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List extensive product information of Education Appliances (include Globe, Skeleton Model, Electronic Dictionary), provided by Education Appliance manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

LED Globe, Crystal Magnet
LED color changing globe rotating lamp with UL / CUL adapter. Size: 8" x 8" x 12". Crystal Magnet: 1) Mbnr40: 40mm strong magnet. 2) Mbn1: heart style strong magnet. 3)Mbn5: star style strong magnet. 4) Mbnr30: 30mm strong magnet

Chemical Models, Molecular Models, Crystal Models Sio2
1. Teaching Instrument such as molecular models, crystal models; 2. A full range of Molecular models with Domestic Standard and International Standard. 3. Basic colors for atoms: White, red, black, grey, light blue. (Also offer customized colors. ) 4. Basic colors for connect chain: White, purple, grey, light blue. (Also offer customized colors. ).

8 Language Dictionary
Hardware features: 1) LCD area: 65 x 38mm ; 2) Display: 132 x 80 Dot ; 3) Power: 2 x AAA Battery ; 4) Built-in 40mm speaker with loud and clear sound) ; 5) Compact keyboard ; 6) The color of the case can be changed according to your request) ; 7) Product size: 125 x 75 x 13mm. Software features: 1) Built-in 8 double-way dictionary: English-English, Italian-English, German-English, French--English, Spanish-English, Irish-English, Gaelic-English, China-English ; 2) The English--English ...
Company: Shenzhen Koridy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Magnetic Whiteboard
Our magnetic whiteboards consist of: 1) acrylic painted steel sheet with protective film sticking on surface (imported from Taiwan or Korea). 2) back part: Metal steel sheet. 3) middle part: Cockling paper. 4) frame& tray: Aluminum alloy. 5) protective corner: Plastic. 6) two circles to be hung on the wall. Size(cm): 30*45 45*60 60*90 90*120 90*150 90*180 120*150 120*180 120*240 120*300

Korean Electronic Dictionary
1) English-Korean dictionary built-in phonetic symbol, syllable, tone, part of speech, synonymy, antonym, phrases, examples and commonly used words. There are 230,000 entries ; 2) L&H voice technology for accurate and clear pronunciation ; 3) TOSHIBA technology for MCU ; 4) Large LCD size: 240 x 128 ; 5) Built-in phonetic symbol, new words review, listening practice and construction for satisfying user's needs ; 6) Roman Pinyin, Bihua, Bushou and Duyin input methods available ; 7) ...
Product Group: Dictionary
Company: Shenzhen Koridy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Plastic Globe
Offering a standard world map, where you can see Seven Continents &Four Oceans of the world, boundaries & territories of different countries through out the world, and important urban names in English. It has a combination of practical knowledge and fun, and stimulates learners' interest by visual aid.
Product Group: Globe

Digital Board
1) Functions: a) It is able to display whatever can be displayed on the computer screen through a projector. b) Users can edit the program on the Panel Screen as what can be done with a mouse and keyboard. c) Users can write and mark on the Panel Screen with fingers or panel markers in different colors. d) All inputs can be saved in a dot format document for further operation. e) All inputs can be transmitted to a remote Panel to display real-timely via internet. 2) Applications: a) The ...

Geometrical Body Model
Solid geometry model is designed according to the standard of JY58-80. It is of whole body assembly type. The structure is clear (convenient for explanation), and each section uses different colors to distinguish. We can add any accessorial line onto the surface of the section.

Anatomical Models
We have an authorized dealer of high quality educational and professional models. We recognize that such anatomical and veterinary models cover an entire spectrum: introduction to anatomy for elementary school children, more advanced studies for those in middle and high school and, of course, college and medical school. Doctors use our anatomical models to educate their patients. Hospitals use them to train their staffs. The needs go on and on. We offer the best quality of anatomical and ...

Onyx Gemstone Globe
Made from semi-precious gemstones, this beautiful globe features a variety of gemstones individually cut to form the countries. The ocean is made of black onyx and the stones used to make the individual countries include paua shell, mother-of-pearl, yellow jasper, turquoise and jade. The names of the countries are printed in red and white and the latitude and longitude are made of gilded wire. The globe measures about 11cm (4.3") in diameter and is presented on a black stand.

170cm Life Size Skeleton
Material: Washable, unbreakable PVC plastic. This economical, life-size articulated adult plastic skeleton is ideal for teaching the basics of anatomy when intricate textural nuances of the bone are not required. The arms and legs are removable for study. Features nerve branches, vertebral artery and hemiated lumbar disc. Skull includes movable jaw, cut caldarium, suture lines and 3 removable lower teeth. Mounted on a sturdy 16'' wide metal base; Complete with dust cover. Size: ...

