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List extensive product information of Laser Pointers (include RC Laser Pointer, Laser Pointer Pen), provided by Laser Pointer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Projection Ball Pen
1) Streamline design. 2) Any logo can be projected by the super LED. 3) More logos can be changeable easily by the user. 4) Customer's logo imprint on the barrel is available. 5) Batteries: AG3 x 4pcs. 6) Material: plastic
Company: King Bright Co., Ltd.    China

Projection Torch Key Chain
Features: 1) Elegant square design. 2) Ideally for tobacco and alcohol promotion. 3) Made by metal. 4) High quality projection logo.

Card Laser Pointer
Features: Size: 8.8 x 2.6 x 0.6cm ; Red laser beam ; Solid brass materials ; With two piece 3v button battery ; Leather pouch package. Specification: Operating voltage: 6V ; View angle: 45 degrees ; Laser wave length: 650nm ; Laser output: class IIIA < 5mW or class II <1mW

This is the product with function remote control computer and with laser sticker, can use with projector, display from PC, laptop, especially used in Meeting, Class. The distance under 20 meters, and you can show the details in any corner in the meeting and class, there are three buttons on the pen, laser button, up page button, down page button, and press the laser button will effluence red line can show the indication. Remote function: with IRDA tech. USB 2.0 port, plug and play, no need ...

Mini Red Laser Module
It's a compact laser pointer module. Small size of 3mm x 10 mm laser head makes it easy to design into any compact devices. We provide TUV grade and FDA 1mW & 2mW models. Minimum length of 24mm is available.

IR Presenter
1) Infrared remote control. 2) Page up/down. 3) Transmission distance: 10-15m. 4) Receiver modular plug: 1.1 compliant. 5) Suitable software: Win98E/ME/2000/XP

Ballpoint Pens with Laser Light
1) Ballpoint pens with laser and ball pens with laser and PDA, ball pen with laser and PDA and led light. 2) Customized colors available. 3) Silkscreen printed logos are available, suitable for promotion usage. 4) Convenient to take and use

RC Laser Pointer
It is very useful for teaching, meeting assorted PC and slide. It is wireless remote control to show the files through computer. Main function: 1. Laser pointer function. 2. Page up/down function. 3. Turn off screen function. Features: 1. Remote technology: infrared ray technology. 2. USB plug and play! Laser pointer and page up/down function; no driver requested. 3. Control distance: over 15m. 4. It supports Windows 98/2000/ME/XP system. The files are able to be browsed under the Word, ...
Company: King Bright Co., Ltd.    China

Time Projector
Time/Thermometer Projection/Mobile Holder. Digital Clock with Calendar / Alarm with Snooze. Thermometer Display in C/F format. Countdown Timer Music Play. Birthday chime in birthday song. Powered by AAA * 2 (excl.). Size: 13.4*9.5*6.2cm

USB Presentation Remote Controller
1) Cupreous tube with high class rubber paint. 2) Super smooth and comfortable. 3) IR technology. 4) Tailored as a convenient handy-tool for presentations, teachings, meetings, Speeches, trainings. 5) Consists of a remote control, a laser pointer. 6) Functions: A) Laser pointer function ; B) Page up/down function ; C) Built-in flash memory available (to be used with our V-150 receiver). 7) System: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, Linux & Mac OS. 8) USB plug and play, no driver required. 9) Laser ...

Wireless Control Laser Pointer
Polar beam (pantotek) add page up and paged own keys of keyboard to laser pointer. You can roll up or down the power pointer files when you make presentations. And you can wireless control the computer where "pageup" or "pagedown" keys are used by the laser pointer. The working range is up to 10m. Our head quater is located in u. S. A and the factory in China.

Laser Pointer Card
1) Laser pointer card, LED card. 2) Best for promotion. 3) With 2pcs 3V lithium button battery. 4) CE / FDA / RoHS certificate

Green Laser Pointer
1) Wave length: 532nm. 2) Output power: 100mw-250mW (class IIIb). 3) Operation voltage: 4.2V DC. 4) Pickup voltage: DC = 3.6V. 5) Operation current: <800MA. 6) Operation temperature: <+15oC. 7) One hundred percent at -20 ~ +30oC. 8) Deposited temperature: -40 ~ +65oC
Company: King Bright Co., Ltd.    China

1-LED and 1-Laser Pointer
Material: copper alloy and zinc. Size: 60 x 10mm. Battery: 3 x AG13. Light: 1-LED. Switch: 2 buttons. Brightness: 12,000MCD. Laser output power: 5mW. Function: light, laser. Color: if the quantity is not less than 5,000 pieces

Wireless Presenter
1) Suitable for teaching and meeting. 2) Wireless remote control to show files through computer. 3) Functions: laser pointer, page up / down. 4) Remote technology: RF technology. 5) USB plug and play, no need for driver. 6) Control distance: over 20m. 7) It supports Windows 98 / 2000 / Me / XP, for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACDSee, IE, and Acrobat Reader. 8) Laser distance: over 200m. 9) Mini design, convenient to take around

Telescopic Pointer
1) Best choice of teachers, speakers, and conductors. 2) Attractive design to out light your speech. 3) Different items for your choice: 7s/130-640mm, 9s/145-880mm

Remote-Control Laser Pointer
Features: 1) RC laser pointer, wireless presenter. 2) Function: a) Laser pointer ; b) Page up/down. 3) Operation system: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Linux & Mac. 4) USB plug-and-play, no driver required. 5) Control distance: up to 15m. 6) Battery: AAA X 1

