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List extensive product information of Adhesive Tape & Glue (include Self Adhesive Tape, Double Sided Tape, Super Glue, Glitter Glue, Stationery Tape), provided by Adhesive Tape & Glue manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Color Stationery Adhesive Tapes
1) Uses: a) Decorates fancy boxes ; b) Used in cars, lamps, hairdressing and barrettes ; c) Common stationery, art and design, household decorations. 2) Width: 12mm, 18mm, 24mm. 3) Length: 10y, 15m, 30y, 33m
Company: Xiamen Jinfuguan Packing Products Co., Ltd.    China

1) All kind of glue available: liquid glue, glue stick, white glue, glitter glue, 3D glue. 2) All products conform to ASTM D-4236 and EN71

Adhesive Tape with Cutter
Material: BOPP tape, plastic cutter. Tape size:0.018x10m. Any length is available. Color: according to clients' requests
Company: Xiamen Jinfuguan Packing Products Co., Ltd.    China

Stationery Tape
It utilizes BOPP as the backing material coated with acrylic adhesive. This kind of tape is ideal for school and office use, light packing, mending and reinforcing documents which can be equipped with dispenser. Color: clear, yellow etc. Packing Method: shrinking, individual in poly-bag, blister pack. Thickness: 36mic-40mic. Length: 10 yards-36 yards. Width: 9mm-24mm
Product Group: Stationery Tape

Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
Good ductibility, easy to tear without remaining viscosity, widely used for paint spraying and toasting in normal and high temperature, necessary for resistor, diode, capacitor, semi-conductor and circuit plate. Features: 1) Strong adhesion. 2) Double-stick. 3) Easy to tear. 4) Convenient and neat. Applications: 1) Adhere posters, photos, public notes and envelopes. 2) Fixing of ornament hook or signboard. 3) Decoration. 4) Shoe and leather industry. 5) For computerized embroidery. 6) For ...
Product Group: Double Sided Tape
Company: Xiamen Jinfuguan Packing Products Co., Ltd.    China

Acrylic Adhesive
It can stick materials of same and different kinds including metals, plastics and wood, which is widely used for making or repairing vehicles, channels, furniture, lighting, signboard, toys, daily articles and pipeline in chemical industry.

Double Sided Tape
Offering various kinds of double-sided adhesive tapes (Jumbo Rolls), size: 1040mm X 1000m or 1260mm X 1000m. The usage are quite vast, they can be used for leather, fabric, garment, shoes, lable, paper & paper packing, nameplate sticking, punching, computer embroidery, electronic components and so on.
Product Group: Double Sided Tape

Hollow Glass Used Sealant and Glue Tape
Glue tape for hollow glass: width 6mm-16mm. No groove tape and groove tape. Color: black color and black/white dual color. Glue tape: 30m/coil or 300-360m/roll.
Product Group: Glue Tape

Hot-Melt Adhesive Tape
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.18 ±0.01mm. 2) Width: 6, 8, 12, 13, 15, 25mm. 3) Length: 500m. 4) Elongation: > 5%. 5) Breaking strength: > 8.3kg/25mm. 6) Withdrawal force: > 30N/12mm. 7) Adhesive only when heated to 80°C. Usage: Used in braided ribbon packaging of electronic elements including metal film, aluminum electrolyte, and ceramic capacitors. Advantage: cover easily, peel easily, no vestige, no pollution

EVA Foam Tape
1) Single and double sided foam tapes. 2) Thickness: 1mm - 6mm. 3) Used conveniently. 4) Width: 3mm - 1.02m. 5) Length: 10m - 200m. 6) Foam: white, cream white. Suitable for hooks, racks, dispensers and general goods stabilizing and applied for special sealing, shockproof purpose.

