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List extensive product information of Office Paper (include Photo Paper, Copy Paper, Fax Paper, Carbon Paper, Label Paper), provided by Office Paper manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Carbonless Paper
Offer various paper such as Photo Paper, Copy Paper, Fax Paper, Carbonless Paper. 1) Weight: 48 - 120gsm. 2) Colors: white, pink, yellow, green, blue. 3) Blue or black rolls or sheets

Label Paper for Dymo
Specification: 1. Product: large address labels. 2. Labels per roll: 260. 3. Label size: 89mm x 36mm. Compatibility: Dymo label writers: Dymo EL40/60, 310, 320, 330, 330Turbo, 400, 400Turbo, 400TwinTurbo, 400Duo. Seiko printers: SLP Pro, SLP 200, SLP 220, SLP 240, SLP 420, SLP 430.
Product Group: Label Paper

1) With beautiful pictures for covers and best material for paper. 2) Innovative and unique designs. 3) Various sizes, inks, colors, and paper types available. 4) Customers' pictures and logo to be acceptable

Glossy Photo Paper
1) Glossy photo paper (cast coated) and bright white. 2) Smooth coated finish and high-glossy surface, fine and smooth image. 3) Water-proof: highly water resistant, fadeless and strongly waterproof performance and well compatibility. 4) Instant dry. 5) We supply 110gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm, 190gsm, 210gsm, 230gsm, 260gsm glossy photo paper and 150gsm, 220gsm double-side glossy photo paper. 6) Size: A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, 4R, 5R, 6R; letter size, and wide format rolls (610mm x 30m, 914mm x 30m in ...
Product Group: Photo Paper

Graphic Paper
1) 100%-wood-pulp neutral paper, delicate and smooth. 2) Good in stiffness, even, high whiteness, good in drawing effect. 3) Applicable to children's drawing or suitable for various kinds of easels. 4) Size: 12" x 100', 18" x 75'. 5) Paper thickness: 70g and 80g

A4 Copy Paper
Specifications: 1) Weight: 50, 52, 55, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120g. 2) Size: 787 x 1,092, 846 x 1,194, 880 x 1,230, 850 x 1,194, 889 x 1,194, 787 x 1,110, 870 x 1,190
Product Group: Copy Paper
Company: Jiaxing Sun Paper Business Co., Ltd.    China

Copy Paper For Modern Office
Our paper-making factories group is specialized in making woodfree / offset printing paper. And copier paper etc. Photocopy paper. 70gsm. 75gsm and 80gsm. (size: A3. A4. B4. B5. 8k. 16k 8. 5 inches x 11 inches (216x279mm) . And 8. 5 inches x 14inches (216x356mm)
Product Group: Copy Paper
Company: Jiaxing Sun Paper Business Co., Ltd.    China

Multi-Purpose Copy Paper
1) Basis weight: 80gsm + 2/-1. 2) Thickness: 106um +/-2. 3) Opacity: 90% min.. 4) Porosity: 300 - 800ml min. 5) Breaking length: 3,400m min. 6) Brightness: 99 - 102% ISO. 7) Whiteness: 99% ISO Min. 8) Smoothness: 35 - 40ses / 10cc. 9) Surface strength: 10A min. 10) Moisture: 5 - 7. 11) Surface pH: 7 - 8. 12) material: 100% wooden pulp (70% hard wooden pulp, 30% soft wooden pulp).

Sticker (Label) Photo Paper
1) You can stick it anywhere as you like. 2) Special ink receiver layer. 3) Ink is accepted in the precise area required. 4) Good line-sharpness and image quality. 5) 1,440 - 5,760dpi. 6) Instantly dries. 7) Waterproof. 8) Suitable for use with dye and pigment inks. 9) Suitable for thermal and piezo technology. 10) Compatible with most inkjet printers
Product Group: Photo Paper

Fax Paper
1) Size: 210mm x 30m x 12mm/ 216mm x 30m x 12mm. 2) Ultra high sensitivity resists fading and enhances image quality. 3)Special curl control makes handling and filing easy and reduces jam. 4)Each roll is heat-sealed to ensure proper moisture
Company: Jiaxing Sun Paper Business Co., Ltd.    China

Office Supplies
The products are to be used classification and indexing of office documents, identification of files, outside indication of video and audio tape, and computer-controlled printing of index, card, envelope, parcel, package and goods-transport, and have Computer print software. and the multi-purpose adhesive dust catcher, it is suitable for household, hospital, office and the places of special working environment such as railroad car, cabin, computer room.

