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Detailed Paster Camera Description:

The Latest Style Paster Camera The latest style Paster Camera, adopting high-resolution digital Camera, is of highest technique from Japan but with the domstic price, it has realized the three-layer background picture for the first time within China. Specification: 1630*60*1880mm (L*W*H). Size: 1630*60*1880mm (L*W*H). This machine uses the most international popular game opetation interface, the high pixels digital camera taking photographs, and the advanced technology of the front and back scenery the inverted and double image and so on. At the same time we promotes the new digital conception "quickly take pictures and quickly typeset, 3 minutes show off", so break through successfully the problem of slow speed of the head portrait machine before, which enhances the efficiency 5-10 time, and show the characteristics of the clear focus, the quick speed, the see is the obtained. Three dimensional fine photographs with four perfect backgrounds unions. A4, A5, A6, PVC card no matter what you choose, and adding other characteristic functions, which once again will open new popular current for head portrait Machine.

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