2O). This balled gypsum is widely used in domestic cement industry as a substitute of natural gypsum and fluorspar and their main specifications are as follows: 1) Main content: CaSO4-2H2O ; 2) SO3: 39 - 43% ; 3) P, F: trace ; 4) Combined water: 16 - 20% ; 5) Insoluble matters: 5% max. ; 6) PH value: 7 min. ...

Sputtering Target
Supplier in the field raw material of sputtering thin film. Sputtering targets sputtering materials for the applications to magnetic disk and head, magneto optical disk, optical disk, superconducting thin film, protective film. Metal Sputtering Targets (include Rare Earth metal Sputtering Target). Alloy Sputtering Targets. Ceramic Sputtering Targets. Carbide Sputtering Targets. Fluoride Sputtering Targets. Oxide Sputtering targets. Sulfides Sputtering Targets. Tellurides Sputtering Targets. ...

Titanium Carbide Powder
Produced by SHS method, agglomerated and sintered into fine powder of -10 microns or much coarser powder of +100 microns used for making of tools and cored wires.

Fine Aluminum Powder
Sell Fine Aluminum Powder: Using the most advanced technology: The art of Nitrogen Atomization. Annual productivity of 5000 tons of fine spherical aluminum powder with medium diameter D50 within 0 to 45um. Well-distributed size. High tap density. High spherical degree. Low impurity content. Activated aluminum more than 98%. Silver grey color. Without foreign impurities and agglomerales. Water content extremely low. Long storage. Offer products with special specifications according to the ...

Nano Powder (Nanopowder)
We provide a good variety of superior nano powders with an average diameter less than 100nm, mainly including oxides and metals / alloys. The nanopowders show novel properties in optical, electronic, magnetic, thermo and chemical aspects because they have smaller partical size, less atoms innerly and more atoms on their surface compared to the popular bulk material. Therefore, they feature with lots of extremely significant valuable application in aerospace, metallurgy, chemistry, pharmacy ...

Borosilicate Colored Glass Rod
1) Available colors: dark blue, light blue, amber, light yellow, green, pink, purple, red and opaque black. 2) Regularly stocked rod diameter: 4-30mm. 3) Regularly stocked rod length: 1,200mm. 4) Customized sizes are available (outside diameter: 3.5-46mm). 5) Main composition: a) SiO2: 80 ±0.5% ; b) B2O3: 13 ±0.2% ; c) Al2O3: 2.4 ±0.2% ; d) Na2O (+K2O): 4.3 ±0.2%. 6) Chemical properties: a) Coefficient of mean linear thermal expansion (20/300 °C): 3.3±0.1 (10-6K-1) ; b) Transformation ...

Rectangular Light Gauge Steel Framing
Specifications: 1) Light gauge steel framing and light gauge steel stud manufactured to meet ISO9001, ASTM C645, JIS A6517, SAE, DIN, BS, GB/T11981-2001 requirements. 2) Available materials: Q195, Q215, Q235, Fe310, Fe360, St33, St37-2, SS330, SS400, ASTM 1010, ASTM 1017, ASTM 1020. 3) C channel and U channel, track and steel furrings for building, galvanized sheet/strip material in coils are also available. Widely used in the construction structure, machinery, container, furniture ...
Company: Shandong Huayun New Material Co., Ltd.    China

PTFE Block Sheets
Features: 1) PTFE block sheet is manufactured with moulding method using PTFE granular resin. 2) PTFE is the most chemical-resistant material of all known plastic. 3) Does not age. 4) Has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials, and a wide range of practical temperature from -180oC ~ +260oC. 5) Applications: lining bearing pads, seals and electrical insulation. Specifications: 1) Sizes: a) Thickness: 4 - 100mm ; b) Width x length: 600 x 600mm, 1 x 1m, 1.2 x 1.2m, 1.5 ...

