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List extensive product information of Non-ferrous Metal (include Magnesium, Aluminum, Zinc, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Tungsten), provided by Non-ferrous Metal manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Phosphor Copper Strip
Application: spring for electric and electronic use, switch, connector, connector assembly, lead frame, vibrating reed. For standard sizes the MOQ is 500kg
Product Group: Copper Strip

Aluminum Profiles
1) Products available: angles, rectangle tubes, square tubes, pipes, rods, square bars, flat bars, "T" profiles, "U" channels. 2) Alloy temper: 6063, 6463, 6005, 6061, 6101, 5082, 5052, 5050 and others. 3) Length: <=13.5m.
Product Group: Aluminum Profile
Company: Miao Xincheng Non-Ferrous Metal Co., Ltd.    China

Blue Tungsten Oxide
Blue Tungsten Oxide Features: 1) Apparent density: 2.4 - 2.8g/cm3. 2) FSSS: 12 - 23µm. 3) Hall flow ability: 25 - 40s/50g. Made in china.

Plastic Coated Aluminum Strips
1)Stripping strength between steel band and film:≥6.13N/cm. 2)Tensile strength:≥54MPa. 3)Breaking elongate rate:≥15%. 4)Heat Seal Strength:≥17.5N/cm. 5)Reel width:12 - 526mm. 6)Reel length:2,000 - 3,000m. 7)Steel thinkness:0.10 - 0.20mm. 8)Coating to Steel Strength after Water Immersion (7 days at 68±1 °C each coated sides):(68±1 °C,168h) Strength ≥ 6.13N/cm. 9)Resistance to Rot:0.1mol/L,NaOH, 480h ≥7. 10)Dielectric Strength:DC 2kV, 1 min - Without breakdown. 11)Core ...

Magnesium Metal Powder
We are producing Magnesium Metal Powder in Spherical shape particle with Density range from 0. 8~0. 9g / cc and various mesh sizes or average particle sizes. We may offer wide range of MIL specifications for Magnesium Powder and Magnesium Powder grades.

Zinc Powder
Zinc powder is a kind of deep gray powder. used for bottom paint in ship manufacture, coatings, dyestuff, metallurgy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Titanium Hanging
Titanium sheets and titanium plates, titanium bars and titanium rods, titanium round rod and titanium square bar, titanium tubes and titanium pipes and titanium wires, titanium foil and titanium coil, titanium fastene, titanium nuts and titanium bolts and titanium screws and titanium washes, titanium disk, titanium mesh plate, titanium clad cooper plate, titanium copper rod rod, titanium cool pipe, titanium complex plate, titanium elbow, titanium flange, titanium valve, titanium ring, ...
Company: Miao Xincheng Non-Ferrous Metal Co., Ltd.    China

Thoriated Tungsten Electrode
Specifications: 1) Trademark: WT20 ; 2) Added impurity: THO2 ; 3) Impurity quantity: 1.70 - 2.20% ; 4) Other impurity: ≤0.20% ; 5) Electricity discharge: 2.0-3.0 ; 6) Color sign: red ; 7) Size: 1.0 - 10 x 150/175mm and others.

Titanium Plates and Rods
1) Titanium plates and sheets: a) Standards: ASTM B265 ; b) Grades covering: Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.5, Gr.7, Gr.9, Gr.11, Gr.12. 2) Titanium rods and bars: a) Standards: ASTM B348 ; b) Grades covering: Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.5, Gr.7, Gr.9, Gr.11, Gr.12. 3) Titanium wires: a) Standards: ASTM B863 ; b) Grades covering: Gr.1, Gr.2, Gr.5
Company: Miao Xincheng Non-Ferrous Metal Co., Ltd.    China

Lead Sheet
We can supply different types of lead products, especially specializing in lead plate from china. It can prevent X rays effectively. And its surface can be painted in any colour according to your need.

Aluminum Billet
Grand Shine has billet casting operations in two plants in SChina. While the majority of the casting capacity is used to supply internal requirements, sale of billet to third party customers is a long term strategic component of our casting business. Material: all billets are made from molten pure aluminum directly so that the quality can be better controlled and be more cost efficient. Alloy: at present we mainly provide the 6xxx alloy billets which also meet the internal needs. Both ...

