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Detailed Sintered Tungsten Crucible Description:

Sintered tungsten crucible, thanks to its resistance to certain molten metals and metal oxides, is widely used in many fields. They can be applied in technologies for growing monocrystals from molten corundum. Also they are used for thermal vaporization and deposition of various substances in electronics.

1.The overall density of sintered tungsten crucible is fairy high between 18g/cm3 to 18.3g/cm3;
2.Its chemical purity of sintered tungsten crucible can be above 99.95%;
3.The diameter of sintered tungsten crucible can be above 200mm;
4.The surface roughness of tooled crucibles does not exceed Rz 6.3;
5.The use temperature of sintered tungsten crucible should be below 2450ÂșC in vacuum or deoxidize atmosphere.
6.The shapes and dimensions of crucibles are also made in accordance with customers' requirements.

Sintered Tungsten Crucible
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