Indium Tin Oxide Nano-Powder
The product, which is prepared by method of fire, has high purity and excellent dispersive property. 1) Color: green ; 2) In2O3: SnO2 is 9 : 1 (other composition can be supplied to meet customers' needs) ; 3) Purity: 99.99% (4N) min. ; 4) Average particle size: 30 - 70nm; 0.2 - 0.3μm ; 5) Specific surface areas: 10 - 25sqm/g; 5 - 10sqm/g ; 6) Index of agglomeration: <5 ; 7) Application fields: ITO target, used for LCD, PDP and CRT monitors, touch panels and glass

Silicone Rubber for Clothing Label
This series of products are additional type liquid silicone rubber vulcanized in high temperature, specially used for silicone clothing labels. The curdling rubber has stable size, good stripping ability and good adhesive characteristics with cloth. It is preferable material for environment-friendly labels and plates.

PTFE Tubing
1) PTFE tubing is manufactured with ram extruding method using PTFE garanular resin. 2) PTFE is the most chemical-resistant material of all known plastic. 3) With the best electrical properties among plastic materials. 4) Applications: insulating cover for conductor, pipe for corrosive fluids

Carbide and Boride Powders
Carbide and boride powders of refractory metals, such as vanadium carbide, molybdenum bi-carbide, niobium carbide, titanium boride, zirconium carbide, zirconium boride, chromium boride and bi-boride, carbonized chromium boride, calcium hex boride, etc. Besides, we can supply solid solution powders of carbides, nitrides as well as silicide powders such as TiC-Wc, CrC-TiC, Wc-ZrN, MoSi2, TaC-NbC, etc...

Optical Crystal
All kinds of specifications are available, such as 65 x 30 x 200mm. The optical crystal manufactured by our factory possesses such features as optical homogeneity, without growth, low inclusion density and low deviation of index of refraction. They are widely used for the production of optic prisms, low-pass wave filters and optic lenses.

Laminated Plate
We can supply you with the laminated plate: Available basic materials: Steel and Aluminium ; Available cover: PVC,PET,PVF,PP ; Available Width:1300mm ; Available Thickness:0.3mm-1.2mm ; Available Pattern: Hair-line Pattern, Wood Pattern, Marble Pattern. Feature: flexible, anti-contaminative, anti-fire, easy-clean, surface decorative, non-toxic, non-pollution, anti-UV,rich colors, etc. Application: Crust of the electric device like air-condition, refrigeratoy,washer.
Company: Shandong Huayun New Material Co., Ltd.    China

Cenosphere is a kind of borosilicate raw material with the granularity of 1 - 250 microns. It is of light weight, low heat conduction, high strength, and good chemical stability. Its surface, after special process, is lipophilic and water hatred to extremely easy to disperse in the organic materials. This product is already used in manmade agate, marble and fiberglass reinforced plastic bowling. It obviously reduces product weight with good heat preservation and insulation effects. ...

Poly Shield is a Black and White poly that has been infused with metals that give properties that are both highly reflective and insulative. Poly Shield provides the same vapor barrier as regular black and white poly and adds reflectivity and insulative qualities. All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit infrared radiation.

Amourphous Boron
Specs:B:94%min. Soluble B in water:0.5%max. Mg:4% max. Insoluble in H2O2:1%max. H2O:0.5%max. Size:1 um max.

PTFE Skived Sheet, Tape, Film
1) PTFE resin is first moulded into work-blank. 2) Skived sheets and tapes are highly dielectric, chemical-resistant and not aging. 3) With a wide range of operation temperature. 4) Applications: lining, sealing and non-oil lubricating material, and dielectric at any freguencies. Capacitor dielectric, wire isolation, electrical instrument isolation. Properties: 1) Density: 2.10 ~ 2.30 ; 2) Tensile strength: ≥15.0MPa ; 3) Elongation at rupture: ≥150% ; 4) Dielectric strength: ≥10kV/mm

