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List extensive product information of Projection Screens (include Motorized Screen, Portable Screen, Electronic Screen), provided by Projection Screen manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

LED Screen
The LED screen display series is renowned for its absolute image integrity and accommodates many choices for viewing angles of up to 160 degrees for the indoor display, we recommend pitch 4.75, dot-matrix module screen, distance. Indoor dot matrix sign has become the best choice of indoor displays because of its low cost, mature technology and its competitively high display intensity which has enabled the sign to display not only multi-level texts but also graphics, animation and even bided ...

Table Screen
1) Professional design and stylish. 2) Special PET fabric. 3) Unique spring support system. 4) Widely used for commercial presentation

Rear Projection Screen
Using shape aluminum alloy frame, easy for installation..Can choose soft or hard screen surface materials. Two installation for way choose, hanging or stand moving. Can adjust the imagery distance. Widely used in showrooms, home theatres and projection presentation.
Company: Elite Screens, Inc.    China

Intelligent Motorized Screen
1) Can use synchronized motor or tubular motor. 2) Can be MW (matt white) or GB (glass beaded) fabric. 3) Steel or aluminum case. 4) Remote control system as options. 5) Black masking border to get best video image. 6) Low noise, easily controlling. 7) Wall mounted, easy to assemble. 8) Stable quality. 9) Reasonable prices. 10) Can supply various ratio screens, such as 4 : 3, 1 : 1 and 16 : 9. 11) Can supply various sizes, such as 110 x 145cm, 127 x 170, 152 x 203, 183 x 244, 229 x 305, 274 ...
Product Group: Motorized Screen
Company: Elite Screens, Inc.    China

Portable Floor Screen
Perfect design for business trip. Elegant and sturdy housing in aluminum. Easy to set up. Scissor mechanism for quick and smooth assembly. Lightweight and self-standing so it goes anywhere. Portable design make it convenient to transport
Product Group: Portable Screen

Tripod Screen (Portable Commercial Screen)
1) Portable commercial screen. 2) Global popular diffuse reflection screen. 3) Average light with soft color. 4) Flat curtain, no bad smell or distortion. 5) Light aluminum case convenient to take. 6) Luminance index: >0.85. 7) Effective scattered angle: >160. 8) Width of screen is select between 0.8 - 1.5m
Company: Elite Screens, Inc.    China

Motorized Screen (Electric Screen)
1) Adopts specific motor mounting system for timing quite fluid movement. 2) Unique reliable location device design. 3) Heavy duty aluminum case with champagne color, tight and durable. 4) Elegance with clean appearance, match any fine furniture in your room. 5) Easy assemble method, suitable for both wall and ceiling hung. 6) Black masking border to assure best video image. 7) Perfectly flat viewing surface delivers perfect picture quality. 8) Printing plate offer easy micro adjust ...

300D PVC Projection Screen Fabric
Diffusion screen surface, with effective scattering angle more than 160, with high brightness coefficient more than 0.9, high contrast, wide viewing angle, soft light, no visual fatigue after long time use, long life. Adopt advanced processing technology, the screen surface has stable physical parameter and less attenuation, is flat and free of smell.

Floor Stand Screen
1) Housing: steel. 2) Max. dimensions: 1.5m*2.0m. 3) Screen material: matte white; glass beaded; white PVC. 4) Gain: a) Matte white:0.95 ; b) Glass beaded:2.5 ; c) White PVC: ≥1.3. 5) Thickness: a) Matte white:0.42mm±0.03mm ; b) Glass beaded:0.42mm±0.03mm ; c) White PVC:0.20mm±0.02mm. 6) Color: black, white
Product Group: Projection Motorized Screen

Wall Screen
1) Type: WS series. 2) Housing: steel. 3) Color: white, black. 4) Screen material: matte white; glass beaded; hite PVC. 5) Thickness: 0.42mm±0.03mm; 0.42mm±0.03mm; 0.20mm±0.02mm. 6) Gain: 0.95(matte white); 2.5(glass beaded);1.2(white PVC). 7) Max. dimensions: 3.0m*3.0m*3.0m; 2.8m*2.8m; 2.4m*1.8m. 8) Stop mode: ratchet stop; inner ball stop; outer ball stop

