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List extensive product information of Telescope & Binoculars (include Refracting Telescope, Digital Binocular, Astronomical Telescope, Monocular), provided by Telescope & Binocular manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Golf Scope
1) Magnification: 10. 2) Objective diameter: 25mm. 3) Exit pupil diameter: 2.5mm. 4) Field of view (1,000m): 96m. 5) Prism system: Roof. 6) Prism class: Bak7. 7) Coating: Blue coated. 8) Materials: Metal and rubber. 9) Color: Black. 10) Net weight: 100g. 11) Size: 11.5 x 3.6cm

8x Binoculars
Magnification: 8x. Objective lens diameter: 21mm. Angle of view: 7 degree. Exit pupil diameter: 2. 6mm. Exit pupil distance: 10. 5mm. Weight: 200g. Size: 107x95x35mm.
Company: JAXY Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

BWPS Waterproof Binoculars
Specifications: 1) Magnification: 7x. 2) Objective dia.: 50mm. 3) Angle of view: 7.1°. 4) Field of view: (at 1,000m / at 1,000yds) 122M. 5) Exit pupil diameter: 7.14mm. 6) Exit pupil distance: 22mm. 7) Fully coated lenses & central focusing system. 8) Waterproof/fog proof with nitrogen-filled. 9) BK-9 prism glass and big eyepiece to get more clear images. 10) With box and needle inside to show direction and measure distance. 11) Suitable for travel, hunting and sports viewing usage
Company: JAXY Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

ED Apo Refracting Telescopes
Features: 1) Suitable for a high-end astronomer. 2) With 80mm achromatic refractor optics, and 77% more light gathering capacity than a 60mm scope. 3) Visibly brighter, can see more faint objects. 4) Good construction: with all-glass optical components and high transmission coatings. 5) Foldaway design, with an erecting prism and acamera adapter. 6) With reasonable price. 7) No maintenance needed. 8) Provides superb images of moon, planets, and general sky gazing. Specifications: 1) Focal ...

Digital Binoculars
1) Binoculars type: roof prism. 2) Binocular magnification: 8x. 3) Objective lens diameter: 30. 4) Digital camera. 5) Lens focal length: 65.0mm. 6) Maximum aperture: 5.6. 7) Effective pixels: 1,600 x 1,200. 8) Sensor 2.0 mega pixels CMOS. 9) Interpolation: 3.0 mega pixels. 10) Recorded pixels: 320 x 240. 11) File formats: JPG. 12) Quality levels: 1,600 x 1,200, 1,280 x 1,024, 640 x 480. 13) Image quality: best / better / standard. 14) Photos: up to 40 (high pixels). 15) Storage media (built ...
Product Group: Digital Binocular

This riflescope can be coupled with airgun, hunting rifle, semi-automatic rifle etc. Crosshair being used instead of the traditional front sight and notch base the aiming speed, accuracy and percentage of hits are greatly increased. Its outer covering is made of high-strength aluminium alloy and undergoes special anti-corrosive treatment, and the surface of all the optical spare parts are plated with anti-reflection coating. It is anti vibration, fog-proof and shock-resistant, etc.
Company: JAXY Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.    China

Binoculars with Digital Camera
1) Image sensor: 0.3 mega pixel CMOS sensor. 2) Internal memory: 4M x 16-bit built-in SD-RAM. 3) Modes: a) Digital video recording ; b) Still photos ; c) PC camera (QVGA). 4) Resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA), 352 x 288 (CIF). 5) File formats: 24-bit JPEG. 6) Storage capacity: a) VGA: 26 images without compression ; b) VGA: 75 images compressed ; c) CIF: 300 images compressed ; d) AVI: 9fps. 7) Status display: three-digit "888&icon" monochrome LCD display. 8) Interface: USB1.1. 9) ...

Swarovski 10x42 EL Binoculars
Swarovski 10x42 EL Binoculars-The universal distance viewer, for both day light or at dusk. Swarovski EL Binoculars state of the art, newly designed optical system gives intense sharpness of image and totally natural color reproduction. Unique slender tubes of Swarovski Binoculars allow a wrap-around grip and everything comes immediately into view, with one hand free. Swarovski 10 x 42 EL is extremely lightweight, has a perfect balance and ergonomic thumb depressions for comfortable ...

