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List extensive product information of Non-metallic Mineral, provided by Non-metallic Mineral Products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Graphite & Graphite Products
Expandable graphite has good expansibility. Products made of this material have high temperature resistance levels, hot insulation and lubrication properties, and high chemical stability.

Burnt Lime Cao 95%
Burnt lime from producer gas fired vertical shaft kiln. Cao: 93. 00 to 95. 00%. Mgo: 1. 00%. Sio2: 0. 50%. Loi: 2. 50%. Burnt lime (calcined lime) is without any external impurities such as silica, sulphur, etc.-which are added in the case of mix-fuel domestic kilns (burning of coal with limestone).

Our main produces are zirconia ceramic, wearable ceramic, insulating ceramic, spin ceramic, single hole, lacunaris ceramic, ceramic tube, and other special type ceramic. They are widely used in ceramic gas nozzles for TIG, ceramic ferrules for stud welding, power, metallurgical, chemical, mining, textile, and machinery industry. Its main feature is the high mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance, good insulation, heat-resistance, corrosion resistance, and superior environmental ...
Company: Shandong Tecera Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Quick Lime
The quick lime purity (cao) is above 90%. The color is dull white and white. The size is producted as the customer's demand. The packing is by fliming plastic inner bag and plastic knitted bag.

Glass Tubing
1) Good quality, economical, soda lime glass tubing. 2) O.D. Size 1.8- 39 mm. 3) Wall Thick:0.70-2.80mm(+/-0.05mm). 4) Annual output of 40,000 tons glass tubing. 5) Tubing: energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, vent-pipe, headlight other kinds of lamps, etc. 6)packing: carton

Ceramic Grade Wollastonite (Glaze or Adobe) Features: 1) 200 mesh to 325 mesh. 2) When sufficient wollastonite is added to ceramic material, the baking temperature can be decreased, and the baking duration greatly shortens to one rapid low temperature bake, thus saving fuel and reducing production costs. 3) At the same time the mechanical properties are improved, cracks and streaks on the products are eliminated and quality raised. Physical-chemical index (%): NFW-TB: SiO2>50, CaO>43, ...

Expanded Graphite Yarn
1) Expanded graphite yarns are made of twists of expanded graphite combined with reinforcing materials, and are suitable for weaving of expanded graphite braided packing. 2) There is a wide variety of reinforcing materials used in the yarn twisting for different working conditions, which include cotton yarn, fiberglass, carbonized fiber, wires of nickel alloy or stainless steel or copper

Ultra-Clear Glass
Craftworks and light decorations made from ultra-clear glass are clear as crystal, elegant and grace, leaving people with perfect impression.

Quartz Super Fine
We constantly supply super fine quartz powder particle size range 300-6000 mesh. Purity 99. 5% at least. 25kg / bag. Besides our superior quality, we are working hard to maintenance our price at a competitive level. Meanwhile, we supply quartz sand 0. 5-2. 5mm. Purity 90% and 95%.

Plumbago Electrode
Graphite electrode is a major conduction material used in the electric smelting industry, which has the properties of superior electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, high strength, oxidation and corrosion resistance in high temperature. Graphite electrode is typically used in the electric arc furnace smelting steel, the submerged-arc furnace producing ferroalloy, pure silicon, phosphor, matte, and calcium carbide, and the electric resistance furnace, such as graphitization furnaces ...

Nature Gypsum
Natural gypsum, Thailand origin. chemical formula: Caso4.2h2o. composition: Hydrous calcium sulfate. colour: Colourness, white, gray, brown, beige, orange, pink, yellow, light red, green. streak: White. hardness:1.5-2. transparency: Transparent to opaque. specific gravity:2.3-2.4. luster: Vitreous to pearly. fracture: Uneven. uses: Gypsum is an industrailly important mineral. It is the primary ingredient of plaster-of-paris (finely ground gypsum) and is used in the production of cement. It ...

Kiln Accessories
Besides Ceramic Roller, we are supplying Kiln Accessories such as Setter Plate, Slab, Pusher, Cordierite Insulated Brick ,Suspended Roof Plate. We are trying our best to satify the tile manufacturers by providing series of kiln accessories and technical support. Specifications: from 330x330 to 700x700.

Fireproof Sheet
1 high hardness, low lightness ,portable, high glossy, color bright, ease of cleaning. 2 moisture proof; fireproof; durable and ageing resistant; bug destroy proof; resistant of acid and alkali; isolation of temperature. 3 Environmentally friendly; easy to mould and simple to process and mount

Graphite Braided Packaging Material
1) Can be used to seal hot water, high temperature and pressure steam, heat transfer fluid, hydrogen gas, ammonia, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, and cryogenic liquids, except for a few strong oxidizers. 2) Unique and universal sealing packaging material. 3) Sizes: 1/8" - 1". 4) Pressure: 3 - 25MPa. 5) Temperature: -200 ~ 1,650°C. 6) Linear speed: 2 - 40m/s

Quartz Sand
We offer Quartz sand is widely used infilling Aritificial Lawns, Manmade Lawns, be construction of express ways, plastic racetracks from china.

Active Carbon
Powder activated carbon has many kinds, and suitable to many ranges of customer's needs, such as purity, de-colorization and filtration crushed formed activated carbon is suitable for regeneration use as it has high adsorption capacity and degree of hardness because it is activated slowly for long time. It can be applied in purification and refining of various kinds of gas, air cleaning filter, catalyst, de-colorization and purification of industrial chemicals and drinking water, water ...

