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Accuris Powersharp Powersharp
Incremental laser power 30 to 60 watts ho. Incremental laser speed 40 to 60 inches per second. Hot swap support keeps your business going. Ethernet interface. Powerful, high speed motors precise productivity. Accurate photo image engraving on scores of substrates. Built-in lighting smart feature for easy viewing.

Cutting Plotter Blades
We are not only main exporter of cutting plotters, but also a consumed materials supplier. We have got many types of plotter carbide blades at reasonable prices.
Product Group: Cutting Plotter
Company: Jinan Greatsign Technology Manufacturing Ltd.    China

Graph Plotter
1) Perfect digital control technique special driving circuit, insuring stable performance of whole machine. 2) Good precision low noises and high speed at 800mm/s,which is comparable with machines from other country. 3) Command set: DMPL/HPGL, compatible with various Garments CAD software in the word. 4) Large LCD display for convenient operation. 5) Particular offline and online function making it convenient to observe plot's state in time. 6) Imported special spinous steel media ...
Company: Jinan Greatsign Technology Manufacturing Ltd.    China

Laser Typesetter
1. Imported fine main parts. 2. Smooth, stable and delicate dot net on the film Besides, its sub-type WD1300H enjoys especially wide use in printing, advertisement and ceramic printing industries with its automatic laser control system and high processing speed which is the highest of its kind( processing the same film size). Film Size:1320mm*914mm. Film Thickness:0.1±0.01mm. Image Mode: Roller 4 road lasers proceed together to imaging. Resolution:3000dpi Image Time:9'( 3000 dpi). ...
Product Group: Laser Typesetter

Redsail Vinyl Cutter RS1360C
Specifications: 1) Control system: RISC CPU ; 2) Drive type: stepper motor ; 3) Media size: 1,360mm ; 4) Cutting size: 1,200mm ; 5) Cutting speed: 10 ~ 600mm/s ; 6) Cutting force: 10 ~ 500g ; 7) LCD display: English ; 8) Mechanical resolution: 0.0254mm/step ; 9) Software resolution: 0.0254mm/step ; 10) Repeatability: 0.1mm ; 11) Commands/language: HPGL ; 12) Control panel: English ; 13) Interfaces: RS232 ; 14) Power: AC90V ~ 220V ; 15) Support: Artcut 2005, Easycut 6.0, Flexisign ; 16) ...

Mini Cutting Plotter
Material: PCV film, photo paper, card paper. Size of cutting: standard A4 paper and 210 x 1,000mm exceeded long medium. Thickness of cutting: thin: <0.1mm, thickness: <0.3mm. Speed of cutting: 50-280mm/s. Force: 100g-600g. Interface RS232: USB1.1. Language: HPGL, DMPL. Power supply: needs adapter DC16V 2.5A. Size of cutter (L x W x H): 380 x 170 x 165mm
Product Group: Cutting Plotter
Company: Jinan Greatsign Technology Manufacturing Ltd.    China

Cutting Plotter, Vinyl Cutting Plotter, Graph Cutting Plotter
Vinyl cutter, graph plotter, vinyl plotter, cutter plotter, sign making equipment, vinyl cutting plotter, cutting plotter blades, Cutting Plotter. Features: 1) Maximum paper feed width: 1,700mm. 2) Real cutting range: 1,600mm. 3) Cutting speed: 25 - 375mm/s. 4) Cutter pressure: 0 - 400g. 5) With English LCD. 6) Interfaces: RS232 serial interface. 7) Command language: HP-GL/DMPL compatible. 8) Power: 110 - 220V/50Hz. 9) Speed and pressure: discretionary adjustable. 10) Memory: 1MB. 11) With ...

Cutting Plotter
1) Forward direction and reverse direction paper feed. 2) Emergency stop and free setting original point. 3) Max. speed: 500mm/s. 4) Cutter speed. 5) Cutter pressure memory and storage. 6) Double photoelectric resetting without any collision. 7) Perfect output without any saw tooth at high speed. 8 Uses the most advance subdivision circuit and has low noise. 9) Optional sound alarm system. 10) Uses switching power supply, whose operation is not influenced by voltage change. 11) The circuit ...
Product Group: Cutting Plotter

49" Vinyl Plotter
1. Language: Having standard command language, super-speed, more compatible capacityand output directly with CORELDRAW. 2. Main board: Adopt the excellent parts, unique protected circuit, super stability, no any effect in 198~242V voltage. 3. High precision and high speed: In combination with the specialized blade and wisdom type Firmware perfectly, even if 3mm word also can embody the perfect cutting effects. Adopting the advanced digital subdivision motor, and the cutting speed can reach ...