4-In-1 Laser Pointer Pen
1) Combination of laser pointer, white LED flashlight, and PDA stylus pen. 2) Logo imprint area (W x H): 1-1/4" x 1/4". 3) With metal body
Product Group: Laser Pen

Laser Pointer
1) page down/up remote control function for ppt. 2) built-in infrared transmitter laser indicator. 3) main function: A) the laser indicator ; B) page turning remote control function for ppt. 4) connections of infrared technique and computer remote control and laster point, the best tool for the products presenting and electronic teaching with the projection machine and computer

Green Laser Pointer
Laser type: visible laser diode. Wavelength: 532nm. Power: 5mW, 10mW, 20mW, 30mW, 40mW, 50mW, 80mW, 100mW, 120mW, 150mW. Laser distance: over 500-10,000m. Operating voltage: 3V. Operating current: <250mA. Dimensions: 13 x 143mm. Net weight: 44g/pc (without batteries); 67g/pc (with built in batteries). Gross weight: 191g/pc metal box; 238g/pc gift box

Blue Laser Pointer
Battery: 1"CR123A" with recharge. Technical Parameter: Fixed focus, Blue dot facula, continuous output and working time over 8000 hours. Output wavelength: 473nm. Output power: 5mw,10mw, 20mw. Working voltage: DC=4.2V. Trigger voltage: DC=3.6V

Laser Pointer with Remote Controller for Presentation
Remote laser pointer can remote control page down and up during PPT presentations, it could be combined with the functions of LED lamp when the light is weak and USB flash drive with 64MB-1GB and up; great for university and business meetings. Features: 1) Laser pointer function ; 2) Page up/down function ; 3) USB flash memory: 64MB-1GB and up

Green Laser Pointer Pen -100mW
1) Fixed focus, green dot facula, continuous output and working time over 5,000 hours. 2) Output wavelength: 532nm. 3) Output power: 20mW. 4) Working voltage: DC 3.0V. 5) Trigger voltage: DC 2.3V. 6) Working current: <250mA. 7) Working temperature: +20°C ~ +30°C. 8) Storage temperature: +10°C ~ +40°C. 9) Appearance and color: rubber black

3-in-1 Ferule Pen
1. Combination of red laser pointer (LED flashlight for choice), ball-point pen and ferule. 2. Laser pointer with CE certification at class II. 3. Customer's logos and designs are accept. 4. Excellent product quality, great as promotion and gift products

Laser Pointer
We are manufacturer, we can make alll kinds of laser pointer products, including, Red (Green) laser pointer pen, Red (Green) laser pointer with Romote Control, Red (Green) laser pointer with Romote Control presenter for power pointer page up / down etc.

3-in-1 Multifunction Laser Pointer Pen
1) 3-in-1 multifunction pen: ball point pen, red laser, bright LED. 2) Laser pointer with CE certification at Class II. 3) The LED light can be as UV money detector light. 4) Excellent product quality and great as promotion and gift product. 5) With RoHS approval

Green Laser Pointer with Ball Pen
1) With black or blue ball pen. 2) Output power: <5mW or <1mW. 3) Wavelength: 532nm. 4) Average Iop: <250mA. 5) Battery: 2 x LR1. 6) Body color: black and silver

Red Laser Pointer
Wavelength: 650nm. Construction: Aluminum. Battery: 2 x AAA batteries. Battery running time: 40 hrs. Range: 500 Yard (457. 2 Meter). Weight: 47g (batteries included). Dimensions: 5. 63" x 0. 47" (14. 3cm x 1. 2cm). Output power. Class IIIa, less than 5mW. Class II, less than 1mW (Option)

USB Laser Pointer with Page Up & Down Function
No matter where you are in the classroom, or if you are sitting back in the conference room, what you need is using the USB laser pointer with page up and down function to point to anywhere you like. Different specifications of flash chips are built-in (e.g. 128MB / 256MB / 512MB / 1GB). When you demonstrate the manuscript, you can get an electronic assistant to complete the page up and down action with the USB laser pointer with page up and down function. Detail features: 1. Usage: page up ...

RF or IR USB Wireless projector PPT Green
We manufacture Wireless Green/Red Laser Pointer/PPT Presenter for worldwide clients,included products: Ir/RF wireless presenter, Red laser pointer, Green Laser pointer/presenter, RC laser pointer, Smart presenter and any other electronic gadgets, Bluetooth USB driver,and etc. main functions as following: 1. Green or Red Laser pointer function 2. Remote control Page up/down function 3. Remote control screen ON/OFF 4. Wireless Short Keys 5. Wireless Mouse 6. Usb flash disk function ...
Product Group: Wireless Laser Presenter
Company: Shenzhen Superchampion Tech. Co.,Ltd    China

red laser pointers
Product name: wireless presenter Size:105*45*17.5mm Unit weight:58g Battery: 1 pc CR2450 Output power:ClassII<1mw&ClassIII<5mw Features:1.Laser pointer 2.USB mouse function 3.Page up/down 4.RF technology 5.USB plug and play,no need for driver 6.Oprating Systems: MS Windows 2000,XP, Vista compatible
Product Group: Wireless Presenter
Company: Shenzhen HEDWIN Technology Co.,Ltd    China

green laser pointer
Product name: wireless presenter Size:148*14.7mm Color:silver Battery:2 pcs AAA Laser light: green laser light Output power:classII<1mW&ClassIII<5mW Wavelength:532nm Logo:print available or engraved Control distance:over 15m Certificate:rohs. Fda& ce Features: laser pointer, page up and down 2.usb plug, no driver requested 3.system:windows98/2000/ME/XP/Linux/Mac os support word ...
Product Group: Wireless Presenter
Company: Shenzhen HEDWIN Technology Co.,Ltd    China

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