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List extensive product information of Chalk (include Sidewalk Chalk, No Dust Chalk, Dustless Chalks, Pastel Chalk), provided by Chalk manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Plastic Chalk Clip, Aluminum Chalk Clip
Plastic Chalk Clip: 1) Material: plastic. 2) Size: 15 x 9.5 x 19mm. Aluminum Chalk Clip: 1) Material: aluminum. 2) Size: 14.8 x 10 x 18.8mm.

Chalk And Board
Black board with 24pcs color chalk, plastic and gesso materials. Relative items: ST5501, ST5507 and more.
Company: Juncheng Chalk Products Factory    China

Sidewalk Chalk
We are factory in china, main camp various specifications chalk and gypsum handicraft
Company: Juncheng Chalk Products Factory    China

Chalk Closeout & Stock
Chalk: 1) Educational, drawing & sidewalk chalk. 2) Color: white. 3) Dustless and non-toxic. 4) Anti-broken and smooth writing. 5) 8cm length, 10cm diameter. Crayon: 1) 9cm length, 0.8cm diameter. 2) 11cm length, 1.5cm diameter

Color Board Marker Pen Set
Descrition: Color board marker set. Spec. : 4pcs chalk marker 1pc blackboard (30*40cm) 4 magnets

Fluorescent Chalk Marker
1. For decorating and writing on the glass, mirrors, windows and virtually all non-porous surfaces. 2. For shop advertisement, window decoration, white/black board, kids art play, home/office memo messages. 3. To activate-shake well with cap on and upright remove cap and press tip to surface several times until tip fills with ink, do not over pump, recap tightly after use and store horizontally. 4. Wipe it off with wiper, tissue paper. 5. Color pigment exsits longer on any smooth surfaces. ...

Calcium Carbonate Dustless Chalks
We are producer and exporter of calcium sulphate size: Dia 8-10mm Length 76mm and calcium carbonate size: Dia 10mm Length 80mm Chalks. We can provide best quality goods with competetive prices.

Chalk and Board Erasers
We can supply various school use and teaching accessories such as chalk and erasers from china.

Boiler Workers Pencil
We are producer and exporter of boiler's welding chalk. We also call it welders soapsone chalk or welding chalk. It is used in ship building, welding etc. we are exporting to USA, saudi, uk, southeast Asia etc.

Dustless Chalk
Size: 74-83mm(long), 8.5-10mm(dia). Shape: Cylindrical or conical, 12pcs/ 50pcs/ 100pcs/ 144pcs/ 150pcs. Dust free/anti-dust/no dust/dustless.
Company: Juncheng Chalk Products Factory    China

We are producer and exporter for school chalks, jumbo chalk, design chalks etc. We are exporting making chalk machine by ourself.

Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk chalk: Feature: High-grade, non-toxic, dustless. Colors: White, blue, red, yellow, orange, green. Length:105 mm. Diameter:25mm and 22mm

Pastel Extruded Chalk
The cuboid pastel chalk is extruded. Any color is welcome. It is very fashionable in the market.

Dustless Chalks
We are producer of calcium carbonate chalks and calcium sulphate (plaster of Paris) Chalks-size: Dia 10mm Length 80mm and Dia 8-10mm Length 76mm. Our chalks conforms to EN71 and ASTM D4236. Our extruded calcium carbonate chalks has been accepted by USA and European

Chalk / Board Eraser
1. Vaiours color and size are available. 2. Non-dust. 3. Confirms to EN71 & ASTM D-4236. 4. Different material Board Eraser are available

Calcium Carbonate Chalk
This chalk is not moldied but extruded. The chalk size is 80mm(l)*10mm(d), cylindrical,9.7g/PC, white and any colors.

Sidewalk Chalk
Chalk size: 105mm(l) * 25-22mm (d), shape: Conical, package in box or plastic bucket. The products is obtained to certificate by ASTM-D4236 and CE-EN71.

Chalk, Dot Chalk
1. CE and ASTM approved. 2. Anti-dust chalk and dustless chalk. 3. White and color chalk are available. Dot Chalk: Sidewalk chalk with different color dot on the chalk. Or marble pattern on it

High Grade No Dust Chalk
10mm (dia) x 80mm (l). One color box:100 piece chalks. One carton:30 boxes. One carton is 1.35cuft, Net weight:12 kgs. Gross weight:14 kgs. 46x32x26 cm

Pastel Chalk
Shape: Square bar. Packing: Blister/p. E box. Colors: Any Pantone color appointed. You can choose any color and any size. 2. Has passed ISO9001 test. 3. Has passed EN-71 LHAMA test

Dustless Chalk, School Chalk, Sidewalk Chalk
Experienced OEM company of dustless chalk, school chalk, sidewalk chalk, chalk pastel & tailor's chalk. In Taiwan, has special prices to offer now.

No Dust Chalk
Our products include ordinary chalk for school, high grade no-dust chalk, sidewalk chalk, marking chalk, tailor's chalk and so on. All chalks have many colors, various sizes and different specification.

Calcium Sulphate Material Chalk
We are producer and exporter of school chalk with material of calcium sulphate material chalks from china. We are supplying chalk to the goverment of South Africa, East Africa and West Africa.

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