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List extensive product information of Eraser & Rubber (include Pop Eraser, Board Eraser, Pencil Cap Eraser), provided by Rubber Eraser manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Eraser Cap, Rainbow Eraser
1) Confirmed to EN71 & ASTM D4326. 2) Good quality with vivid custom logo printing. 3) Fast delivery time. Pencil Top Erasers: 1) Shaped pencil top eraser with pencil. 2) 2pcs erasers with 2pcs pencils per blister card

Rubber Eraser
1) The material is natural rubber, it is non-poisoning. 2) Double usage eraser, with the white end for pencil, and the black end for ball point pens.
Company: Luofu Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Big Mistake Erasers
1) Item name: big mistake eraser. 2) Product size: 155 x 46 x 8mm. 3) It's big plastic eraser for big mistake, it can erase big trouble you met

The design is really very new, interesting, and fasionable with all sorts of peculiar shapes like sorts of baboosh; and different kinds of odd styles and various beautiful patterns.
Company: Luofu Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Black and White Erasers
1) It's made of natural rubber and composed of 2 parts, the white one is pencil eraser and the black. 2) One is ink eraser with quartz, they makeup the whole with bevel edge. 3) According to the novel shape and practical use, it enjoys a ready market in Europe
Company: Luofu Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Whiteboard Eraser, Cartoon Eraser
White board eraser, with magnet or without magnet. We can supply all kinds of white board erasers. Cartoon Eraser: 1) It is harmless and beautiful, applied for students. 2) Scent and colors available as per clients' need.

Stationery Set
Supply stationery from china. The set for children is with tin box, ruler, glue, sharpener, eraser, pencil lead and mechanical pencil.

Eraser with Stamp
1) One side is eraser, another side is stamp. 2) Customers can choose their own printings. 3) Have different stamps for you to choose. 4) One side is eraser, another side is sharpener

Lipstick Pop Eraser
Lipstick erasers. Scented juicy flavors. Four color: blue, purple, yellow, pink. Lipstick Pop Eraser: 1) When you press the button on the top, the eraser will come out little by little. 2) The transfer printing paper can be customized. 3) Existing packing: in display boxes, blister cards, poly bags or bulk

PET non-toxic eraser: 1) To erase without scribble. 2) To be soft and not tear the paper. 3) Non - Toxic. 4) Packing: 32pcs/PP bag. We can supply erasers with different material, just like PET, PVC, Rubber, and others.

Art Eraser, Fancy Eraser
Kneadable Art Eraser: 1. Special for cleaning sketches and easily kneadable. 2. Correcting charcoal and paster works. Fancy Eraser: These fancy eraser are suitable for gits, very popular in the schools by student.

1) The rubber is in the plastic tube, may adjust rubber length willfully. 2) Plastic tube and display box printing can do OEM brand. 3) We can supply different kinds of erasers

Eraser & Rubber
1) Animal-shape erasers and colored erasers. 2) Many kinds of material to supply, RUBBER, PVC, TPR, TRL and so on. 3) Logo and packing as per your requirements

Pop Eraser in Blistercard
These durable erasers are clean erasing and great for back-to-school promotion or for premiums. Each eraser has 5 different eraser points. Pull out the already used eraser point and insert it to the back of the barrel. Push and a new eraser point will be ready to use.

Red and Blue Rubbers
1) Item name: red and blue rubber. 2) Product size: 42 x 14 x 8mm. 3) Red and blue rubber is composed of 2 parts, red one is pencil part and the blue one is ink part. 4) It has attractive color and efficient function

Eraser Set
Eraser sets are fit for children and students as promotion gifts, children gifts, student stationery, stationery gifts, and toys

Pop Eraser and Twin Pencil Set
This stationery set in blister card contains 1 twin pen and pop pencil set and 1 pop eraser. The pencil never needs to be sharpened. There are 9 pre-sharpened leads in each pencil. Pull out the already used lead point and insert it to the back of the pencil. Push and a new pre-sharpened lead will be ready to use. The color of pen is black and the smell is sweet-scented. The pop eraser is clean erasing and great for back-to-school promotion or for premiums. Each eraser has 5 pieces of eraser ...

The palm-size Tersumus eraser is shaped like the well-known key on a computer keyboard. With Tersumus, the question of what to get a computer geek for a present is the one to scratch off the list.

Pop Erasers
We are manufacturer of Rubber Eraser, Art Eraser, Pop Eraser in china. Pop Eraser: 1) 5 segments in each eraser. 2) Pull out the used point, and insert it into the end for continous using.

1) Multi-color erasers, non-tosic, latex-free 2) Shapes and colors can be custom-made 3) Non-PVC erasers also available

White Board, Chalk Board Eraser
1) Size: a) 4.5 x 11.5 x3cm ; b) 4.5 x 11.5 x2.3cm ; c) 4.5 x 11.5 x3cm ; d) 7 x 16 x3.5cm ; e) 4.5x3.4x6.7x2cm ; f) 3 x2.3 x4.5 x1.5cm ; g) 4 x8 x1.5cm ; h) 5 x 9.8 x2.2cm ; 2) Colors: brown, blue, etc.

Bullet Eraser, Pencil Cap Eraser, Rubber Eraser
We can provide various kinds of erasers. Features: 1) Specifications: pencil cap eraser, big mistake eraser, handle eraser set, 2-color plastic eraser, rubber eraser, follower shape eraser. 2) Non-toxic. 3) With EN71 and ASTM D certificates.

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