Magnesium Hypophosphite
We producer for supply of Magnesium hypophosphate: 1)Molecular Formula :Mg(H2PO2)2.6HO. 2) Molecular weight :262. 3)Behaviour : White crsytallize. 4)Solubility:Dissolve in water, and as temperature increase ,the solubility increased significantly. 5)When it contact whit strong heat and oxidant ,it can break down into phosphoric acid, phoshpine,phosphite and Hrydrogen.

Degassed Chromium Metal Flake
1. Material description: chromium flake. 2. Physical requirements: a. CAS number: 7440-47-3 ; b. Melting point: 1,857°C ; c. Solubility in H2O: insoluble. 3. Chemical requirements: a. Purity: Cr: 99.95% ; b. Impurity: (PPM max.)

1. Copper in CRYSTALS. High Purity Oxygen Free Copper (5N) & (6N). Single Crystal Copper. Ingot properties: Short description of ingot properties-Copper content: 99, 9991% -99, 9998% (5N). Content of detectable impurities: <0, 0001%. Ingots are absolutely free of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon. Radioactivity does not exceed 1. 10^-11 of degree Ci / g. The ingot has an optimal dense crystal lattice and represents a Single-Crystal. Copper is grown as crystals in complete vacuum and under ...

Dazlo REFLECTIONS Metal Polish works wonders on stainless, brass, copper, silver, gold, alloys, chrome and nickel. It consists of superior quality micro fine abrasives in minute amount that helps in removing fine scratches and hard scaling on the metal surface without causing any harm. It consists of anti oxidizing agents-that remove any dirt, dullness, oxidation, rust and grime from the metal surface and a blend of selected waxes-that provide a high gloss, long lasting protective film. It ...

Magnesium Powder
Magnesium granular is a kind of nonferrous materials which is developed fastly tobe widely used in modern latest technology such as the firing head of missile, spacecraft parts and light bomb. It can be used in desulfrization in steel, metallurgic casting, also is used in space, single crystallin sillicon, pharmcology, etc. It has vast market perspect, with the rapid development of modern industry. It will become more and more important as raw material. Up to the design of customers, we can ...
Product Group: Magnesium Powder

Metal Calcium
1. Reducer for metal uranium, an additive for deoxidization, decarbonization, desulfuration in the process of alloy smelting; reducer in obtaining high purity RE products. Used in producing Lead Calcium Stannum battery and medication fields, etc. 2. Category: Calcium lumps, calcium granular, turnings, calcium ingot and calcium related alloys. 3. Purity: Ca-1 min. 99% ; Ca-2 min. 98. 50% ; Ca-3 min. 97%

Niobium Products
Niobium is a shiny, grey, ductile metal which has the nearly same chemical properties as tantalum. After extended periods of exposure in air at room temperature, this metal takes on a bluish tinge. Niobium starts to oxidize in air at 200? And becomes a superconductor at-263. 9 In the cryogenic condition. Our niobium products is available in a wide range of forms including powder, wire, foil, sheet, rod, strip, plate, tube, alloys and etc.

Zirconium Nickel Alloy Powder
Intermediateds for nickel plating, zinc plating and copper plating and relevant raw materials and equipment for plating: a) For nickel plating: ALS / SAS, BBI, ATP, BBI, BEO, BMP, BOZ, chloral hydrate, DEP, POPDH, PABS, PAP, PA, PME, POPS, PS, PN, PPS-OH 40% and 45%, PPS b) For copper plating: DPS, HI (2-mercapto thiazoline), SPS, UPS, ZPS, PEG6000-12000. c) For zinc plating: BPC 48%, BAR (benzylidene acetone), imidazole, OCBA (O-chlorobenzaldehyde)

Fused Magnesite
The material of electro-fused magnesia sinter is selected From special grade A natural magnesite or high-purity caustic Calcined magnesite, which is fused in arc furnace to finish The products. The products possess high purity, crystal with And compact texture, have high heat-vibration steady and cinder Corrosion resistant, It is used for making high quality magnesite Bricks, magnesia-carbon bricks.

