Ceramic Fiber Module

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Detailed Ceramic Fiber Module Description:


YESOWOOL®Ceramic fiber module is made of fold or pre-cut YESO blanket stack bonded and squashing to form a module with cut edges exposed. It use special equipments for producing module to confirm the precise dimensions and keep smooth surface of module, designed for various of thermal furnaces.

Reliable quality,quick installation and excellent thermal insulation properties.

Classification Temperature:

YESO Ceramic Fiber Module:1260°C

YESO Ceramic Fiber Module:1425°C

YESO Ceramic Fiber Module:1500°C

YESO Ceramic Fiber Module:1600°C

YESO Ceramic Composite Fiber Module:1425+1500°C

YESO Ceramic Composite Fiber Module:1425+1600°C

YESOWOOL® The enhanced M-type anchors have greater strength, closer to the cold face (45mm). It can make sure the strength in high temperature. The fixed link was welding together with the high quality heat-resistance steel and Stamping butterfly plate. The two round fixed link is embedded in the module system, enlarged the bearing area and ensured the firm of anchor system.

YESOWOOL® Ceramic Fiber module suitable for the above 1500°C work environment, and keep good stability in oxidation and reduction atmosphere

YESOWOOL® Ceramic Fiber module suitable for the above 1500°C work environment, and keep good stability in oxidation and reduction atmosphere

YESOWOOL®1425/1500 Ceramic fiber composed module both economic and insulation. 1425/1600 ceramic fiber composed module's work temperature is above 1400, low shrinkage in high temperature.


Low thermal conductivity

Excellent mechanical strength

Resistance to heat-shock

Excellent Anti erosion properties

Excellent Sound Insulation Property

High reflection coefficient

Low bulk density, low heat storage

Typical Applications:

Iron and Steel Industry:Ladle cover , furnace , sheet annealing furnace, continuous annealing furnace , rotary furnace , bell furnace , coating furnace, walking beam furnace , hot air and flue pipes and so on

Aluminum Industry:Crucible furnace, pit soaking furnace and lid, crucible furnace , flue and so on

Petrochemical Industry:Cracker, transforming furnace, coke oven, furnace, atmospheric furnace, vacuum furnace, flue and so on.

Ceramic Industry:Tunnel kiln , shuttle kiln , roller kiln.

Environment Protection Industry:Waste incinerators , RTO exhaust treatment furnace

Standard Size and Package:

Anchor include SS304,SS316,SS316L,SS310,610 heat-resistance steel.

Standard Size:300/305 x 300/305 x 100~30, OEM is available.

Package: Carton+Pallet

YESO supply Construction Guidance and Installation service.

Ceramic Fiber Module
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Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Ceramic Fiber Module in 中国.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: YESO insulating products co.,ltd
Address: Room 2208, Lijing Yangguan Building, No. 19, Wuning Road, Shanghai, China
Region: Shanghai, 中国
Telephone: 862162315001

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