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List extensive product information of Shredders & Cutters (include Paper Shredder, Pencil Sharpener, Tape Cutter), provided by Shredder & Cutter manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

USB Mini Paper Shredder
Width of paper inlet: 120mm. Dimension after destroyed: 3mm (strip). Battery operated: USB or use 4 x AA size batteries. If powered by adapter: use AC to DC adapter. AC 230V / DC 6V 1. 2a (AC to DC adapter is not included). Unit size: 160 x 120 x140mm. Weight: 661g
Product Group: Paper Shredder
Company: Anhui Sunshine Stationery Co., Ltd.    China

Cross Cut Shredder
1) Shredding type: cross cut. 2) Cut size: 4 x 35mm. 3) Shredding capacity: 7 sheets of A4 paper. 4) Auto-on when paper is inserted. 5) Safety interlock automatically shuts and shredder off if removed from waste basket. 6) Reverse setting for clearing paper jams. 7) Basket volume: 15L.

Music Box Pencil Sharpener
1. Twelve songs of eight chords, music begin when shake the handle, stop and shake the handle again, another music begin. Each music can run 15-20 seconds long. 2. Twinkle color lights along with musical beat. 3. The kids also could diy drawing, photo and change the existing cards. 4. Get patent right on it.
Product Group: Pencil Sharpener
Company: Anhui Sunshine Stationery Co., Ltd.    China

Dog Shaped Electric Pencil Sharpener
1. Automatically starts when pencil placed into mouth. 2. Eyes light-up and blink. 3. Easy access to dispose of shavings. 4. Automatically stops when pencil is removed. 5. Will not operate when shavings door is removed
Product Group: Pencil Sharpener

Student Scissors
Specifications: 1) Material: stainless steel, plastic, or according to customers' requirements. 2) Packing: blister card, PVC bag. 3) Handle: various fresh handle colors, comfortable. 4) This kind of scissors has beautiful appearance, even hardness and sharp blades. Made of good quality stainless steel, it feels so comfortable that has become one of the most well-received scissors

Paper Shredder
Cutting style: Crosscut. Cutting Size (mm): 2*6mm(Security level 4). Shredding capacity (sheets): 6 sheets (70gsm, A4). Shredding speed(m/m): 3m/m. Throat Width(mm): 228. Bin capacity(liter): 19. Power Supply: 100-130VAC/200-240VAC. Power Consumption: 120W. Auto reverse: Yes. Electric Eye. Running Noise Magnitude: 65dB
Company: Anhui Sunshine Stationery Co., Ltd.    China

Paper Shredder
Working width (mm): 220. Capacity (sheet): 5. Shred size (mm): 4 x 33. Waste bin (L): 15. Product size: (L x W x Hmm): 315 x 331 x 367 (2pcs/ctn). Product dimensions (mm): 390 x 331 x 367 (2pc/ctn)
Product Group: Paper Shredder

Rotary Paper Cutter/Trimmer
1) Dimensions: 550 x 320 x 100mm, 790 x 350 x 100mm. 2) Blade material: upper blade material is 65 Mn, lower blade is 45# steel. 3) Blade thickness: upper blade thickness is 0.5mm, below blade thickness is 4mm. 4) Blade hardness: 50±2 (HRC) for upper blade, 30±2 for lower blade. 5) Maximum sheets blade can cut: 10 sheets per 80g paper. 6) Cutting length: 360mm, 14"/600mm, 24"

1) Nontoxic. 2) CE and ASTM Approved. 3) Plastic and metal sharpener are available. 4) Many colors available. 5) Blister card packing, paper box packing

A4 Laminator
1) Laminating width: 236mm. 2) Max laminating thickness: 1.0mm. 3) Pouch thickness: 80mic~125mic. 4) Ready time: 4~8 minutes. 5) Power consumption: 200W. 6) Speed: 330mm/min. 7) Machine dimensions: 326 x 165 x 78mm. 8) Unit weight: 1.40kg.

Name Card Cutter
My card cutter can cut exactly and tidily, and can meet any needs of your requirements. My card cutter is the first choice for making the cards and the working certificates for all kinds of departments of your company. Features: Electric slitter, low cost, 10-up business cards. Turns your desktop printer into instant business card maker. Free bundle business cards design software fully compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP; including hundreds of vector background and clipart images, ...

Rotary Cutter, Pencil Sharpener
Rotary Cutter: 1) Rotary cutter with safety lock system. 2) Cuts in any directions. 3) For cutting all kinds of materials. Pencil Sharpener: 1) Pencil sharpeners in airplane, boat, car, and elephant shape. 2) Color available: yellow, blue, green, orange, pink.

