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List extensive product information of Quartz (include Fused Silica, Quartz Sand, Quartz Tube, Quartz Glass, Quartz Crystal), provided by Quartz Products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

UV-Stop Quartz Glass Tube
This Ce doped glass can stop nearly all the radiation of ultraviolet ray of UV-B and UV-C and big production radiation of ultraviolet ray and set out maximum visible light. It services as the material of quartz halogen lamps, high density discharge lamps and other UV lights, which prevent the harm to the skin of the people and the things which has to be under the explosion of UV radiation and set out the maximum visible light at the same time.
Company: Resucerial Quartz Lianyungang Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Green Quartz
Green Quatz Lab Test Results. Silica (SIO2) = 99. 33%. Amunina (AI203) = 0. 14%. Ferric Oxide (Fe203) = 0. 13%. Titania (TIO2) = 0. 005%. Calcium Oxide (CaO) = 0. 02%. Magnesium Oxide (MgO) = 0. 04%. Potash (K2O) = 0. 08%. Soda (Na2O) = 0. 18%. Loss on Ignition (LOI) = 0. 032%.

Quartz / Borosilicate Glass Plate
Quartz: Thickness: Min 0. 5mm. Borosilicate: Thickness: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm). Normal Glass (Soda Lime) : Thickness: min 0. 5mm

Milky Quartz Tube
With the adoption of distinctive technique this milky quartz glass tube has its typical characteristics of good visual aspects and stable physical & chemical properties. It is used as material of infrared heating lamps for heaters, microwave oven, electrical baking oven, sterilization container and other consumer and industrial infrared application. White milk appearance, precise dimension and strong heat resistance.
Company: Resucerial Quartz Lianyungang Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Quartz Mineral
We sell mineral quartz in lamps from china, specs as follows 1. Sio2 99. 7% , Fe2O3 0. 0016% , loss of ignition 0. 019.

Silica Fume
This product can be used in ceramic industry, glass industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and rubber industry. The price is competitive based on the best quality because our factory is just in the place of origin of the mineral. Please feel free to contact me if you have interest in our product. Silica fume -chemical components/specifications: SiO2>99%; Fe203<0.02%; AL203<0.26%; L.O.I<0.20% -Size : -1000Mesh, 90% min.

Glassy Quartz, Snow White Quartz
We are India based mine owner & supplier of glassy quartz, snow white quartz lumps, powder, grits with 99 + % silica, low iron, without any contamination, feldspar lumps, grits, sodium feldspar, potassium felspar. Alos available other indutrial minerals talc, dolomite etc. also available color stones Jasper, agates, garnet, Rose quartz in lumps in slices 3 m. M onwards.
Company: Resucerial Quartz Lianyungang Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

PRECIPITATED SILICA (White Carbon) APPLICATION: As Filler. Used in rubber industry. Areas of application include: Shoe sole materials, tires, technical rubber goods, cable components, high performance rice hulling rollers, etc. Due to the high surface area and purity of our product, vulcanization can be made with excellent transparency, enhanced strength properties, tear / shear hardness and abrasion resistance.

Quartz Nozzle
Offer quartz nozzles for continuous steelcasting equipment from china. SiO2:99.5%. Apparent porosity:16-18%. Cold crushing strength: Over 40KG.

Quartz Glass Tube And Quartz Sleeve
We are one leading manufacturers and exporter in China producing all kinds of Quartz Glass Products, such as QUARTZ GLASS TUBES and QURZTZ SLEEVES for UV sterilizers and the other applications.

Quartz Sand for Synthetic Lawn
Quartz sand is a kind of hard and wearable silicic acid mineral with stable chemical properties. The main component is SiO2. The quartz sands are ivory or without color and translucent. The hardness is 7. They are brittle and without cleavage. They have the shell-like breaking part and the color of grease. The relative density is 2.65. They have the textural anisotropy in chemical, thermal and mechanical properties. They are not dissoluble in acid and slightly soluble in KOK solution. The ...