Projector Screen
1. Very good for Home-theater, Church, multimedia classroom, conference presentation, stage etc, suitable for both wall and ceiling hung. 2. Synchronous or tubular motor works quietly with white or black color steel case, having a black masking border to assure best video image. 3. Matte White or Glass Beaded fabric to choose, can supply ture and clear pics on the screen. Matte white for big view angle and Glass Beaded for high gain, to suit for different place. 4. Control options: attached ...

Floor Pull Up Screen
1) Ideal for rental, stage and hospitality applications. 2) Fast and easy set up in seconds. Just open case, and pull up screen. 3) Lightweight and self-standing so it goes anywhere. Perfect for traveling or business presentations. 4) Two types available: pneumatic-scissor type (PS series) and single-pole type (PP series). 5) Unique feature of a pneumatic scissors mechanism (for PS series) or a pole(fop PP series) for raising and lowering the screen. 6) Handsome black finishing case. 7) High ...

Electric Projection Screen with Wireless Remote
1) Aluminum housing and steel housing. 2) Fabric: matte white, glass beaded. 3) Format: 1:1, 4:3, 16:9. 4) Remote control: RF remote and IF remote control. 5) Motor: synchronous motor and tubular motor. 6) Available sizes: 60"-120"

Manual Screen
The screen surface can stay discretional position because of advanced auto-locking system. It is easy to operate. Fabric imported from U.S, high gain, which can let you enjoy clear and vivid picture on the screen. Streamline iron alloy cover has two colors-silvery and white-at your choice

Super Wonder-lite Projector Screen
All screen using high-reflective metal powder on screen surface Suit the projection under nomal brightness condition, improve the "misty white" image qualtiy on normal screen. Protect the eyesight. Screen surface cleanable. High brightness super wonder-lite projector screen: Screen luminance index:3.0--4.0. Effective scattering angle: >30'. White super wonder-lite projector screen. Screen luminance index:1.2--1.6. Effective scattering angle:60'--100'. Grey (black) ...

Electric Motorized Projection Screen
1. Synchronous or tubular motor runs quietly, and equipped thermal protection system in order to last using time of motor. Aluminum or steel white color or black color case for choosing, beautiful housing. 2. Very good quality fabric, matte white or glass beaded or video fabric, high gain, which can let you enjoy clear and vivid picture on the screen. 3. Wireless remote controller is optional, and changes the traditional way, which makes operation is easy. 4. Gain: Glass beaded (2.5), matte ...

Fiberglass Insect Screen
Vinyl coated fiberglass yarn insect screen (also written as fiberglass screen or fiberglass screening) is made of fiberglass under the process of plastic coating, plain weaving and high temperature-fixing. Fiberglass insect screen is well ventilate, well transparent, easy washing, anticorrosive, resistance to burn, strong-tensile force, not out of shape, long service life and feel straight. The popular colors of grey and black make vision more comfortable and natural. Fiberglass screening ...

Fast-Fold Screen
1) Vein is exquisite, soft abd smooth, soft bright and clean texture leveling, does not become deformed, It has fine tensile strength. The back is thrown selecting and using the polyethylene back jump into a soft curtains cloth, light but strong, soft leveling of texture, does not become deformed, has fine tensile strength. 2) Deft and can be entirely folded up, the aluminum part is dismantled unnecessarily. It is convenient to carry about and transport, able to provide the extraordinary ...

