Honeycomb Ceramic for RTOs, RCO

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Detailed Honeycomb Ceramic for RTOs, RCO Description:

Honeycomb Ceramic for RTOs
Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) have gained acceptance world-wide as an effective and affordable VOC control method. To ensure reliable and economical operation these systems, proper selection of heat transferring media is a critical decision. Jiangxi Tianmei New Envriomental Material Co.,ltd have been specialized in manufacturing heat media for several years in China.We are dedicated to supply the best heat meidia in China.
Honeycomb Ceramic pruduced by Jiangxi Tianmei is the most efficient heat-recovery one for regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). It is available in various sizes.It is a structrure media with high specific surface which packs more ceramic material into each cubic foot with less resistance to air flow. The result is a unique combination of high heat capacity, rapid heat transfer, and low pressure drop.
Original equipment costs will be less when RTOs are built with Honeycomb ceramic
Our company’s products can raise thermal efficiency to reduce RTO fuel consumption, or lower the pressure drop to cut fan power use-or both-depending on the amount of multi layer heat media installed per canister. Thus, operating cost are obvious reduced.
VOC destruction efficiency improves when shorter bed depths effectively enlarge the combustion chamber, and decreased back pressure results in less leakage through switch valves.

Maintenance costs are reducedby using Multi Layer Heat Meida in RTOs treating dirty air streams. Random packing media are unfortunately efficient particulate filters, but Multi Layer Heat Meida with its parallel flow channels allows more particulates to pass through the canisters and be burned up. The result is less frequent shutdown for media cleaning or replacement.

Less equipment costs, efficient heat-recovery, lesss operation costs, VOC destruction efficiency, good thermal performance

reasonable and competitive price,less equipment costs, efficient heat-recovery, lesss operation costs, good thermal performance

Heat Storage Honeycomb Ceramic(for HTAC)
With the development of High Temperature Air Combustion Techonolog,honeycomb ceramic has been widely used in filelds of smelting、metallurgy、petrochemical、electric power、boiler、and so on.
Our company has researched and developed a series of honeycomb ceramics for heat storage according to the different features of industrial furnaces.
Our own research and developed honeycomb ceramic has characteristics: large surface area、low pressure、strong heat storage、low average linear expansion、strong corrosion resistance against acid and alkali and so on..
Technical performance of our products are superior to domestic ones and get the level of same ones abroad.
Further more,we can supply in accordance with your requirements.

Honeycomb Ceramic for RTOs, RCO
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Honeycomb Ceramic for RTOs, RCO in china.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: JiangXi Tianmei New Enviromental Material Co., ltd
Address: 18 Developing Road,Gongqingcheng District,Jiujiang City,China
Region: Jiu Jiang, china
Contact Person: Samuel XU
Telephone: +86-792-4358811

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