Cash Register Paper
1) Material: virgin. 2) Core diameter: 15mm. 3) Specification: 57mm x 30m, 38mm x 30m, 44mm x 30m, 79mm x 30m. 4) Type: double-side offset, thermal paper, carbon free. 5) Ply: 1 ply, 2-ply, 3-ply. 6) Your designs are welcome

Carbon Paper
1) Available color: blue and black. 2) Available sizes: 48" and 63'' in reel. 3) One side and two sides are available. 4) Available weight for per roll: 100 yards
Product Group: Carbon Paper

Copy Paper
1. Commodity Name: 80gsm Copy Paper. Brightness: 100% -102% (100% wooden pulp). 2. Commodity Name: 80gsm Copy Paper. Brightness: 95% -100% (70% wooden pulp). 3. Commodity Name: 80gsm Copy Paper. Brightness: 90% -95% (40% wooden pulp). 4. Commodity Name: 70gsm Copy Paper. Brightness: 100% -102% (100% wooden pulp). 5. Commodity Name: 70gsm Copy Paper. Model: A4. Brightness: 95% -100% (70% wooden pulp)

Continuous Paper
We can supply with large quantity continuous paper. We are a special manufacturer in China. 1) Brightness: 92±1%, comfortable-looking. 2) Transparency: ≥81%, even structure, lighttight. 3) Content of water: 4.5-5.5%, very low content of water. 4) pH value: 6.8-7.6, neutral paper. 5) Aperture gap: ±0.1mm, low error, fit for fast printing. 6) Color-developing sensitivity: 88.6, clear in color effect. 7) Smooth surface, delicate in hand feeling and good in visual effect. 8) Applicable to ...

Carbonless Computer Forms
We are producing and offering different carbonless paper printed forms, such as business forms, airway bills, insurance policies, B/L, hotel documents or other computer Stationery with single or multi-color printing. We can also print according to customers' requirements. Size:18"*24" or any other size as per requests

A4 70gsm Copy Paper
Features of multi-purpose copy paper: Basic weight: 70gsm, standard for most printing applications. Brightness: >98%, bright paper for sharp text and color. Thickness: 0.96um for 70gsm. Wood pulp: 100% imported wood pulp, or mix of imported and local hard wood and soft wood pulp, or mix of wood and grass pulp. Dust free: Engineered to reduce dust particles that can cause paper jams and needless wear and tear on equipment, saving you money on service calls and equipment replacement acid ...
Product Group: Copy Paper

Color Manifold Paper
We specializing in all kinds of paper from China such as M. G. Sandwich Paper, M. G. Sulfite Paper, M. G. Cap Paper, Tissue Wrapping Paper, Acid-free Tissue Paper, Color Crepe Paper, Color Manifold Paper, Carbonless (NCR) Paper, Ribbed Kraft Paper, Fire-proof Paper, Photocopy Paper, etc.

Fax Paper
1) Material: virgin. 2) Basic weight: 58gsm. 3) Specification: 210mm x 30m, 216mm x 30m, 257mm x 30m. 4) Function: sensitive to heat and color
Product Group: Fax Paper

Metallic Edge Reinforced for Paper Index
Adopted the special metallic membrane for the reinforced position, the product has an artistic and natural appearance and very convenient to look for the content for classification-record.

Color Manifold Paper
Color Manifold Paper (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green). Place of Origin: China. It is largely used in banks, offices, and so on.

Copier Paper Size A4, A3
Manufacturer, exporter- a4, a3, copier paper, woodfree writing&printing paper, offset paper, duplex board (gbwb, kraft), newsprint paper, kraft paper, foodgrade paper, from India. Manufactured in substance and slit in reels/sheets as per buyers size, specifications, OEM/private label available for 1 x 20fcl, and various qualities offered to meet different price points.