Mini Cutter
Features: 1) Streamlined fuselage, elegant appearance. The computer controls at the window, easy to operate. 2) Adopts new microstep to subdivide algorithm, being in high cutting quality while cutting at a high speed, the curve is smooth and more evasive. 3) Software has capacity to adjust the cutting precision to solve and prolong the inconsistent problem of different sizes when all kinds of materials of malleability are cut. 4) On the basis of keeping the leather card machine cutter ...

Cutter Plotter
1) Bear asking and supports the paper way, supports the paper foot shelf vertically. 2) Keyboard: 16 have no CUP, 1MB at a high speed cache memory body. 3) Control panel: carries the putting type, 2 x 8 character LCD, 13-key dabing type membrane keyboards. 4) Drive: a pair of high torsion motor of leading axle, the little step subdivides into drive. 5) Way of the orientation: restricting the circle system, the wanton origin is established and 10 groups of origins are stored and transferred. ...

Name Card Cutter
Product description: adapt any printer and can make personality card anytime. donate the card software together with the card cutter when you buy the cutter. The making of the cutting is simply. the manipulation is safe and reliable, and it will take only 3 minutes when cutting hundreds of cards. the outline of the card cutter is fluent, cool and can show you super fashion styles. it can induce and test the paper, and can cut the paper exactly tidily. it can cut any a4 paper, about 100-250 ...

Vinyl Plotter
Paper feeding mode: floor stand. Controller: 16 bit CPU, 1MB high-speed CACHE memory. Control panel: over-head, 2 x 8 LCD, 13-button touch thin-film keyboard. Driver: high stepping motor, micro-step driver. Maximum paper feed width: 1,300mm. Max. cutting width: 1,195mm. Max. cutting speed: 400mm/s. Max. cutting length: 20,000mm≤20. Max. cutting thickness: 1mm. Knife press: 0-400g (digital adjustment). Mechanism precision: 0.1mm. Repeatable precision: <±0.1mm. Type of tool: carbide ...

Vinyl Cutter
The appearance design of the patent, streamlined fuselage, carry the putting type control panel, easy to operate, elegant appearance. Adopting new microstep to subdivide algorithms, being in highly cutting quality while cutting at a high speed, the curve is smooth and more evasive. Softwae has the capacity to adjust the cutting precision to solve and prolong the inconsistent problems of size differently when all kinds of materials of malleability are cut. Improve shock attenuation and subdue ...

13" Desktop Cutting Plotter
Features: 1) Feeding paper plus and reverse. 2) Stop by express. You can configure origin anywhere you want. 3) The highest speed is 500mm/s. 4) Double-photoelectric replacement and never making a crash. 5) Output perfectly. There is no saw tooth when speed is high. 6) Using dispersed circuit with the newest technique and having low noise. 7) Using power supply that has switch push button and not being effected by pressure. 8)The circuit uses the design of low power waste and can run ...
Product Group: Cutting Plotter

Cutting Plotter / Vinyl Cutter
Specifications: 1) Models: EH721, EH871, MH721, MH871, MH1101, MH1351. 2) Dimensions: a) 721: 99 x 34 x 39.5cm ; b) 871: 115 x 34 x 39.5cm ; c) 1101: 137 x 34 x 39.5cm ; d) 1351: 162 x 34 x 39.5cm. 3) Max. vinyl width: 720mm, 870mm, 1,100mm, 1,350mm. 4) Max. cutting width 603mm, 780mm, 1,010mm, 1,260mm. 5) Cutting speed: 10 - 800mm/s. 6) Cutting force: 10 - 500g. 7) Buffer capacity: 1 - 4m. 8) Drive type: stepper motor. 9) LCD display: yes. 10) Interface: RS232 centronic and USB. 11) Power: ...

Professional Habiliment Graph Plotter
1) Steady configuration, aeronautic aluminum alloys comprehensive structure. 2) Human factors engineering operation panel, human-friendly paper-cutting devices. 3) Subdivision technology plus digital smoothing processing technology, professional hardware circuit design. 4) Imported stepping motor with strong HF response ability and high speed. 5) Supports DMPL or HPGL language, fully supports for various dresses CAD software. 6) Pen machine with imported linear bearings, super anti-abrasion ...

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