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List extensive product information of Envelop & Letter Pad (include Mail Envelope, Self Adhesive Envelop, Bubble Envelope), provided by Envelop & Letter Pad manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

1) Materials: white kraft paper, brown kraft paper, wood-free paper. 2) Printing: 1 - 4 colors. 3) Customers' designs and sizes available
Company: Wenzhou Landa Printing Co., Ltd.    China

Confidential envelope, with personal info in the envelope, and personal code will be provided from the envelope. Main in bank or personal lines.
Company: Wenzhou Landa Printing Co., Ltd.    China

Scrapbooks and Magnet Bar Pads
1) Printing: full color printing made to order. 2) Material: copperplate paper, ivory card-board, duplex board of gray back, kraft paper, art paper, corrugated carton, special type paper. 3) Printing techniques: gold foil, silver foil, embossed, UV, printing oil. 4) We can manufacture according to client's

Bubble Mail Envelop
We can supply bubble envelop in all size. 1) High-slip bubble lining for easy insertion. 2) Self-seal closure is secure and convenient. 3) Made from recycled materials, can be reused. 4) Offset printing system, good for colorful printings. Light weight construction reduces postal costs. High slip bubble film inner makes them easy to use in high speed packing environments.
Company: Wenzhou Landa Printing Co., Ltd.    China

We can supply a variety of envelopes, such as windowed envelopes, wallet type envelopes, diamond type envelopes, avion envelopes, bubble envelopes, big pocket envelopes, square bottom envelopes and paper CD bags

PVC Leather Envelope
1) Material: PVC leather. 2) Application: hold paper and pens. 3) Size: as required. 4) Can be printed/hot stamped with logo

Unusual Envelope
We can supply varieties of envelopes, such as windowed envelope, wallet type envelope, diamond type envelope, big pocket envelop and express envelop. We can also make it according to customers' designs and requirements. Size: K80 x 110-80-1.

1) Material: special paper. 2) Print: pantone color print and brown foil. 3) Finish: hit-embossing, die cutting and glue

Padded and Bubble Envelopes
1, We could supply golden color kraft bubble envelopes, white color kraft bubble envelopes, aluminum film bubble envelopes, and others bubble envelopes. 2, We also supply common kraft paper envelopes and paper envelopes.

1) 70gsm, 80gsm, 100gsm text paper. 2) One color or 4-color offset printing. 3) UV coated, embossed, hot stamped, hot foiled and metallic finishing.

Letter Paper
This beautiful letter paper will give you a good feel when writing to somebody. The design is elegant.

Aluminum Foil Bubble Mailer
1) Fully laminated aluminum foil and bubble construction, provides stiffness and thermal, puncture, and moisture resistance. 2) High-slip inner surface for easy insertion: products slide in smoothly and quickly saving labor and increasing efficiency. 3) Self-seal closure saves labor, produces a secure closure and speeds up packaging. 4) High-efficiency performance. 5) Thin, lightweight material resists all three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation. 6) The aluminum foil ...

Various kinds of envelopes in self adhesive or in peel-seal, with or without window. Airmail envelopes and business envelopes are available. Our usual size of envelopes:10# (24.1X10.4cm), 6#(16.5X9.2CM), C6(16.2X11.4CM), DL(11X22CM), A2-E9(22.5X9.9CM), B2-E9(15.5X12.3CM), D-E9(16.5X9.5CM), 22.9X16.2CM, 32.4X22.9CM and 12.7X12.7CM

CD / DVD Envelops
1) Light weight and flexible. 2) Great strength and tear resistant. 3) Waterproof and durable. 4) Recyclable

Bubble Mailer
1) Made of craft paper with bubble linings. 2) Superior cushioning and surface protection. 3) Self-adhesive tape available. 4) Many colors/designs available. 5) Multi-functions for mailing and package. 6) Customized designs/shapes are welcomed. 7) Clean and easy to use. 8) Lightweight for postage savings. 9) Can be reused
Product Group: Bubble Mailer

Windows Envelope
Offers a comprehensive range of greeting card envelopes, mailers in a wide selection of sizes, colours and finishes, especially USA standard envelope.
Product Group: Window Envelope

Deluxe Desk Cards
1) Multifarious norms for customers to choose freely. 2) Suitable for companies, schools, meetings, official business, hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs to use as how-to nameplate, market price display, product function explanation, saloon

2-Pocket Envelopes
2-Pocket Envelopes Features: 1) Material: PP. 2) Specifications: A4, F/C, A5. 3) 2-pocket, and string closure.

Letter Pad
Letter Pad: 1) Materials: wood-free paper, art paper. 2) Printing: 1-4 colors. 3) Customers' designs and sizes available

We can print various kinds of envelopes with window, self-sticking and secretive properties. The sizes range from 5,6,7 to 9cm. The paper weight ranges from 85gsm to 120gsm.

Self Adhesive Envelopes, Windowed Envelopes
We are in the position to supply all kind of envelopes such as: self-adhesive envelopes, windowed envelopes, gummed envelopes and other high quality envelopes made in china. We also can supply other packaging and printing materials for your business.

Natural Kraft Bubble Envelope
1) Consistent cushioning protection, interior bubbles expand as the package is handled throughout the shipping cycle. 2) Self-seal closure saves labor and produces a secure closure and speeds up packaging. 3) Easy to insert. 4) Suggested applications: catalogs, books, videos, parts, hoses, binders. 5) UK size (mm): a) 100 x 165 ; b) 120 x 215 ; c) 150 x 215 ; d) 180 x 275 ; e) 220 x 265 ; f) 220 x 340 ; g) 240 x 340 ; h) 270 x 360 ; i) 300 x 445 ; j) 350 x 470 ; k) 540 x 660
Product Group: Bubble Envelope

Foil Envelope
We are the professional supplier of aluminum envelope in China, our products including bubble bag, bubble envelope, bubble aluminum envelope, Kraft bag, Kraft envelope etc.

Bubble Envelope
Anti-static bubble film cushioning: protect static sensitive components from static discharge. Lightweight construction reduces postal costs. High slip bubble film inner makes them easy to use in high speed packing environments.
Product Group: Bubble Envelope

Packing List Envelope
High-quality printing focuses attention on your documents. High tech, hot melt adhesive technology keeps the Packing List Envelope in place even through a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Specification: Top Layer - Clear LDPE 45 micron. Bottom Layer - Clear LDPE 30 micron. Adhesive - 25 - 28gsm Hot melt. Release Paper - 45 - 50 gsm Kraft (white). With full-face silicone coating

Air Mail
We offer normal envelope, artistic envelope, unusual envelope, paper CD sleeve, and so on from china. Size: K115 x 225-80-3.

Packing List Envelope
Packing list envelope, also called Packing slip envelope, Documents enclosed envelope, Self-seal envelope, document envelope, Express envelope, mailing bag.
Product Group: Mailing Bag
Company: Perfect Packing Industry Co., Ltd    Jiangsu

Bubble cushioned kraft mailer
This product is made of craft paper with bubble linings. The craft surface is very easy for writing. The inner air bubbles have good cushioning effect to prevent damage of the loaded article due to pressure, collision or falling. Being the first choice for personal post and corporate sample post ,it has below characteristics : 1) Superior cushioning. 2) Many colors/designs available. 3) Self-adhesive tape available. 4) Customized designs/shapes are welcomed. 5) Clean easy and safe ...
Product Group: Kraft Bubble Mailer
Company: Wuxi Xindazhong Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd    China

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