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List extensive product information of Photography Equipment (include Tripod, Studio Flash, Soft Light Box, Light Stand, Studio Strobe), provided by Photography Equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

1) Imported materials with high reflection adopted with universal socket and a complete range of specifications. 2) Available specifications (cm): 60 x 60, 60 x 90, 90 x 90, 70 x 100, 80 x 100, 80 x 120, 70 x 140 and more
Company: Yueqing Originality Photography Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

AC Slave Flash
1) Guide number (GN): 30 2) Color temperature: 5600oK 3) Flash duration: 1/1000 4) Recycle time: less than 6s 5) Power: AC 220V.

Mini Tripod
N.W.: 37g. Folded height: 135mm. Operating height: 110mm. Tube diameter: 10mm. Load capacity: 0.5kg. The pipes in blue, red, silver, yellow, green and black are available
Product Group: Tripod
Company: Yueqing Originality Photography Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Photographic Equipments
We can supply all kinds of photographic equipments, such as studio strobe, soft boxes, light stands, umbrella, radio trigger, studio bags, AC slave flash and so on from china.
Company: Yueqing Originality Photography Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Camera Screen Protector
Easy to attach Amazing Crystal Clear Screen Protector. Ultra clear quality PET material Made in Japan. Ultra-high Transparency Produces Vibrant Colors. Bubble-free Application. Protects Sensitive Screen Against Scratches. Reduces UV Rays Caused by Reflected Light, Protecting Your Eyes. Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface; leaves no residue when removed. Anti-Dust. Washable and Reusable. Amazing Crystal Clear Screen Protector

Umbrella Soft Light Box
For professional studio flash / lighting system. It has many strong points. Light weight. Space efficiency. Two kinds: Umbrella soft light box size: 33" and 40" ; Umbrella reflector soft light box size: 33" and 40"
Product Group: Soft Light Box

Photo Sticker Machine
1.Self service touch screen. 2.The background can be stamped any times(old version just one time). 3.The software can adopt digital camera and web camera---more models. 4.Can be printed with photo printer or. sublimation dye printer. 5.More effect: light adjustable after shot, color adjustable, wipe up spot, twins, revert photo, art photo: white and black, cave effect, embossment, cloth line, fatter, slimmer, twist. 6.Half length photo, ID photo, full length photo. 7.See you move on the ...

Camo Tripod
Tripods to steady your cameras or cinecameras. Operate hight 1340mm, fold hight 530mm. Capable load 3kgs, net weight 860g. This Camo Tripod is a compact tripod designed specifically for the outdoor observer and photographer.
Product Group: Tripod

Studio Flash Light
1) Guide number: 73GN. 2) Super-bright silver surface technology and stepless light regulation. 3) Full built-in circuit system, with stable voltage. 4) Ensures invariant output of flash from full light to 1/8. 5) Humming indication and varied modeling lamp design (high brightness professional halogen lamp). 6) Voltage: 180 - 250V, 7) Flash energy: 150W. 8) Professional studio flash light with streamlined design. 9) Flash power variation: full to 1/8. 10) Recycling time: 1~2S. 11) Modeling ...

Capacity: compact cameras. Camera interface: universal 1 / 4-20 screw. Size: 165*35*35mm. Weight: 45g. Habitat: everywhere

Studio Portrait Light 120w
1. High efficiency and energy-saving light kit. 2. The inside mirror-face and high-reflection coat on the light hood will reflect light rays better. 3. Perfect for static object photography and portrait photography. 4. The bulb can be changed easily when necessary. 5. 220V ~240V and 110V, two main voltage standard available. 6. Fuse button on the lamp back to be safety to the lamp and studio. 7. Small and light, easy to be carried. 8. Worldwide power adaptors are available.

Head Portrait Machine
It is a new production which originated from Japan and kerea in two years. We introduce the latest technical of digital image and research the fashionble paste Head Portrait Machine. It is different from the traditional camera and the simple electronic image. This is a new kind of facility of intelligence. You can control it and make photos at random. The system adopts all Chinese interfaces, can operate with the keyboard or the remote controller, it does not need professional technical ...

Table Tripod
It is of the exquisite and novel structure, easy folding and carrying. The mini tripod with ball type pan-head may vary the different shooting angles following the free change of the pan-head parts. It is applicable for various small and medium-size (pick-up) cameras. It is an ideal choice for the photography fans. Features: 1) Folded length: 145mm. 2) Minimum height: 110mm. 3) Load capacity: 0.8kg. 4) Maximum tube diameter: 10mm. 5) Net weight: 37g

Photo Props
With years' experience in photo props designing and making industry, we have a variety of products for your choice: fiber glass props, light foam props, wooden props, PE/PU props, costumes and clothes and prop combos.