Refractory Material
Our refractory, lagging and insulation materials used for CBF boilers are developed by main boiler works and scientific research institution, sourced from high alumina, corundum, carborundum, sillimanite, and porzite. Our refractory, lagging and insulation materials used for CBF boilers possess high thermal strength, strong wear resistance, good erosion resistance and high temperature volume stability, could be applied as the wearproof lining for various kinds of CFB boilers.

Opaque (Milky White) Quartz Tube
Outer diameter: 6mm-80mm. Thickness of wall: 0.5mm-5mm. Technical data: 1. Spectral transmission at 500nm 99.5%. 3. Keep the tube under 900 (Celsius degree) for 15 minutes, then put into 20 (Celsius degree) water 3 times, no crack.

Wollastonite Powder
Wollastonite powder is widely used in ceramic, chemical, metallurgy, construction, automobile and paper industry. We can manufacture different grades of wollastonite powder. All of them are manufactured by high quality raw materials.

Tempered Glass Lids / Glass Covers
1) Thickness: 3.5 - 15mm 2) Curved tempered 3) Tempered, frosted, silk screen, hole punching, etc. 4) Flat or convex

Reinforced Expanded Graphite Laminated Sheet
These sheets are produced by laminating or gluing expanded graphite paper to both sides of barb-punched base sheet made of 304, 316, 316L, tinplate or other cold rolled metal. These laminated sheets are used in the manufacturing of flange sealing, and sealing gaskets for air cylinder caps.

High Alumina Brick
1) High temperature structural strength, low-creep in high temperature, excellent stability against thermal shocking. 2) Used in main and branch pipes of hot stove and blast furnace, wall of heat-accumulating room
Company: Shandong Tecera Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Calcined Magnesite Ball
1) Mgo: +65%. 2) Moisture content: -2.5%. 3) Apparent porosity: -20%. 4) B.D.: +1.6-2.0g/cm3. 5) Size: 30mm, 40mm, 60mm. Used for slag splashing converter maintenance. Practice proved adding adequate amount of calcined magnesite briquette can control the MgO content in the furnace slag, efficiently protect the furnace lining.

Refractory Plank
Our products have applied to ceramics for daily use, electronic ceramics, sanitary ceramics, emery wheel, high-pressure electric ceramics and magnetic materials. We are trying our every effort to provide the best service for our customers. The domestic and international knowledgeable people are welcome to offer us guide and cooperation.
Company: Shandong Tecera Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Plungers
1) These plungers do not wear easily, low friction. 2) Coated with 95% alumina and inlaid with stain-less steel spools. 3) Desirable surface fineness. 4) Alkali-proof, acid-proof. 5) Suitable for use in chemical industry machinery and pumps. 6) Function well even in the presence of strong acids and strong levels of alkali

Calcium Carbide
Specifications: Industrial calcium carbide is gray or black. It can adsorb moisture from the air and is an electrical conductor. It dissolves in water and produces acetylence, calcium hydroxide and releases heat. Applications: calcium carbide is a very important basic material in the organic synthesis industry. When mixed with other materials, the combination can produce acetylene, chloroprene rubber, calcium cyanamide, acetate acid, trichloroethylene, and acetaldehyde. Moreover, it can be ...

Micronized Graphite
1) Unusual oxidation resistance, self lubricity and plasticity in high temperature, superior electric and thermal conductivity. 2) Major size is between 1 ~ 38um

aluminium strip for pex al pex
aluminium strip for pex al pex pipe alloy 8011 8006 3003 temper ho thickness from 0.2mm~0.8mm width 20mm~100mm tensile strength 115mpa min elongation 21%min wooden boxes packing skype gaoqingliujian
Company: Zouping County Taixing Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd    china

Halogen quartz heater tube
Component voltage is 110/220V/380V or other voltage grades needed by users. 1. Length 300 - 3,000 mm; Outer diameter: Φ10-50mm; Power: 0. 3-6KW. Our company can also process, design, produce goods according to each technical parameter of user's special request. 2. Surface temperature of heater divides into three grades: Low temperature: 400 --600 mid temperature: 600 --800 high temperature: 800 --1000 3. Relative radiation characteristic: This quartz heater component has ...
Product Group: Quartz Heater Tube
Company: Lianyungang Highborn Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

Far Infrared quartz heater tube
Far infrared quartz heater component voltage is 75V/110V/220V/380V or other voltage grades needed by users. 1. Length 200 - 3, 000 mm; Outer diameter: Φ8-50mm; Power: 0.3-6KW. Our company can also process, design, produce goods according to each technical parameter of user's special request. 2. Surface temperature of heater divides into three grades: Low temperature(degere): 400 --600
Product Group: Quartz Heater Tube
Company: Lianyungang Highborn Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

Dark red (ruby) quartz heater tube
1 Halogen type; 2. Benefits of these lamps for efficiency fast heat transfer, direct response to power control 3. With a lifetime constant color 4. Compactness and light weight 5. Depending on their types, these lamps have a horizontal or universal burning position
Product Group: Quartz Heater Tube
Company: Lianyungang Highborn Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

Frosty quartz heater tube
Frosty quartz heater possess various kinds of benefits. This frosty quartz heater heat delivers fast,which is the significant feature. It also has many other benefits, such as energy saving, pollution free, easy to control and so on. They can be widely used in heating, drying industry. For further questions, please fell free to contact u
Product Group: Quartz Heater Tube
Company: Lianyungang Highborn Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

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