Section Bars For Hidden-Frame Glass Walls
1) Doors, windows, and various decorations. 2) Airplanes, trains and buses. 3) Household electrical appliances and telecommunication products. 4) Climbing bags, beach chairs and tables. 5) Office goods. 6) Motor products

We offer: 1. Product: stable non-radioactive powder of selenium enriched with the stable isotope of Selenium-74. 2. Unit of measurement for the delivered Goods: gram. 3. Quality: Chemical purity of no less than 99. 97% ; Isotope purity of no less than 99. 95%

Zinc Chip, Ash, Ingot
Zinc chip. Product Number: HZSCR-1. Chemical component (% ). Zn = more than 80% to 98%. Pb = 0. 51%. Cu = 0. 6%. Cl = 0. 3%. Packing: STEEL CAN AND BAG

Germanium Chip
We are making the best qualtiy of 99.9999% germanium chips Size: 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm. From china.

Molybdenum Rod
1) Application: a) For producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components. b) For producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces. 2) Chemical composition: a) Mo content: >99.95% ; b) Other element content: i) Total: <0.05% ; ii) Each: <0.01%

Ferro Molybdenum
1) Appearance: metallic color block. 2) Applications: a) Used for refining alloy steel, stainless steel, and alloy casting iron ; b) Used as additive for high-temperature molybdenum alloy for steel-making and with even crystallization organizations for improving its permeability and wearability ; c) Used for the casting iron line to improve the intensity and wearability

Aluminium Foil Glue Tapes
1) Material: aluminum foil and aluminums foil products. 2) Strong adhesive force, can keep warm. 3) Specifications: 0.015mm - 0.08mm. 4) Different widths and lengths available. 5) Used for sealing and reparation

Insulated Copper Wire
Manufactured by our own factory, cu>99. 95% , can be widely used for copper tube, copper rod, copper sheet, copper rolls, etc. besides I have many leads for insulated copper wire to buy and with the right price I can supply more insulated copper.

Silicon metal
Silicon metal. Chemical analysis Silicon Metal 553 Si: 98.5% min. Fe: 0.5% max. Al: 0.5% max. Ca: 0.3% max. P:50 ppm max. Silicon Metal 441 Si: 99.0% min. Fe: 0.4% max. Al: 0.4% max. Ca: 0.1% max. P:50 ppm max. Silicon Metal 411 Si: 99.3% min. Fe: 0.4% max. Al: 0.1% max. Ca: 0.1% max. P:50 ppm max. Silicon Metal 3303 Si: 99.3% min. Fe: 0.3% max. Al: 0.3% max. Ca: :0.03% max. P:50 ppm max. Silicon Metal 2503 Si: 99.5% min. Fe: 0.25% max. Al: -- Ca: 0.03% ...
Product Group: Silicon Metal
Company: Shaoguan Tropic Ocean Ltd    China

Single Spiral Shape Silicon Carbide Rod
The Silicon Carbide Rod is made of high-density, high-purity silicon carbide, is a kind of non-metal high temperature electric heating element. Include: Rod, W, U, Single Spiral and the Double Spiral, Slot Shape Silicon Carbide Rod Silicon Carbide Rod is wildly used in the fields of metallurgy, ceramics, glass, machinery, analysis test, semiconductor, science & research and so on. Email:heaterLP at
Company: ZhengZhou LP Heating Elements Co.,Ltd    China

Sell Enamelled Aluminium Wire
1. Solderable Polyurethane Aluminium Enameled Winding Wire, Class 130(UEW/A/130) 2. Polyester Enameled Aluminium Enameled Winding Wire Class 130(PEW/A/130) 3. Modified Polyester Aluminium Enameled Winding Wire, Class 155(MPEW/A/155) 4. Ployesterimide Enameled Round Aluminum Wire, Class 180(EIW/A/180) 5.Polyesterimide Overcoated With Polyamideimide Aluminium Enameled Winding Wire, Class 200 (EI/AIW/A/200) 6.Polyesterimide Overcoated With Polyamideimide Aluminium Enameled ...
Product Group: Aluminium Wire
Company: Transmo technology (HK) Co., Limited    China

Silver Powder
We,LITOP,have the program of producing the silver powder in different particle size.Pls find the detail as follows: Super fine silver powder 99.95% 0.1-1um ,1um-10um  Flake silver powder 99.95% thickness 0.2 to 0.6um,Dia.4 to 8um Nanometer silver powder 99.95% 1 to 60nm Quantity: as requests. Price:negotiable Delivery: prompt. or negotiable by DHL,UPS OR FEDEX,or other. Payment :by T.T. before delivery. Inquiries and orders accepted via ...
Product Group: Silver Powder
Company: Guangzhou Litop Non-ferrous Metals Co., ltd.    China

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