Lens Cloth
Made of patent microfiber. Lint free , well clean action. Especially effect of oily deposit cleaning. Ideal for optical instruments, lens

Land Surveying Equipment
We are a surveying equipment manufacturer factory specializing in exporting: 1, Wooden and aluminum tripod. 2, Aluminum telescopic staff. 3, Prism pole and prism bipod. 4, Range pole

Soft Light Box
1) quadrate soft box size:45 x 45,60 x 60,60 x 90,90 x 90,70 x 100,70 x 140, 80 x 80,80 x 100,80 x 120. 2) octagon soft box size:95,120,150mm. 3) speed ring: Aluninum universal (two models), plastic universal, bowens fitting, Elinchrome fitting available
Product Group: Soft Light Box

Muslin Backdrop
Features: 1) Sizes:2.6*3m 3*5m 3*6m. 2) Available 3 materials: non-woven, cotton, gauze. 3) Paint: propylene (environmental protect). Characteristic: Non-woven background: This kind of background is very common used in hand-print/spray-print/digital print/pure background. It can not be fold and heavy so generally hang up used in photo or film studio. Both of hand-print and spray-print background will not reflect light. The color will not fade and can be used prolonged. Pure cotton: Made from ...

Portable Strobe Lighting
This is a flash/strobe studio lighting kit that made by Banner. It's easy to set up, just plug in and play. 1pc trolley case. 1pc stand carrying bag. 3pcs portable strobe lighting B160. 2pcs light stands (180cm) + 1pc light stand (110cm) or according to your order. 2pcs octagon soft boxes (60cm). 3pcs synch cords. 1pc honeycomb + color filters set. 1pc telecontroller

Video Tripod
Net weight: 5,080g. Max. operating height: 1,520mm. Min. height: 825mm. diameter : 32mm. Folded height: 880mm. Max. load capacity: 12kg. The knobs facilitates photographers to lock and take down quickly. The unique designed main stand makes individual legs to be set independently at different angles. The spike feet make the tripod stand stably on all kinds of grounds.
Product Group: Tripod

Mini Studio Kit
This brand new mini studio kit comes with a 2.2m background support, 3 different color background cloth as your choice, 3 light stands which are 2.0m and 1m tall, 3 120Ws mini stuido flashes (160Ws as your choice) with 3 50 x 70cm softboxes, 3 speedrings, a two channel radio trigger and 1 color filter cover set. Moreover, the specifications can be modified accroding to specific needs.

Flash Machine
This flash machine one of the best flash machines ever made, it can make a stamps withen a few seconds, also will give a fine and smoth print, its a very heavy duty machine and recomended for heavey work, this machine can be used for all day work and ideal for stamps productions.

Table Tripod
1) Tripod. 2) Three-section square channel legs with gradient. 3) Folded length: 535mm. 4) Extended length: 1,260mm. 5) Weight: 2,000g

Tripod, Reflector Soft Light Boxes
1) Light stand. 2) Umbrella reflectors. 3) Oblong soft boxes. 4) Eight-square soft boxes. 5) Square soft boxes. 6) Studio box. 7) Photo tables

Sun Light
1) Color temperature: 5,000K. 2) Working voltage: 220V. 3) Cooling fan: yes. 4) Luminous flux: 12,700lm. 5) Output power: 150W

Studio Flash
Power range: 300W. Power control: AC1/32-Full, DC1/8-Full. Guide No.: 60. Recycle time: AC 7.5s. Angle of illumination: >55. Color temperature: 5300K-5600K. Triggering: Photo sensor, sync cords test button. Power source: AC110-120V, 60Hz, AC220-240V, 50Hz. Modeling lamp: 150W (AC only). Accessories included: Power cord, sync cord, modeling lamp

Camera Accessories
Huge selection of digital and photo accessories, Special effects filters, Close UPS macros, UV, Sepia, Multi Image, Center Image, Graduated, Diffusers, Special kits, Lens Hoods, T2 Mount, Body caps, Rear and front lens caps, Flash accessories, Step up, Step Down rings, CPL, Star, Straps, B & W, ND, custom caps and so on

Table Tripod
1) Used to match with cameras and mobile phones. 2) Divided by the pipe and flat roof kinds. 3) Colors: yellow, silvery, black, purple, champagne. 4) Beautiful design and refined work

Paster Camera
The Latest Style Paster Camera The latest style Paster Camera, adopting high-resolution digital Camera, is of highest technique from Japan but with the domstic price, it has realized the three-layer background picture for the first time within China. Specification: 1630*60*1880mm (L*W*H). Size: 1630*60*1880mm (L*W*H). This machine uses the most international popular game opetation interface, the high pixels digital camera taking photographs, and the advanced technology of the front and back ...

19in professional LCD graphics drawing pen tablet\\\\\\\'
Wacom equivalent graphics tablet for illustraters,animators,3D designers,photographers,etc. 19in LCD drawing board,Wacom equivalent graphics design pen tablet,LCD display monitor,touch screen
Company: Vision Objectives Co.,Ltd    China

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