Circle Paper Cutter
Circle paper cutter can cut circle pictures for making button/badge or other personalized button, five size are available, diameter 25mm, 32mm, 44mm, 58mm and 75mm. We also supply other shape paper cutter, can cut paper to oval, square, rectangle etc.

Utility Knife, Paper Knive, Scissor
Utility Knife: 1) Zinc metal alloy heavy duty knife with SK4 blade . 2) Triple ground cutting edge. 3) Comfortable handle. Paper Knives: 1) Good variety of colors and sizes. 2) Excellent quality and competitive price. Stainless stell scissors, hardened blades, available in different size and style, ideal for office or home use.

Automatic Tape Dispenser
Specifications: 1) Tape width: 5mm to 50mm. 2) Cut length: 5mm to 999mm. 3) Display: 3 digital LED. 4) Operation modes: automatic and manual. 5) Core diameter: any size available. 6) Power supply: AC 110V/60Hz, AC 220V/50Hz. 7) Dimensions: 165W x 170D x 130H mm. 8) Net weight: 3.7kg
Product Group: Tape Dispenser

Pencil Sharpener
We can provide all kinds of sharpeners including zinc sharpeners, aluminum sharpeners and plastic sharpeners from china.
Product Group: Pencil Sharpener

Tape Cutter
Easy to use and load. Economic and popular type. Seal and cut in one motion. Steel frame and sturdy plastic. Adjustable braking mechanism. Blade sharp and heat treated. Use for 2" and 3" wide 3" tape cores

Paper Shredder
1) Sheet capacity: 7 sheets of A4 paper. 2) Paper cutting style: cross cut. 3) Cut size: 4 x 39mm. 4) CD cutting style: strip cut / cut to 4pcs. 5) Voltage / frequency: 100V -120V / 220-240V / 50 - 60Hz. 6) Rated power / current: 170W±10 / 1.7A±0.1. 7) Continuously shredding: ≥30 times. 8) Sensor type: light sensor. 9) Rated CD cutting capacity: 1 CD. 10) Rated credit card capacity: 1 credit card. 11) Life time: cut 10,000 Din A4 paper, CD 1,000pcs. 12) Material: ABS V0, PP and metals. ...

Small Scissors
1. Material: ABS+ Stainless steel. 2. With its small size and blunt head, it can be used safely by children, and it also can be used for sewing kit. 3. Packing: PP bag

Manual Paper Shredder
Specifications: 1) Throat: 215mm (folded width of A4 sheet). 2) Shredded paper width: 3 x 20mm. 3) Shredding capacity: 2 sheets. 4) Basket capacity: 3L

CD Shredder
1) Shreds CDs and floppy discs in seconds. 2) CD shredders chew CDs, leaving them in small and unreadable pieces of plastic

A4 Laminator
Protects and preserves valuable documents even photos. Suitable for ID up to A4 size pouches up to 250 micron (2*125 micron). Temperature special settings: 80 micron, 125 micron (thick per side). Entry Width: 245mm. Ready light indicates correct temperature. Ready Time: 4-8 Minutes. Fast warm up time, power on and ready indicators. Max. Laminating Speed: 300mm/min

Electric Paper Shredder
1) Also used as use waste basket. 2) Cuts up to 5 sheets of A4 paper. 3) Cuts paper into 1/4" (7mm). 4) 3 modes of switch: on/off/reverse. 5) Drawable shredder head can accommodate waste baskets easily. 6) Automatic shut off when overheated

Zinc Pencil Sharpeners
1) Material: zinc. 2) New creative shape with fancy design. 2) Pencil sharpeners in airplane, boat, car, and elephant shape. 3) Color available: yellow, blue, green, orange, pink. 4) Competitive prices. 5) Various colors combinations available. 6) Suitable for schools, offices and promotion usage.

Hand Precise and Thick Layer Paper Cutting Machine
Thick Layer Paper Cutter: This machine adopts rocking-turn pressing paper and uses lever-cutting to make cutting easily and convenient. Cutter chooses excellent steel and the hardness is up to the international standard. The base is molded by one time and looks very beautiful. The slice is durable, operating easily and cutting smoothly. Plastic Paper Cutter: The base extends to the end for single forming, without crack, without jointing, the line concinnity, the scale line is durable, using ...

Stationery Lovely Fairy Manual Pencil Sharpener
1) Alterable clamps openings for multiple pencil sizes. 2) Helix blades cutter is very sharp to keep points sharp. 3) Large capacity shavings receptacle to collect wooden remainder. 4) Solid plastic construction. 5) Fix it completely at workable position with clamp. 6) Also use as a toy to play for children. 7) Size: approx 4" x 3" x 4". 8) Max pencil diameter: 9mm. 9) L shape Clamp included. 10) Weight: 220g
Product Group: Pencil Sharpener

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