Self-Adhesive Double-Sided Tape
1) Strong adhesion and cohesion, suitable for fixing the plastic material, paper splicing, PVC nameplate, metal nameplate and adhering in large areas. 2) Layer: tissue, PET, sponge. 3) Weight of layer: 14gsm. 4) Glue: solvent acrylic or water acrylic. 5) Width: 40-1,000mm. 6) Length: 20-1,000m

Separable Kraft Tape
1) Coated with centrifugal glue, possesses the characteristics of high sticking quality, strong adhesion and separable, widely applied for textile industry, paper industry, and electric industry. 2) Thickness: 140 - 150mic. 3) Width: 24, 36, 48, 60, 72mm or according to customers' requirements

Painting Masking Tape
1) Thickness: 0.13mm ± 0.01. 2) Width: 48 - 50mm ± 0.2. 3) Length: 50, 55, 80 ± 0.1. 4) Core diameter: 76mm ± 0.5. 5) Used for masking before automobile painting and packing, spray of industry paint, or waxing

Super Glue
Features: 1) Size: 50g/pc. 2) High performance series cyanoacrylate adhesive. 3) Instant bonding, single component adhesive. 4) It requires no mixing, no heating, and no clamping. Application: Be sure both surfaces are clean and dry. Daub the glue only in one surface, quickly place two surfaces together with slight pressure. Bond is completed in seconds, leave it 24hours for a perfect bond.

White Craft Glue
1) Sizes: 40g, 60g, 80g, 100g, 120g, 125g, 150g, 225g, 250g, 500g. 2) Suitable for paper, cardboard, wood and fabric. 3) Washable, non-toxic and translucent. 4) Not damaged under freezing temperature. 5) Conform to EN71 and ASTM-D4236

Double Colors Glitter Glue
1) Glitter glue adhere to artworks. 2) It dries clearly, leaving only the glitter color. 3) Used for school projects, card artwork, photo, office and specially for kids. Made in china.
Product Group: Glitter Glue

Flame-Retardant Aluminum Foil Tapes
1) Soft aluminum foil, combined with a transparent high performance flame-retardant adhesive, which provides high peel adhesion, strong holding power and high-grade fire rating. 2) Designed for sealing joints and seams of foil jacket facings in air-conditioning ductwork. Specifications: 1) Foil thickness: 18, 22, 25, 30, 36, 40, 45, 50μm. 2) Roll width: 48, 50, 60, 72, 75, 96, 100mm. 3) Roll length: 27, 30, 45, 50m. 4) Log roll: 1.2 x 45m, 1.2 x 50m. 5) Jumbo roll: 1.2 x 1,200m, 1.2 x 1,000m

Masking Tape
1) Crepe paper with high intensity and good soft capability, general temperature resistance and moderate glutinosity, smooth surface, more easier to adhere. 2) The backing material is crepe paper with high intensity and good soft capability. General temperature resistance and moderate glutinosity. Temporarily protected and shading. 3) Mainly used for general requested masking protection for automobile spray painting. 4) Thickness: 160um±10um. 5) Backing: crepe paper

Stationery Tape With Dispenser
We have many kinds of stationery tape. OPP clear tape, crystal clear tape, invisible tape, colored invisible tape, colored masking tape, rainbow tape, laser tape. And we supply several models of tape dispenser. Any combination of tape and dispenser is acceptable. You might have your own design.
Product Group: Stationery Tape

Tape Dispenser
We supply tape dispenser, self adhesive tape, double sided tape, stationery tape from china. Tape Dispenser: 1) Size: 13.9 x 6.6 x 8.8cm 2) Heavy-duty tape dispenser with 4 skid proof feet at the bottom.
Product Group: Tape Dispenser

Glitter Glue
Glitter Glun Pen: Glitter powder and environmental-free adhesive mixed together in a disposable tube. Each of the six multi-colored Glitter pen are washable, acid free and non-toxic. Glitter pen are widely used in DIY world such as making greeting card and decorating T-shirts. Also, you can use it to decorate candles, Christmas ornaments and stockings, foliage, Halloween masks, pinecones or whatever you want to sparkle! Decorates with fingertip control. Precise decorating pen. Washable when ...
Product Group: Glitter Glue

PVC Electrical Tape
We can take PVC film as packing material. Electrical tape has wonderful features, such as insulation, flame retardancy, cold resistance, voltage resistance, acid and alkali resistance and solvent resistance. Electrical tape is widely used in automobile harness, wrapping of wires and insulation protection. It is the main insulating material of automobile, household electrical equipment, refrigerators, and electronic apparatus.