Electronic Projection Screen
The electric machine smooth and noiseless; Full size and electronic motional remote control can be chosen; suitable in big, middle and small place or family cinema; Designed for ceiling and wall mounting. Fabric: matte white, glass bead. Screen Size:72"/84"/90"/94"/100"/120"/50". Viewing Area:1.5*1.2M/ 1.5*1.5M/ 1.7*1.5M/ 1.7*1.7M/ 2.05*1.5M/ 2.4*1.8M/ 3.0*2.2M. Ratio: 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 (optional)
Product Group: Electronic Screen

Fixed Wall Screen
1) Compact design with aluminum frame. 2) Black powder coated and planted flannel frame are optional. 3) Reliable configuration design. 4) Special hook design makes assembly very easily. 5) Design for mounting on the wall or into a wall opening. 6) Applicable for home theatres, meeting halls, control centers

Master Portable Screen
Special features: The exterior is made with lightweight aluminum alloy that is easy to carry. The surface is specially treated for a sophisticated look. The spring system allows safe use. The screen is well protected in the casing, delivering high-quality images each time. The stand is adjustable for a desired height, and the tripod can be folded up for easy carrying and transportation. Everything can be folded up into a compact package that is easy to assemble. Light weight: The design is ...

Projection Screen Film
1) High gain, diffuse reflection, visible angle broad. 2) Flame-resistant, environmentally friendly. 3) Good brightness, clear phantom. 4) Good visual effect good. 5) Mold-proof, waterproof, fungus-proof, static electricity proof. 6) The theater curtain stretches vertically, does not hemstitch. 7) Will not turn yellow, with no bulging and crease. 8) Middle uses high polymer multi-dimensional polyester, high intensity. 9) The surface has the extinction grain; the orange grain is thin and ...

Electric Screen
Imported tubular motor runs quietly, and equipped thermal protection system in order to last using time of motor Fabric imported from US, high gain, which can let you enjoy clear and vivid picture on the screen Wireless remote controller is optional, and changes the traditional way, which makes operation easy

Motorized Electric Projection Screen
Features: 1) Highly bright matt white screen with a gain of more than 1.0. 2) High contrast and resolution. 3) Excellent vision effect. 4) Wide viewing angle and soft light. 5) No visual fatigue after long time use. 6) Screen surface is free of smell and suitable for air conditioning area. Specifications: 1) Standard black border. 2) 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9 can be selected. 3) Remote control: RF remote and IR remote control. 4) Motor: synchronous motor and tubular motor. 5) Voltage: 110 - 220V, ...

Portable Projection Screen (Tripod Screen)
1) Highly bright matt white screen. 2) With a gain of more than 1.0. 3) High contrast and resolution. 4) Excellent vision effect. 5) Wide viewing angle and soft light. 6) No visual fatigue after long time use. 7) Screen surface is free of smell and suitable for air conditioning area. 8) Professional tripod screen with super quality is safe to use and durable. 9) The operation is flexible and the height of screen can be adjusted. as needed by using unique tripod connection and lock devices. ...

Manual Matte White Screen
1) Average light with soft color. 2) Flat curtain, no bad smelland no distortion. 3) Luminance index: >2. 4) Effective scattered angle: >160. 5) Width of screen is select between 0.8 - 1.5m

Tab-Tensioned Screen (Projection Screen)
It is portable and convenient. It is suitable for dispaly of data and micro-structure. It is a necessarity for business. Matte white fabric is available.

Auto-Fixed Wall Screen
Compact design, with 1.5" diameter screen roller and a compact case. Extreme smooth screen extraction with precision stopping. Audio visual format: 50"X50"-96"X96". Video format: (HDTV format available) 72"-150" (diagonal)

Outdoor LED Display - Pitch: 20mm
20mm pitch outdoor display LED color:2R1G1B,2R or 2Y LED life:100 000 hours Communication way:RS232,RS485,TCP/IP,GSM,Wireless TCP/IP,Wireless RF Pixel array of unit module:16x16 Pixels per square meter:2500 Drive mode:static scanning Best viewing distance:50-100m Kinds of color:16777216 for synchronous mode;8 color for asynchronous Refresh velocity:above 60 HZ Power:AC220V or 110V DC 12V or 24V Effective control distance:20m for RS232,1000m for RS485 Operation temperature:-20-80 ...
Product Group: LED Sign, Led Display, Led Screen
Company: Hangzhou Huaxian Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.    China

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