Astronomical Telescope
1) Aperture: 60mm 2) Focal length: 700mm 3) 5 x 24 finderscope 4) 0.965" standard accessory 5) Eyepieces: SR4mm H12.5mm H20mm 6) Aluminum tripod with accessory tray 7) 3x barlow 1.5x erector

Toy Night Telescope
Toy telescope adopts whole optical imaging system with clear imaging. It has comfortable and steady handle. Viewing widely with a wide angle ocular that is the first choice of toy for children. It is also used in super markets and shops as sales promotion gift. Features: 1) Spy night scope with pop-up spotlight, works day and night. 2) Visible area in the dark: 25ft. with night-beam vision. 3) Green stealth light and green surveillance lenses. 4) With neck strap. 5) Super cool design with ...

Digital Eyepiece for Telescope
Image sensor: 1/2-inch CMOS of 3 mega pixel, offering color image. Maximum resolution: 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Maximum resolution (motion): 7.5 frames/seconds at 2,048 x 1,536, 20 frames/seconds at 1,024 x 768. System requirement: Windows 2000, XP. USB 2.0. SNR: 46dB. Exposure: automatic. Shutter control: automatic

Digital Camera Binoculars, Digital Telescope
We manufacture, offer & export Binoculars With Built-in Digital Camera, 300k pixel binoculars digital camera, 1. 3 Mega pixel binoculars digital camera, 2. 0 Mega pixel binoculars digital camera, 1. 5" TFT screen digital camera with binoculars, 4. 0 Mega pixel binoculars digital camera. It is a combination of a binocular and digital camera. When you observe the remarkable images from the nature or sports through binoculars, you can snap the perfect pictures you want to save.

GT14 2nd Gen DEP Monocular
The unit operates on one CR-123 battery to keep the weight to a minimum and guarantees reliable service at a wide range of temperatures. The monocular is equipped with an invisible to the human eye short range infrared illuminator to assist with tasks that have to be performed in complete darkness, such as map reading, equipment repairs, etc. GT14 comes standard with Mil Spec headgear, weapon mount, Camera/Video adapter, sacrificial window, and soft carrying case.

8x21 UCF Compact Binoculars
Specifications: 1) Magnification: 8x. 2) Objective dia.: 21mm. 3) Angle of view: 7°. 4) Field of view: (at 1,000m / at 1,000yds) 122M/366FT. 5) Exit pupil diameter: 2.6mm. 6) Exit pupil distance: 11mm. 7) Fully coated lenses and central focusing system. 9) Light weight and pocket-size for easy carrying. 10) Compact design, suitable for travel, hunting and sports viewing usage

Laser Collimator
Laser collimator is a useful tool to easily test and calibrate the precise alignment of a cylinder/tube. It emits a laser beam of within 1mm diameter range to align with the Central axis of the tube.

Digital Telescope
A full function binocular digital camera for outdoor usewhat you see is what you get. Take the same picture as it shows. Real 2.0mp,3.0mega pixels interpolated support direct save/view photographs on computer via usb portsupport jpeg static photograph or avi dynamic files. Support usb card reader (sd/mmc) function. Support plug and play on usb port. Only win98/98se needs driver. Support 1.5" tft lcd to show the mode and number of photographs. Support different capacities of flash & ...
Product Group: Digital Telescope

Astronomical Telescope
Specifications: 1) Aperture: 150mm. 2) Focal length: 750mm, 1,400mm. 3) 6 x 30 finder scope. 4) Standard 1.25" accessories. 5) Eyepiece: PL 6.5mm, PL 25mm. 6) 2x Barlow lens, 1.5x erecting lens. 7) Sun filter, moon filter. 8) Aluminum tripod with accessory tray
Product Group: Astronomical Telescope

Digital Night Vision Binoculars
1) Display size: 36 inches. 2) Pixels: 320H x 240V x RGB (230K). 3) View angle: 26 degrees. 4) Video input: NTSC/PAL auto. 5) Sound function: double-channel stereo. 6) Adjustment function: variable volume, picture contrast and brightness. 7) Power input: 9V DC. 8) Power consumption: 3.5W. 9) Basic accessories: AC adapter, eye patch, cables

Multi-Functional Surveillance Telescope
1. Two eyepieces are exchangeable for day & night purposes: *Eyepiece for day-time. 2. Can be adapted with 25mm standard lens and 7~21mm zoom lens*Eyepiece for night-time: Multi-purpose Night Vision Goggle. 3. High resolution, Luminance Gain and automatic brightness control of the image intensifier tube. 4. Can click on our special designed Micro CCD / DVR directly as an option for recording and through its 2. 4 wide angle LCD display for easier on-screen monitoring. 5. Multi-purpose ...

