Ceramic Fiber Blanket

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Detailed Ceramic Fiber Blanket Description:

YESOWOOL®Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of high tensile strength blanket made by YESO Ceramic fiber through double needle-pouching process. The fiber blanket does not contain any bonding agent and with the Characteristics of stable chemical performance,resistance to most of the erosion of the chemicals.The physical property like refractory and insulation keep same when meet with oil, water or steam.

Classification Temperature:

YESO Back lining blanket : 1000°C

YESO Ceramic fiber blanket : 1260°C

YESO Zirconium Ceramic fiber blanket :1425°C

YESO Chromium Ceramic fiber blanket :1500°C

YESO Mullite Blanket: 1600°C

YESOWOOL® 1000°C back lining blanket is a lightweight, flexible, highly cost effective insulation blanket produced by Kaolin.

YESOWOOL®1260 Blanket is a high pure, light weight double needle flexible blanket with Characteristics of high tensile strength, resistance to gas flow velocity, refractory insulation and so on, which is widely used in hot and cold face thermal insulation. Variety of Standard can meet with acquirement!

YESOWOOL®1425double needle ceramic fiber blanket is produced by high pure alumina, silica and Zircon sand, with the characteristics of low shrinkage, which is widely used in Chemical, metallurgy, ceramics, machinery and other industries for thermal heat equipment.

YESOWOOL®1500 Blanket is produced by high pure alumina, silica and few chromic oxides. The good stability of chromic oxide makes it lower shrinkage in long term high temperature, and fill the blanket work temperature between Zircon fiber and mullite fiber.

YESOWOOL®1600 double surface needle blanket is made of mullite fiber, without any binder. The long term work temperature is 1600°C. It can maintain the toughness, strength and softness in oxidizing atmosphere, neutral or weakly reducing atmosphere withstand long term high temperature.


Binder free

Excellent Chemical quality, resistance to burning

Low thermal conductivity and good insulation

Resistance to heat-shock

Resistance to airspeed eroding

Good obstructing voice

Low thermal capacity

Good mechanism strength and springiness

Typical Application:

Internal and external lining for industry furnace

Glass furnace crown insulation

Internal and external insulation of flue

Mine survival cabin insulation

Track train equipment insulation

High-temperature filter media

Joint sealing and filling insulation

Expansion seals/pipe coverings

Nuclear power and aerospace insulation

Home Application insulation

Fire Protection

Ceramic Fiber Blanket
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Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Ceramic Fiber Blanket in 中国.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: YESO insulating products co.,ltd
Address: Room 2208, Lijing Yangguan Building, No. 19, Wuning Road, Shanghai, China
Region: Shanghai, 中国
Telephone: 862162315001

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