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List extensive product information of Packaging Machinery (include Cap Machine, Bottle Filling Machine, Pouch Machine, Wrapping Machine), provided by Packaging Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Automatic Rinsing Filling Capping Machine
Automatic Rinsing Filling Capping Machine for 5 Gallon Bottle. Among membrane processes which are driven by pressure, ultra filtration is a fraction technique that can simultaneously concentrate macromolecules or colloidal substances. QGF series automatic barreled rinsing filling capping machine this series machine specially produces 5 gallons barreled drinking water.
Company: Changzhou Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Packing Machine
This machine is suitable for powder and particle packaging. It features high precision and high speed, auto-weighting, auto-clip bag, auto-seal. People are required to help support the bags at first. The total machine is made of stainless steel, suitable for heavy package, package weight and total height can be made according to your needs.

Automatic Film Wrapping Packing Machine
1) Adaptability is good, high efficiency and low electricity-consumption decrease labor. 2) Can protect the package against dust and dampnes while keeping it clean. 3) Can decrease the scratches on the package, improve the surface quality, and make the package more secure

Automatic Packing Machine
1) Back-side seal. 2) It is able to automatically finish the process of bag making, measuring, filling, cutting, seal, counting and printing series number. 3) Adopt advanced microcomputer controller to drive and control the length of bag with stable performance and accurate testing. Meanwhile, it is easy to operate. 4) Intelligent temperature controller and PID adjustment make sure the error rage of temperature
Company: Changzhou Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Chemical Industry Packing Machinery
It can be used in the industries of pharmaceutics, foodstuffs, cosmetics, daily chemicals for smoothly and accurately filling all kinds of pasty and viscous fluid and the materials alike, into soft metal tubes and then carrying out tube end folding, sealing and lot number printing. Compact design and auto tube feed. Driving part fully-closed. Tube washing and feeding marking identification, filling, folding, sealing, code printing and finished product output all conducted by a fully auto ...

Handkerchief Packaging Machine
The automatic packing machine utilizes the advanced control of the PLC and HMI operational interfaces. It incorporates a high degree of automation, simple operation, and step-less speed regulating to deliver stable performance. Paper conveying, edge-siding, angle-winding, sealing, paper output, and labeling are all performed simultaneously, saving production costs and improving efficiency. The machine produces standard and mini handkerchiefs.

Auto Liquid Packing Machine
This machine is widely used to pack liquids of low and high viscosity; such as pure water, mild juice, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar and wine. It can automatically sterilize the film with violet ray, form the bag, pint the code, precisely fill the product and seal and cut at one time. Specifications: 1) Model: DXD-1000. 2) Power; 380 / 50Hz 1.4kW. 3) Capacity: 500 - 1,000ml. 4) Packing speed: 1,200 - 1,800 bags/hr. 5) Machine weight: 460kg. 6) Machine size: 1,060 x 850 x 1,850mm

Solid-Inker Printing Sealer
1) Power supply: 110V , 220V, 780W. 2) Sealing speed: 0-10m/min. 3) Sealing width: 6-15mm. 4) Heat temp.: 0-300degree. 5) Printing letters: 2 line 30 letters with inker. 6) Conveyor loading: 7.5kg

PET Bottle Filling Machine
Constant pressure filler is a kind of advanced level can-filling equipment which is researched, improved and made according to the filling technique requirement of can-drink of our country on the base of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. It is mainly used in filling soda drink, such as cola, light sparkling wine, mineral water and so on. It has advantages of advanced structure, smooth working, reliable, safe operation, convenient maintenance, stepless ...
Company: Changzhou Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Adjustable Cellophane Film Tridmensional Packer Machine
1) Anti-forging, damp-proof, dust-free. 2) Improves product value, product grade and decorative quality. 3) Uses: suitable for the single, automated packaging of various box products in such industries as drugs, health products, foods, cosmetics, stationery and audio-video. 4) Functionality: a) This machine is stable and reliable. b) Provides a firm, smooth and beautiful seal. c) Able to perform automatic parcel feeding, folding, hot sealing, packing and numbering to various goods. d) Also ...

Multifunction Pouch Machine
This fully automatic packaging machine is suitable for producing various plastic-plastic, paper-plastic and paper-paper laminated materials, and is an ideal equipment for producing three-side sealing and five-side sealing standing pouches. Performance and features: 1) Whole machine is controlled by a PLC control system. 2) LCD real-time screen display is used to monitor operational status. 3) Pouch making speed, pouch length, temperature, counting, punching, finished product conveyor ...