Human Cervical Spinal Column Model
Life Size. Consists of an occipital bone of the skull, 7 cervical vertebrae with intervertebral discs, a segment of spinal cord and nerve branches. Flexibly mounted on stand, removable. Height: 19cm

Life-Size Vertebral Column With Pelvis And Femur Heads
This highly detailed life-size model shows all significant features of each vertebra, including spinal cord, nerve roots, the vertebral artery, a herniated disc and vertebral notch etc. Ideal teaching model for students, patient education of chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons and other medical professionals. Special features include: inflexible 29" tall vertebral column complete with pelvis, sacrum, occipital bone, vertebral artery, all nerve branches, herniated lumbar and femur heads ...

Whiteboard Genius
The whiteboard Genius adopts ultrasonic wireless positioning technology and infrared receiving technology. Once the signal pen or electronic eraser touch the surface of screen to write or operate, the signal pen or electronic eraser will send out wireless signal. Then the receiver would detect and capture information of the part they write or rub and their movements and pass information to the connected computer through USB line, which finally forms a intact interactive demonstration system. ...

Teaching Accessories Powerpoint Slight Presenter
1) Suitable for teaching and meeting. 2) Wireless remote control to show files through computer. 3) Functions: laser pointer, page up / down. 4) Remote technology: RF technology. 5) USB plug and play, no need for driver. 6) Control distance: over 20m. 7) It supports Windows 98 / 2000 / Me / XP, for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACDSee, IE, and Acrobat Reader. 8) Laser distance: over 200m. 9) Mini design, convenient to take around

Automotive Technique Training and Instruction System
Engine multi-point injector and ignition system technique is the core technique of modern automobiles. We organize excellent experts, doctors and professors to research this problem. Functions: Intuitionist demonstration for multi-point injector and ignition theory training. Have engine fault simulation function. Could be provided with teaching and examination software. Could display and analyze system control signal. Its OBDII diagnosis interface could be directly connected to the fault ...

Reading Machine
Reading Machine (Used Learning Multi-Language): 1) Reading machine F6. 2) Synchronous reading books. 3) Standard and high quality pronunciation. 4) Download from Internet unlimitedly. 5) Multi-language studying platform. 6) 37 levels of all-powerful shift. 7) Adopts MSF

Miniature Precise Milling Machine with Digital Display
1) Exquisite outlook. 2) Portable: only 15kg, can be carried by one hand. 3) Height: 0.02mm. 4) Digital display: a) Shows feed rate directly and easily ; b) Shows spinelle speed directly and easy to count ; c) Easily converts inch and metric. 5) Low cost. 6) Mini: can be operated by children over 14 years old. 7) Process exact: 0.02mm. 8) Speed: a) Low range: 0 - 1,100r/min ; b) High range: 0 - 2,500r/min. 9) Headstock travel (Z): MT#1. 10) Cross axis (X): 250mm. 11) Longitudinal axis (Y): ...

USB PC Pen (RC Laser Pointer)
Remote control laser pointer is very useful for teaching, meeting assorted PC and slide. It is wireless remote control to show the files through computer. Main function: 1) Laser pointer function. 2) Page up/down function. 3) Turn off screen function. Features: 1) Remote technology: infrared ray technology. 2) USB plug and play, laser pointer and page up/down function; no driver requested. 3) Control distance: over 15m. 4) It supports Windows 98/2000/Me/XP system; the files are able to be ...

Magnetic Whiteboard / White Board, Eraser, Marker
The sizes of the magnetic whiteboards we supply is as follows (aluminum alloy frame and tray, with four plastic protection corners and two circles to be hung on the wall): 30cm*45cm ; 45cm*60cm ; 60cm*90cm ; 90cm*120cm ; 90cm*150cm ; 90cm*180cm ; 120cm*150cm ; 120cm*180cm ; 120cm*240cm

Digital Board
Specification: a) Operation patter: Interactive pattern, written pattern ; b) Hardware requirement: minimum Pentium III 1000, 128Ram, 20mega-bytes hard drive space ; c) Operation system platform: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP ; d) Connection interface: RS-232C; e) Transmission speed: 38400bps ; f) Resolution: (X, P direction): >4000pixels ; g) Sensing display tolerance: <±5pixels ; h) Dimension: 120 inch (252 x 147cm)
Product Group: Digital Board

Digital Language Laboratory System
Digital language learning system, which adopts advanced digital and network technology, the system's hardware kernel adopts international standard, so the system has excellent advantage and stability. BL-2086A model digital language learning system not only contains the main function of traditional analogue learning system, but also avoids the audio-serial disturb problems and the frequent mechanical failure. Further more, BL-2086A has realized open function for students' ...
Company: Shenzhen Koridy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Insect Teaching Aid Suit
This type include embed teaching model, insect life species, anatomise species, skelecton species, fishs, amphibian crawl species, invertebrate species, and plant species. There are all kinds of insects.

