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List extensive product information of Label & Self-adhesive Note (include Adhesive Label, Sticky Note, Self Adhesive Sticker), provided by Label & Self-adhesive Note manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Self-Adhesive Notes, Adhesive Label
Neon color self-adhesive notes. New kind of self-adhesive note with translucent color so it can be seen through clearly. Adhesive Label: 1) Full color print, hot stamping, UV varnish. 2) Material: paper, PE film, PET film

Cell Sticker
1. Design: with different color, shape, size, and image. 2. Quality: adopt advanced Taiwan and Czech crystal. Non-toxic glue and environment protection packing. 3. Price: substantial and reasonable. 4. Packing: OPP bags or as per requests.
Company: Cang Nan Ya Peng Crafts & Gifts Co., Ltd.    China

A4 Printing Label
The printing paper is A4 sized (210 x 297mm) and is designed with 40 common-use specifications. Main applications include classification and indexing of office documents, identification of files, outside indication of video and audio tape, and computer controlled printing of indexes, cards, envelopes, parcels, and packages. Specifications: 1) Face: fluorescent paper, white writing paper. 2) Back: white glassine paper, yellow wood free paper, blue wood free paper.

Crystal Stickers
1) Beautiful and lovely appearance of animal or plant. 2) With gay color and glassy nature. 3) Soft and sticky, can be sticky on widow or wall or constitute different picture. 4) Can be used to develop children's intelligent and vision. 5) Made of TPR material, and can be certified with no damage to the body or mind. 6) Can be extruded but never deformation
Company: Cang Nan Ya Peng Crafts & Gifts Co., Ltd.    China

Paper Stickers For Kids
1) Easy to affix and tear from all kinds of surfaces, such as rubber, paper, PVC and foil and other materials as well. 2) Doubled use and leave no dirty on affixing surface. 3) Colorful and varied pictures can be printed on them with your logo showing. 4) Multifunction: leaving word as price label, memo for DVD or other daily use
Company: Cang Nan Ya Peng Crafts & Gifts Co., Ltd.    China

Car Sticker
Applications: 1) Computer labels ; 2) Computer printable labels ; 3) Thermal labels ; 4) Product labels ; 5) Promotional labels ; 6) All-purpose labels ; 7) Security and destructible labels ; 8) Transfer tapes ; 9) Poly carbonate films ; 10)High quality and competitive price ; 10) Barcode ribbons

Easy Note Cube
For the sample, we provide sticky notes, you can choose as you enjoy. For the printing, 1-4 color printing, logo / ad info are totally good on memo pages and memo tali, we are specialized in silk-screen techniques. Memo pads / sticky notes OEM is totally welcome.

Scratch Pad
1) Various stylish designs, ideal for promotional gifts or self daily use. 2) High quality pages. 3) Any change in size/color/design is acceptable. 4) Most welcome customized project from clients

PET Sticker
1) Facer stock: 2 mil silver hair-lined PET with permanent glue and 2 colors printed and smaller sizes die-cut in various shape per sheet. 2) Application: stationary, daily use items, alluring stickers for children, decorative sticker with logo presentation

Mobile Phone Sticker
1) A wide assortment of designs available. 2) Used on skin, ceramic, phone, metal and glass. 3) Safe and non-toxic. 4) Ideal for decorating mobile phones, MP3 players, and MP4 players.
Product Group: Mobile Phone Stick

Self-Adhesive Glossy Paper
1) Top paper: 80g glossy paper. 2) Bottom paper: 65g glassine release paper. 3) Adhesive: acrylic adhesive. 4) Dimensions: a) Sheets: 10 x 10cm - 105.0 x 120.0cm ; b) Rolls: Width: 6 - 120.0cm

Rhinestone Sticker
1) Fashionable rhinestone is made of acrylic stones. 2) Used for anywhere you like, such as Mobile, iPod, MP3,Pen,notebook and mouse mark. 3) Safe and non-toxic. 4) It will shining in the sun, and is easy to apply and remove

Scratch Off Label
Scratch Off Label: 1) Professional design based on your requests. 2) Material: paper or PVC. 3) Printing: full color printing. 4) Roll or sheet

Adhesive Sticky Post
Use in class, metal, wood finish, tile, vase trap, hard object, leather, etc. surface avoid household objects block each other for damage, also keep electronic appliance / household furniture skid stable or amend the skid damage and prevent chair slides on smooth floor. Note: Avoid sticking pads on weak-sticked object, Damage may occur on removal of pad from certain surface such as wall paper. 1) Used for protection of furniture and floor board, reducing attrition and noise. 2) Material: ...

PVC Sticker Used In Sand Blasting
This PVC sticker is applied to the glass surface. Then the required design is traced out on the PVC. Then the area to be sand blasted is cut and removed. Then the exposed areas are sand blasted. Finally, the remaining sticker is removed from the glass surface. Colors: Yellow, White, grey Glue: The Adhesive on the PVC would not transfer onto the glass when it is removed from the glass surface after the sand blasting is over irrespective of the climate. PVC: The PVC is flexible so that when it ...