Quartz Cells
Standard cell with lid: 1. outside: H x w x d mm ; from 45x12.5x3.5 to 45x12.5x102.5 ; 2. path length mm: From 1mm to 100mm ; 3. inside width between two unpolished faces: Always be 10mm ; 4. volume from 0.35ml to 35.0ml. According to its material and transmission: 1. uv grade silica ; 2. infra-red grade silica ; 3. optical glass

Z-Bar Crystal
All kinds of specifications, such as 9 x 20mm, 10 x 20mm and 10 x 18mm, are available. Synthetic quartz crystal is a good piezoelectric material that is widely used to manufacture various types of quartz resonant filters and energy transducers. It is also an ideal material which can be used to produce optical prisms, lenses and optical rotation wafers.

Brazil Rose Quartzite
Brazil Rose Quartzite: Machine Cut and Irregular Sizes available! The best choice for floor and paving! Own quarries and European Distributor.

Silica 99.7%: Specification: SiO2 >99.7% Fe2 O3 <0.02% TiO2 <0.02% A12 O3 Traces Organic Component <0.5%. Silica 99.9997%: Specification: 99.9997% pure SiO2 <3um

Helical Quartz Ring
Helical quartz heater (insulating sheath) : Tube outer diameter: 7-25 mm. Helical-outer diameter: 80-350mm. Helical height: 50-500 mm. Heat resistance: 1100co. Total number of rings in one helical: 20. Tube pitch ie. No air gab between rings: 0

Quartz Rod
We can supply different kind of quartz rod (incoluding: Transparence quartz rod, milky quartz rod) Our product quality is very good and the price is very competitive. Diameter of quartz rod: 2mm-20mm.

Silica Sand, Fused Silica Sand, Quartz Tube
Our company is a major manufacturer of silica (quartz) products such as high purity silica sand, silica powder, micro-silica powder, (crystal) powder and fused silica lump and powder, etc. These products are widely used as materials for (optic) glass, optical fiber, electronic, semiconductor, epoxy molding compound, ceramic, chemical, building, foundry, precision casting, refractory and abrasives industries etc. 1. Quartz sands (silica sands) High purity grade: Sio2: 99. 95% min-99. 8% min ...

Silica Sand 98. 2%
We can supply the following Silica Sand Directly from our mine WITHOUT PROCESSING: Loss on ignition at 950 degree C (LOI) : 0. 05%. Silicon Dioxide (SIO) : 98. 2%. Aluminium Trioxide (Al2O3) : 0. 21%. Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) : 0. 77%. Calcium Oxide (CaO) : 0. 08%. Magnesium Oxide (MgO) : 0. 08%. Sulphate (SO3) : 0. 01%. Chloride (Cl) : LT 0. 01%. Sodium Oxide (Na2O) : 0. 03%. Potassium Oxide (K2O) : 0. 04%. Chromium Oxide (Cr2O3) : 0. 20%. Manganese Oxide (MnO) : 0. 03%

Quartz Powder
QUARTZ POWDER: High purity grade: SiO2: 99. 95% min-99. 8% min. Fe2O3: 3ppm max-30ppm max, size: 2-200 mesh. Deliberated grade: SiO2: 99. 8% min-99. 0% min Fe2O3: 50ppm max-0. 03% max, size: 2-325 mesh

Bitto Absolute Quartz Surface
Bitto Absolute quartz surface: Composition: Natural quartz 93%, Special resin 6%, pigment and other activators 1%. Usage: It's ideal for surface all around the home, eg: Kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity tops, shower stalls, tub surrounds, table tops, fireplace surrounds, etc. Characteristics: Scratch- Resistance: Quartz is a 7 in strength on Mohs Hardness Scale. Stain- Resistance: The polished surface is non-porous and highly resistant to stains. Heat-and Scorch-Resistance: It ...

Fused Silica
The production of fused silica involves the electrofusiing of high purity crytalline silica to form a solid mass whose properties are enhanced as a result of the process. Fused silica in comparison to crystalline silica is purer, and has a lower specific gravity and linear coefficient of thermal expansion. Key characteristics of fused silica include high temperature resistivity and low conductivity, making it ideal for insulative applications, and precision casting mould application. Also, ...