Children's Early Learning Machine
From your first reading experience together to the independent toddler years, early learning system is designed to build early learning skills, with stories that come to life with the simple touch of a finger. Includes activity cards with over 100 early learning activities that introduce ABCs, letter sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, reading readiness and more! The Early Learning System library allows the learning and discovery to continue! Babies grow so quickly, and the Early Learning ...

Interactive whiteboard (INTECH Easy board)
Interactive whiteboard (INTECH Easy Board) is a PC-based input device, which, when connected with a projector and PC, can facilitate functions such as writing, noting, drawing geometric graphics, editing, printing and storing. Interactive products can be used in all types of educational environments such as higher education and distance learning. Interactive equipments offer Technology products which provide discounts to educational institutions, for our classroom products. Interactive ...
Product Group: Interactive Whiteboard
Company: INTECH Interactive International Limited.    China

Interactive Frame
The INTECH Interactive Frame is a touch control display solution, which is fastened securely to your display, you simply touch the overlay to control computer applications, give presentations and navigate Web sites-your finger becomes the mouse, is powered by an innovative e touch system that requires no layered screen. With the INTECH Interactive software, INTECH interactive frame can be applied to various environment such as commercial briefing, video conference, education, military ...
Product Group: Interactive Frame
Company: INTECH Interactive International Limited.    China

High Ribbed Formwork
High Ribbed Formwork: Fast-EZ High Ribbed Formwork, consisting of steel sheets formed into mesh and U pattern rib bone, will produce a surface with concrete which will bond directly to the next pour without any special treatment. The High Ribbed Formwork widely used in building construction to form retaining walls, columns, stopends, construction joints and used to support slab flooring.
Product Group: Formwork Wire Mesh
Company: Hebei Anping County Import & Export Corporation    China

Portable Interactive Whiteboard
Specifications 1, Portable, Finger touch Interactive; 2, Fits 40-85’’Whiteboard; 3, Multi Writing; 4, CE, FCC Certificated Description Gloview Portable Interactive Whiteboard FP Board is the first portable Interactive Whiteboard that supports finger touch. It can work with any projector or LCD screen and turn the projector screen or LCD Screen into finger touchable. Key features: portable and finger touch; can detect any non- transparent object; Works on any surface, no ...
Company: Shanghai Easi Computer Technology Co., Ltd    China

Oway PIWB, Smart boards
Portable Interactive Whiteboard WB2100 -- Portable System A design of cutting-edge technologies and unmatched features, WB2100 is a fully featured interactive whiteboard system that transforms any standard dry wipe whiteboard, flat surface or plasma screen into an interactive whiteboard. Its unrivalled feature lies in the unique Optical Position Detecting Technology which requires no signal receiver device to be attached onto the projection screen/surface. A true plug and play solution! ...
Company: Oway Group Limited    China

Short Focus Interactive Whiteboards
Wall Mounted Interactive Whiteboard WM-WB3200 --Short Focus System It uses the original world's only short focal length of the optical signal acceptance system, the distance from the lens of the receiving box to the board is less than 65cm. Very precise positioning, tracking a very high accuracy, ultra-fast response time, in written, comprehensive performance is much better than ordinary interactive whiteboard.
Company: Oway Group Limited    China

5-100mW Green Laser Pointer
Model/SN:LT-FG5330-P001(Green Laser Pointer) Pattern:Dot Wavelength:532nm Output power:≥30mW Operating voltage:AAA size Battery x2pcs Operating current:≤250mA Dimensions:Ø13×160mm Remark:1、The above products can be made of red laser Pointer、green laser Pointer、blue laser Pointer 2、The output power of the above products are: 5、10、20、30、40、50、80、100mW can be chosen 3、Shape dimension can produce according to customer‘s ...
Company: Guangzhou Latop Optics Electronics Co., Ltd    China

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