High Quality Photo Paper
Microporous ink receiver layer plus. Resin-Coated on both sides. Perfect ink control and absorption: No cockle. Instant dry. Suitable for use with dye and pigment inks. Suitable for thermal and piezo technology. Compatible with most inkjet printers. Bright white. Smooth coated finish and High-glossy surface, fine and smooth image. Water-proof: Highly water resistant, fadeless and strongly waterproof performance and well compatibility Instant dry. Size: A2, A3, A4, A5, A6,4R,5R,6R, and wide ...
Product Group: Photo Paper

Self Adhesive Fluorescence Paper
1) Color: yellow, orange, red, green, pink. 2) Back: brown Kraft paper, yellow woodfree paper. 3) Size: 20" x 30", 50 x 70cm, 70 x 100cm, 53 x 300m, 106cm x 300m, 100cm x 400m, etc. 4) Adhesive: acrylic solvent, water base

Cast Coated Inkjet Photo Paper
Our main products: Microporous Resin Coated (RC) glossy/silky waterproof photo paper , Cast Coated glossy photo paper, heavy coated matte inkjet paper and swellable coating glossy photo paper. We also have Cold Laminator and Cold Laminating Film,T-shirt transfer paper at budget price. In order to protect photo and other kinds of print-out from damages of UV, yellow, moisture and louse, Cold Laminating Film is the best solution. It's widely used in portrait, wedding photo print-out, ...

A4 Copy Paper
1) Gorgeous color. 2) Excellent moisture-resistant, abrasion resistant and folding endurance Specifications: 1) Sizes available: A4 ; 2) Substance: 110, 120, and 250gsm, or others as per sample ; 3) We can provide competitive price, stable quality, and excellent service. Packing: 100 sheets / pack, 20packs / carton

Label Paper
1) High-quality double-faced offset paper used, exquisite in texture and good in toughness. 2) Able to pass machine freely, good in stiffness, seamless. 3) Good for prolonging the service life of printer. 4) High whiteness, conducive to clear printing effect. 5) Applicable to all kinds of large printer, and convenient in use. 6) Size: 48"-74"
Product Group: Label Paper

Paper Binder
Drill-A-bind machine is of great use for financial, banking department, institution and organization, government office, military, school and printing house. Features: 1. Drilling up to 300 sheets of 80gsm like butter. 2. Drill papers, fabrics, plastics and boards. 3. Auto, smart cutting of the right length of binding supply. 4. Binding from 1 sheet up to 300 sheets. 5. Permanent binding result, ideal for durability and security. 6. User-friendly guaranteed. 7. Only takes A3 size (12" x ...

Fax Paper
1) High quality base paper used, even in weight per sheet. 2) Evenly coated, sensitive to heat and color. 3) Refinedly cut, consistent in tightness, and able to pass machine freely. 4) Tight and solid in fibre structure, waterproof packing, fit for long-term preservation. 5) 2 red caution lines, each at one metre from the corresponding end to help customers operate conveniently. 6) Condition of preservation: ventilated, dry, clear of light. 7) Temperature: ≤50°C. 8) Relative humidity: ...
Product Group: Fax Paper

Self-Adhesive Photo Paper
1) Used for banners, posters, signs, decals, and pamphlets. 2) Excellent graphic quality sharp, rich colors. 3) Compatible with dyes and ink. 4) Compatible with a range of printers

A4 Adhesive Printing Label
The printing paper is A4 (240mm × 297mm) size and is designed with 40 common-used specifications, which is mainly used for classification and indexing of office documents, identification of files, outside indication of video and audio tape, and computer-controlled printing of index, card, envelope, parcel, package and goods-transport.

A4 copy paper
Spec: A4 copy paper Size: 210mmx297mm Gram: 80gsm&75gsm&70gsm Brightness: 96%~104% Wood pulp: 100% wood pulp Performance: multi-purpose, can be used for fax machine, laser printing machine and so on; can be printed on both sides without problems; no curl; no jam Place of origin: China Package: 500sheets/ream, 5reams/carton, 7800-8000reams/20'container or about 20MT/20'container(without pallet) Delivery time: within 30 days after receiving the 50% deposit in ...
Product Group: Copy Paper
Company: Anhui Green Imp. & Exp. Co.,LTD.    China

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