Quartz Rough Stones
Specifications: Rough semi precious stone. Crystalized aventurin. Specie quartz; variety aventurin. Hardness: 7. Is used for pendant, cabochons, rings, beads, spheres, necklaces, stone collars, fountains, acquarium, landscpae projects, sculptures. When wet or polished is greenest. According picture attached, sample is greener because is smooth.

Pure Quartz Crystal, Quartz Sand And Quartz Granulate
All types of quartz crystals: Sand, granulate with calibrated sizes, small pieces or whole stones) Several degrees of transparence including the super transparent quartz crystal. Applications: Optics (lenses, capsuling for integrated circuits); Fusing quartz (light bulbs, laboratory and special glasses resistent to high temperatures and acids); Charges ( paints, thermic insulation, resins, abrasives, fine porcelain, frits); Crystal, artificial marmor

Quartz Sleeve For UV Lighting
We are quartz products manufacturer. Have produced quartz products for ten years. Our main products are normal clear quartz tube, Opaque quartz tube, quartz rod and quartz sleeve. We also have further capacity of trim cutting, firepolishing, pinching, bending and so on. At present, we can supply the market 2. 5-160mm outside diameter. 0. 6-7mm wall thickness and 1200-2500mm length normal clear quartz tube, lower OH quartz tube UV tube, UV-stop tube, quartz sleeve and 2-20mm (OD) quartz rod.

Clear Fused Quartz Glass Tube
This is clear fused quartz glass tube available as continuous machine drawn and automatic controlled tubing. This glass has the typical characteristics of high purity, good spectral transmission, well controlled dimensions and lower OH. Available specifications: Outside diameter: 2-160mm ; Wall thickness: 0.6-5.0mm ; Length: 500-3,000mm

Fused Quartz
Fused quartz is manufactured from deliberated silica sand, through high temperature fusion, cooling, smash and selecting. The appearance is colorless and transplanted, a bit of them will transplanted frog shape. And it can be processed to all kinds at the request of customers. Fused quartz lump, Composition: Sio3:99.92%-99.9%, Fe2o3:15ppm max; li2o:1.0ppm max; Al2o3:25ppm max k2o:20ppm max na2o:11 ppm max. Fused quartz grit Composition: Sio2:99.92%-99.90%; fe2o3:20ppm max, Li2o:1.0 ppm; ...

Glassy / Transparent Quartz
We are the quarry owners of the Transparent & semi transparent Quartz (Also called glassy quartz). We can supply it in lumps & smaller grain sizes.

Translucent Fused Silica Tube
Technical index of translucent fused silica tube. Highest using temperature. 1050'successive. 1650'rapidity cooling. Density 2150kg*m3. Drug-resisting. Besides hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid, other any sour even aqua regia hardly corrodes the milky-white quartz tube, alkali-resisting and salt-resisting performance is also superior to the ordinary glass.

Quartz Crystal Resonator For Type HC-49U
Manufaceturers which specialise in producing Quarts Resonator such as HC-49U, 49S, 49S/SMD, SMD/7050,6035, 5032. and VCXO such as DIP8, DIP14 etc. which have been mainly applying for color TV, Automobile Electronics, PC Cards, Electronical Meter, DVD, MP3, Digital Camera, Military Engineering, Moblie&Telecommunication fields etc.
Company: Anhui Green Imp. & Exp. Co.,LTD.    China

Carbon Fibre Heating Tube
Carbon Fiber Quartz Heating Tube is a new electric heating product with carbon fiber as heating material and an ideal article for air and water heating in many fields of industry, agriculture and others. 1). Stabilization of Electrical Performance 2). Strong Ability on energy saving 3). Healthy far infrared radiation producing 4). Longer service life 5). No Electromagnetic Fields 6). Strong hyperpyrexia ability 7). High acidity-resistant and causticity-resistant
Product Group: Quartz Heater Tube
Company: Lianyungang Hongyang Quartz Products CO.,LTD    China

Clear Quartz Tube
It is widely applied for halogen lamp, mercury lamp, single-ended lamp, automobile lamp, stage lamp, thermocouple, printer lamp, sleeve for water treatment lamp, quartz utensils and pipes, etc.
Product Group: Quartz Tube
Company: Lianyungang Hongyang Quartz Products CO.,LTD    China

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