Brass Telescope, Sonic Binocular
Brass Nautical Telescope with brass stand 12" hight. It is available in other size with wooden stands and brass stands. Sonic Binoculars: Earphones included. Hear far away sounds. Built-in listening device. Powerful 4X binoculars. Automatic pop-up action.

Spirit 4x50 Monocular
The spirit 4x50 is an amazing night vision monocular that allows you to see in complete darkness while stealthily moving through the night undetected - like a spirit. The spirit is distinguished by its small size, simplicity and light weight. The spirit utilizes quality optics with a built-in ir for use on a nighttime outdoor adventure, while exploring a dark cave or the inside of a pitch-black building or any other dark place. The sturdy, rugged spirit will provide you with hours of ...

Astronomical Telescope
1) Equatorial Newtonian reflector. 2) Aperture: 76mm. 3) Focal length: 900mm. 4) 6 x 30 finder scope. 5) Standard 1.25" accessories. 6) Eyepiece: Kellner 10mm, Kellner 25mm. 7) 2X Barlow lens, 1.5X erecting lens. 8) Sun filter, moon filter. 9) Aluminum tripod with accessory tray. 10) It has equarorial mount
Product Group: Astronomical Telescope

Refractor Telescopes
Astronomical telescope: 1. Specifications: 525x. Main objective lens caliber 60mm; focal length 700mm standard 0. 965; eyepiece sr4mm h12. 5mm h20mm; moonlens 3x barlow lens; 1. 5x erecting eyepiece 5x24 aim at lens; 90 degree corner lens; u type aluminum tripod.

Binoculars 10 x 25 Multi-Coated for Sports Camping Hiking
1) 100% Brand New. 2) High Quality Assurance. 3) Magnification: 10x. 4) Objective diameter: 25mm. 5) Field of view: 101m/1000m. 6) Exit pupil diameter: 2.5mm. 7) 10X25 Binoculars Multi-Coated. 8) Ideal for campers, hunters, sports enthusiasts and concert goers. 9) Provides sharp clear optical performance at an unbelievable value. 10) Fully coated lens for a brighter Image. 11) Superior design, features and function at an incredible value. 12) Extremely durable yet also comfortable. 13) ...

Dcf 10x25 Compact Roof Prism Binoculars
Magnification 10x ; Aperture (mm) 25 ; Size class compact ; Fild of view 96m/1000m ; Exit pupil (mm) 2.5 ; Close focus(m) 5 ; Eye relief (mm) 10.3 ; Body material metal+abs ; Finish lacquer ; Focus system center ; Prism system roof ; Prism glass bk7 ; Lens coating fully coated ; Eyecups fold down ; Water/fog proof no ; Adapt to tripod no ; Colors available silver, blue, yellow or custom ; Lens coating optional blue, ruby

8 Inch Newtonian Reflector Telescopes
Aperture:203mm(8"). Focal length:800mm. 6x30 Finder scope. Standard 1.25" accessories. Eyepiece: PL6.5mm, PL25mm. 2x Barlow lens,1.5x Erecting lens. Sun filter, Moon filter. Aluminum tripod with accessory tray. Heavy duty Equatorial Mount. Most height:98cm. Moon map, galaxy map. Optional accessories: This F800xD203 optical tube assemble (OTA) may be fitted into our new heavy duty equatorial EQ5 and steel tubular tripod, more stable and firm. And it may used our dual motor driver ...

Digital Binocular With Card Slot Function
Feature: Binocular with Digital Camera and Digital Video Camera function. Perfect for sports event, concerts, and wild life activities such as hunting, bird watching or forest guarding. 2.0Mega Pixel. With SD Card slot for expandable. Mass storage function (USB plug and play). With digital video function. Digital Camera: Still Image Resolution: HI -1600 x 1200, LO - 640 x 480. Photograph measure (USE 8MB SDRAM built-in): HI - 8 P, LO - 20 P. Image sensor: CMOS sensor. Focus range: 15m ~ ...

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