Waste Foam Packing Machine
It is equipment which mainly used in the field of dealing with waste sponge, and make them for good use again. Waste packing machine is to pile up the waste sponge together, then press them into small block in order to avoid occupation of too much place for convenient and very well storage and use. Packing power of the waste sponge for this equipment is about 130kg more or less.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Blow Moulding Machine Combination
Suitable to produce different shapes of pet bottle form 100ml until 6,000ml bottle. Blowing part use Festo pneumatic, Germany. Can be operate step by step or semi automatic mode. Wide mouth jar and hot fill bottle can be made. 2 main blows and 1 enlarge preheater can save energy and worker. Specifications of the machine: Volume: 0.05-2.5 (2CAV); 3-6 L (1CAV). Theoretical output: 0.05-2.5L: 1,700pcs/ hr; 3-6L: 800pcs/hr. Clamping force: 90kN. High press compressor: 1.2/30MPa. Power: 6kW. ...

Automatic Carton-Packing Machine
Automatic balcony-style packing machine in intermittent movement .This machine inspected by photoelectric switches is controlled by PLC programs to realize each function in accordance with assurance of the quality of products. The machine mainly consists of the major parts. Paper folding machine (folding manuals) and carton packing machine. The paper folding machine folds the manual and then transports it to the board-pushing spot and then to put them together into the carton, The carton ...

Auto Shrink Tunnels
Use foreign advanced screw technology, excellent special effects contraction Daily workload can be as high as 2-3 million pieces, suitable for mass production The aircraft carrier roller using Silastic a die-casting shaped, and durable. Electrical Machinery Plant names are used to meet the load, prolonged operation needs. Three-tier insulation devices hourly consumption only 5-7kw. With "L" type belt transmission is automatically closed plane, packing more automation. Import ...

EPS Foam Cup Making Machine
Technical Data: 1. Material used: EPS. 2. Foaming area: L1100 *W310 (mm). 3. Foaming height: 3 ~ 180 (mm). 4. Foaming speed: >2000pcs/hour (One foaming machine with 8 moulds)

Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine
The machine is suitable for producing PET, PC, PP, and PE bottles, which are used for packing mineral water, beverage, edible oil, pesticide, cosmetic, and medicine by blow moulding. It automatically controls temperature, loads and releases mould with robot. It features small size, low energy consumption, low price, easy operation and maintenance.

Mineral Water PET Bottle Filling Machine
500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml PET bottle mineral water plant. Capacity 2000BPH (500ml). With rinser, filler and capper 3 in 1 function. This kind of complete set of machine combines washing, filling and rotary capping functions in one unit; it is fully automatic and high efficiency liquid packing equipment. With washing, filling, sealing function. Suitable diameter of bottle (mm): Bottle=50-100mm H=170mm. Capacity: 500ml & 1500ml, normal figure. Spraying pressure (kg/cm2): 2~3. Motor power: ...

Shrink Packaging Machine
It is widely applied in the packaging of beer, beverage, dairy, pure water, canned food and chemical products. This machine is designed based on consolidation of int'l equivalent products' advanced technology with assemblies adopting high precision manufacture and control system using international advanced technology. Its operation is stable and safe, high effective and low consumption. Single machine can meet the requirements of shrink film only, film plus pad and film plus tray ...

High Speed Cap Screwing Machine
Features: 1) This machine is used in packing of pharmaceutical industry, food industry and light industry. 2) The passing bottle body can be 100% revolved taut trough three set of reverse rubber wheels and two set of direct synchronous belts. 3) The speed and degree of tightness of spiral capping can be adjusted according to users' requirement. 4) The specification of bottle (Ø35-100mm) can automatically be rearranged, conveyed and revolved. 5) Can be used along with automatic counting ...

Plastic Cap Molding Machine
The plastic bottle cap molding machine can melt studded plastic with heat and cut into molding hollows. The machine can produce more caps, save more energy while not wasting any material. This is a patented machine in China. We have also got the CE certificate in order to expand to the European market. Specifications: 1) Capacity: 10,000-12,000pcs/hour. 2) Molding machine power: 3kW. 3) Engine output power: 3kW. 4) Output heating circle power: 1 x 6 + 0.3 x 4kW. 5) Voltage: three phase, ...

Filling Machine
Vanta's bottle water filling system include rinsing, filling and capping system, which is an advanced bottle filling line in China, researched and designed by ourselves according to filling techniques requirements of pure water and mineral water. Vanta's drink water filling technology has successfully supplied high-quality equipments and perfect services to many domestic and abroad famous beverage enterprises such as Wahaha, Robust, Runtian, coca-cola, etc. Capacity: ...

Semi-Automatic Box Packing Machine
Semi-Automatic Box Packing Machine is used to seal various kinds of packing boxes. It is incorporated electronic and mechanic technology, featuring of stable running, simple operation, and high automatization. It has many kinds of sizes for you to choose, which facilitates the customers to use the machine. Specifications: 1) Name of equipment: semi-automatic box packing machine. 2) Product size: according to the box size. 3) Processing capacity: 40 - 50boxes/min. 4) Required power: 2kW. 5) ...