New Building Material-Aluminum Composite Panel
Materials: 1) Front side: aluminum roll coated with PVDF or polyester. 2) Core: fire-resistant polyethylene or normal polyethylene (PE). 3) Rear side: aluminum coated with polyester. Features: 1) Super peeling strength. 2) Excellent surface flatness and smoothness. 3) Superior weather, corrosion and pollutant resistance. 4) Even coating, various colors. 5) Fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation. 6) Superior impact resistance. 7) Lightweight and easy to process. 8) Easy to maintain

ITO ( Indium Tin Oxide ) Nano Powder
Principal uses: Transparent electricity conductive glue, radiation protection; antistatic coating. Physical properties: Chemical formula: In2o3/sno2. Color: Yellow. Purity: >=99.99%. Particle size:20~70nm. Relative density:7.12~7.16g/cm3

PMMA Sheet
1) Imported material. 2) Advanced international level equipment and machinery. 3) Design service available. 4) Various specifications and colors available. 5) Light box available. 6) Custom designs welcomed for all acrylic products

Negative Material For Lithium Ion Battery
This grade graphite has low specific surface area(set) and very high tap density. The tap density is above 1.05g/cc, while the ssa(bet) is 1.5-2.0m2/g. Because of its high crystalline structure and high purity, spherical graphite is mainly used as anode materials for lithium ion rechargeable battery. The discharge capacity is above 360mah/g, and cycle life is excellent.

Magnesium Alloy Panel
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.1-12mm (AZ31B), 1-10mm. 2) Length: less then 1,500mm (AZ31B), less than 1,000mm. 3) Width: less than 1,000mm (AZ31B), less than 800mm (bended panel)
Company: Shandong Huayun New Material Co., Ltd.    China

Silaneor Crosslinked PE Tube-Purpose Compounds
Main products include XLPE compounds for 10kV, 35kV and below, aerial black XLPE compounds for 10kV, 35kV and below, silane XLPE compounds, and PVC series compounds.

APS Aluminium Profile System
APS aluminum profile systems are widely applied to machine construction, protective fence, worker table, logistic equipment, automation conveyor systems. APS accessories are used to joint assembly such as sliding nut, spring fastener and brackets. APS is not only controlling cost but also saving time in both designation and assembling.

Polycrystalline Diamond (Pcd) For Jewellery
Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is produced by sintering diamond particles and metal bonds at high tempreture and super-high pressure. Pcd for jewellery is especially designed for polishing jewellery. We can provide different shape and different size of PCD.

Polyfoam Pellets
1) Products accord with the "RoHS" requirement. 2) EPS (polyfoam) molding, non-mould, air-condition and refrigerator parts, special type, multi-density, heat-resistant (120°). 3) EPS molding craft. 4) Pulp tray molding packing material. 5) EPP molding packing material and parts. 6) EPE molding packing material and parts. 7) EPS and EPP anti-static molding products. 8) EPS board molding. 9) Φ0.5mm - 5mm polyfoam pellet. 10) Plane model and telecontrol plane made of EPS and EPP. ...

High purity indium, gallium metals
High purity indium, gallium, tellurium, selenium, tin, antimony, zinc, bismuth, copper, aluminum, cadmium. We,LITOP,produce high purity metals,some of the metals can reach the purity 6N or 7N.Pls kindly find the detail as follows: Items Purity Others details High purity indium 99.999% 99.9999% ingot High purity gallium 99.9999% 99.99999% 1kg/bottle High purity antimony 99.999% 99.9999% irregular lump High purity zinc 99.999% 99.9999% irregular lump High ...
Company: Guangzhou Litop Non-ferrous Metals Co., ltd.    China

Tantalum: Composition: Ta:99.95% C:0.0016% O:0.005% N:0.004% H:0.0009% Fe<0.001% Ti:<0.0005% W:0.001% Mo<0.001% Si<0.0005% Ni<0.0005% Nb<0.0005% Form: plate, tube, wire, rod, powder. Packing: as request.
Product Group: Tantalum
Company: Hension New Materials Co., Ltd    China

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