Self Adhesive Paper
1) Face paper: cast coated (mirror), W/F paper, art paper, transparent PE, PVC film. 2) Substance: 80gsm, 85gsm and 25 micron, 30 micron or as per customers' requirements 3) Glue: water base and hot melt 4) Bottom paper: release yellow paper or release glassine paper 5) Sizes: 20 x 30", 50 x 75cm, 51 x 70cm in sheets or rolls

Window Sticker
1) We print all statics on durable, high quality acrylic. 2) All inks used are UV resistant so your message doesn't fade or lose its original luster. 3) We can print any size, any color, any shape to fit your specifications. 4) Your design can now have areas of transparency, giving greater design flexibility than magnets and decals

Glitter Tattoo Stickers
1) Can decorate and beautify users' body. 2) Every picture is coated with glitter powder. 3) Safe and non-toxic, passed ITS test. 4) Transferred with water

Self Adhesive Sticker and Label Paper
Application: applied to letterpress (relief printing), offset printing, Flexo printing, silk-screen printing, rotary printing; mainly used in high quality letter and graphics printing, the labels and marks of daily cosmetic and food. Self adhesive cast coated sticker: 1) Face paper: cast coated paper 80gsm. 2) Bottom paper: yellow release paper 93gsm with slit back. 3) Glue type: acrylic acid emulsion (water glue) or hot melt glue
Product Group: Self Adhesive Sticker

Epoxy Crystal Label
1) Item name: epoxy labels. 2) Surface material: epoxy resin. 3) Base material: transparent PET, PVC, metal. 4) Printing: 2 ~ 6 colors. 5) Application: decoration or promotional gift

Self Adhesive Hang Tab
1) Hang tabs are mainly used for lightweight items and automatic application. 2) Hang tabs can eliminate the need for space-hungry blister packs. They help to create space for more products with increased facing and can lower your packaging costs. 3) Hang tabs are quick and easy to use for merchandising products particularly when used in pad form. 4) To trigger more impulse buys at the checkout, self-adhesive hang tabs can be used to hang your product on peg boards or on free-standing ...

Fluorescent Sticker
1) Ideal for decorating the furniture, tiles, glass, plastic products and gifts. 2) We can supply all kinds of sticker in various shapes, colors and sizes. 3) Manufactures according to customers' requests, logos and pictures.

PVC Sticker
1) PVC sticker (PVC adhesive film + release paper). 2) Thickness of PVC film: 80mic-100mic. 3) Release paper: 120gsm-170gsm. 4) Color of PVC film: glossy white, transparent. 5) Adhesive level: high. 7) Size: width: below 1,300mm; length/roll: about 250m or any small sheet. 8) Application: used for label, silk screen printing, advertisement industry, or other fields. We have three grades and the best one can satisfy any high quality requests. Good film and good release paper

Anti-Tip Tag
We can print Logo or notes on the face of the indicator, to prompt the bearer. There is strong glue on the back of the indicator, which can be stick to any products or packing, to prevent the tag fall off. On the middle part of the indicator, there is a metal bar, and the indicator will begin working after you draw out the bar. We can design different shape indicator and all kinds of indicator, tester and tags for different uses.

Self Adhesive Sticker Paper
1) In reel: a) Width: 100 - 1,080mm ; b) Length: 200 - 1,000m. 2) In sheet: 50 x 70cm, 51 x 70cm, 70 x 100cm, 70 x 102cm, 71 x 101cm, 20" x 30", 21" x 30" , 23" x 36", or as per buyers demand. 3) Materials: a) Glossy cast coated, semi coated paper ; b) Wood free offset paper 70/80gsm ; c) PET / PVC film, fluorescent paper ; d) Aluminum, foil paper ; e) Gum-heat melt, or water base acrylic and solvent adhesive ; f) Bottom-white or yellow release paper 70-140gsm ; ...

Sticky Note
1) Heart design of good-looking and attractive. 2) 100 sheets. 3) Can be used anywhere to take messages and write notes. 4) Available in many different shapes and colors. 5) Inner paper: one pad with poly bag

Magnetic Memo Pad
1) Magnetic memo pad, sticky pad, writing note. 2) Construction: full backing of flexible magnetic material + 4-color process. print paper/plastic surface + PP lamination + memo pad. 3) Printing: 4 color process print; spot color screen print. 4) PMS colors available upon requests

Custom printed sticky notes
HANDY Paper Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in a wide range of sticky notes and related products for promotional, office and school, covers standard sticky notes, custom printed sticky notes, self-adhesive notes, sticky notepads, paper blocks, memo pads, note pads, advertising note pads, desk dispensers notes, self-adhesive blocks, page markers, booklets, etc.
Company: Handy Paper Products Co., Ltd.    China

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