Automatic Packaging Machine
1) Adopts the packaging mode of form feeding in the lower part and sealing in the upper an middle. 2) Adopts programmable and German photo electrical control system, integrating the functions of pillow. 3) Packer and vertical packer. 4) Scope of application: package of soft stripe or bulk materials such as towel, tissue, noodle, squid egg roll, sausage ice cream, biscuits, fresh, fruit and jelly candy

Thermoforming Machine
It is used for forming PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET plastic sheets, which can be widely used to produce all kinds of plastic boxes, containers and other plastic wares, such as ice-cream cups, milk cups chocolate package boxes, candy boxes and fast food boxes. 1. Maximum forming area: 330 x 580mm. 2. Maximum forming depth: 120mm. 3. Maximum width rage of sheet 300 - 600mm. 4. Thickness range of sheet: 0.3 - 2.5mm. 5. Max. sheet roller diameter: 800mm. 6. Air pressure: 0. 7MPa. 7. Water ...

Double Twist Wrapping Machine for Candies
1) This machine with feeding disk for candies wrapping in double twist with one or two papers. 2) 100% packing, no empty packs. 3) The color code of computer photoelectric automatic track. 4) Speed adjusting of frequency conversion. 5) Candy size: a) Length: 12 - 34mm ; b) Width: 12 - 24 ; c) Thickness: 6 - 20mm. 6) Wrapping material: Cellophane, PVC, polypropilene, waxed paper, couple material, etc. 7) Power: 2.2kw. 8) Speed: 600pcs/min

Multi-functional Bag Packing Machine
This machine adopts a series of more function bag-making in back side packaging machine. According to sealing different, it's to extend packaging granular, liquid, sauce, powder. Features: A series of packaging machine uses extensined. It is suitable 100-1000ml products automatic packaging. All the works of bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting can be done automatically, with aphoto-call apparatus. PT/PE, BOPP/PE, AL/PE and other heatable sealed laminated film, etc.

Card wrapping machine
Usage: Be suitable for packaging all kinds of PVC and paper cards under high speed. Features: - Extraordinary price-performance Ratio: Designed for running at 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. High speed! High precision! High stability! - Unique patent welding procedure: Sealed in one run. More compact. - High precision sealing system: Excellent ultrasonic system and 4 sides sealing process ensure precious sealing. - PLC control, easy and convenient: High-tech touch screen ...
Product Group: Wrapping Machine
Company: Guangzhou Santuo Identification Tech Co.,Ltd    China

Wrap around labeling machine
Be suitable for automatic labeling round bottles in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and beverage industries. Can be used for labeling square bottles by changing some parts. Be suitable for labeling bottles with different diameter and height with this machine. Be able to supply customized solutions to meet different labeling needs. Technical Specification: Diameter of bottles: 20-90mm, 30-160mm Speed: 100-250 cards/Min Labeling Accuracy: ±1.0mm Power Supply: 220VAC, Hz ...
Product Group: Labeling Machine
Company: Guangzhou Santuo Identification Tech Co.,Ltd    China

DPP88-120 blister packing machinery
DPP (88-120) Mini Automatic Blister packing Machine This machine is a medicine packing machine by innovating design of our company,it is function reaches at leading in China.This latest generation blister packing machine widely used in small pharmacy factory,dosage room of hospital,institute laboratory, health cate product platm food industry.It is applied to ALU-plastic,ALU-ALU blister packing fo rtablet, sugar-coated tablets,smallhardware etc. Technical data: Punch ...
Company: Liaoning Bright Shine Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd    China

DCH0906 paper box cutting machine
blade,pen,creasing,wheel,servo motor Effective cutting area(mm)900*600 it is used in carton factory&color printing factory,it can cut and crease 2mm card paper and E corrugated paper max speed 1000mm/s smallest cutting diameter 1000mm/s maximum cutting thickness 2mm card paper and E corrugated paper control line and driver servo vacum 1.5KW data form 220V±10%50Hz data port PCI port data transmission speed 100MB/S Using dimension (mm) 1340*1070*1070 Input cushion area 32MB
Product Group: Paper Box Cutting Machine
Company: china aoke carton LGP box packing printing clothing bag shoe light stikcer electronic patttern sample maker plotter cutting machine company    China

DCH1209 paper box cutting machine
blade, pen, creasing, wheel, servo motor Effective cutting area(mm) 1200*900 it is used in carton factory&color printing factory,it can cut and crease 2mm card paper and E corrugated paper max speed 1000mm/s smallest cutting diameter 1000mm/s maximum cutting thickness 2mm card paper and E corrugated paper control line and driver servo vacum 1.5KW data form 220V±10%50Hz data port PCI port data transmission speed 100MB/S Using dimension (mm) 1635*1370*1070 Input cushion area ...
Product Group: Paper Box Cutting Machine
Company: china aoke carton LGP box packing printing clothing bag shoe light stikcer electronic patttern sample maker plotter cutting machine company    China

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