Cloth Tapes
1) Made from EVA foam and formed substances as the backing material, then coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. 2) Designed for adhering to rough surfaces, fixing nameplates, sealing and shock absorption, such as hook fixation, household electrical appliance shock resistance

Various Self-Adhesive Tapes
We are a manufacturer and exporter of self-adhesive double sided 14 gsm tissue tape with hot-melt glue and double sided release paper, pet film sandwich double sided tape with water-based glue and white release paper, 14gsm tissue paper sandwich double sided tape with hot-melt glue and white/yellow release paper, double sided eva foam paper tape with hot-melt glue and double sided release paper, brown 65 gsm kraft paper tape with hot-melt glue and brwon kraft release paper in china.

Kraft Liners
1) Material: kraft paper. 2) Width and length: according to customers' requirements. 3) Colors: golden yellow, orange, natural, white, light yellow. 4) Belting tape coated with kraft-liner applied to taping of the transformers and the plug-in. 5) With good tensile strengh, twined even, assorted colors available. 6) SY674 coated with heat activated tape, applied to masking of electronic components

BOPP Packing Tape , Kraft Paper , Adhesive Tape
Specifications: 1) Material: a) BOPP film ; b) Kraft Paper ; c) Aluminum foil. 2) Adhesive: hot melt adhesive or water based adhesive

Self Adhesive Sponge Tapes
1) Suitable for decoration, toy and stationery. 2) Type: single-layer sponge adhesive tape, sandwiched sponge adhesive tape. 3) Basic material: 1.7mm EVA. 4) Adhesive: solvent acrylic or water acrylic. 5) Width: 25 - 70mm. 6) Length: 27 - 100m

Butyl Rubber Adhesive Tape
This Butyl Rubber Adhesive tape is a self bonding, caulking material, which is widely used to seal joints in projects, such as macromolecule waterproof material construction, steel structure, tunnel projects, irrigation works, all kinds of waterproof board, expansion and contraction joints, etc. It can form a waterproof cover to base seal on small and large size openable joints. These joints are used with plastic insulated distribution cable. Characters: 1) Excellent mechanical properties: ...

Automatic Tape Dispenser
Establish the size of the necessary sticky tape freely with unit 1mm, Can cut off and close and take etc. and work continuously automatically. The sticky tape of 7-50mm width, and can shear automatically together. Reel of 3 inches defends the static device. Electronic transliteration and red light can tell the mechanical breakdown. Scope of applications: The width of the sticky tape: 7mm-50mm. The length of the sticky tape: 15mm-999mm. Use the power: AC100V AC230V 50/60Hz. Consume the ...

5G Instant Glue (Super Glue)
1) Super glue, cyanoacrylate adhesive, has an amazing quick bonding power of multipurpose against wood, plastic, ceramic, rubber and metal. 2) Bonds interior goods, electric appliances, accessories, sporting goods and automobile accessories. 3) Any weight and other packing is available as per customer's requirement.
Product Group: Super Glue

Hardware Mold Chemistry
Our own factories, qualified for ISO 9001: 2000, are based in Dongguan City, a famous industrial and manufacturing base in the world. That promises us we could provide our customers with high quality products and competitive price.
Product Group: Fabric,Ribbon,Thread,Cc,Zipper
Company: Nanjing Industrial Trading Corp    china

Hardware Mold Well
Our own factories, qualified for ISO 9001: 2000, are based in Dongguan City, a famous industrial and manufacturing base in the world. That promises us we could provide our customers with high quality products and competitive price.
Product Group: Fabric,Ribbon,Thread,Cc,Zipper
Company: Nanjing Industrial Trading Corp    china

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