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List extensive product information of Packaging Materials, provided by Packaging Material manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Shrink Film and Shrink Bags
We can make PO, PVC, PE shrink film and shrink bags with customized printing. Function: 1) Food, beverage and household articles packing. 2) Drugs and health-care products outer/collective packing. 3) Plastic goods & hardware packing. 4) Stationary, toys and books packing. 5) Electronic and AV products packing
Product Group: Shrink Bag

Thermo-forming plastic trays keep your products in place. Clamshell, blister tray, blister cover and fold-edge blister are available.

Aluminum Foil Tape
1) Length: 10m ~ 1,000m 2) Width: 48mm ~ 1,200mm 3) Thickness: 18 microns ~ 50 microns 4) Glue: acrylic adhesive and hot melt adhesive
Product Group: Aluminum Foil Tape

Tin Bucket
1) (dia) 104/ (dia) 75 x 110 mm. 2) Material: 0.23mm galvanized metal. 3) Various colors available. 4) Using as a pot without handle available

PET Shrink Film
These products are with a cross contraction rate of 70%, and less than 3% for vertical. The shrink film is nontoxic, odor free and environmentally friendly with high strength, high contraction rate and favorable packing effects. Hence, the products are wildly used for food packing, glasses packing, commodity packing, machine packing, beer labels and trademark labels. Currently, this PET heat shrink film is the best packing material as a replacement for PVC products.
Product Group: Shrink Film

PVC Twistable Candy Wrapping
1) Material: PVC, PET. 2) Used for candy. 3) Machine friendly and allows high-speed automation packing. 4) Good kinking memory. 5) Bright color printing with high value feeling. 6) Size and material: according to clients' requests

Packing Box
1) Material: paper, paper board. 2) Clients' any requirement acceptable. 3) Used for packing. 4) We can make shapes accordingly. 5) Any size and design available

High Pressure Laminate Protective Film
1) Base film: PE (polyethylene) film for general purpose and compact laminate, and PET (polyester) for heat resistant postforming grade high pressure laminate. 2) Thickness: a) PE: 2mil (0.05mm) - 4mil (0.10mm) ; b) PET: 0.019 - 0.025mm ; 3) Width: 3', 4', 5' and 6' ; 4) Length: 500m ; 5) Colors: blue, clear ; 6) Adhesion: low, medium, medium plus and high ; 7) Also can be used on solid surfacing material for counter top
Product Group: Laminate Protective Film
Company: Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Sealed Can
1) The cover could be plastic or metal tin. 2) Material: 0.23mm (thickness) tinplate. 3) Size: (Dia.) 89 x (H) 144mm. 4) Printing: full offset printing

Pharmaceutical Glass Tube
1) Coefficient of mean linear expansion: 7.3±0.1. 2) Transformation temperature: 550±15oC. 3) Working point: 1,110±20oC. 4) Softening point:: 750±20oC. 5) For ampoule and vial.
Product Group: Glass Tube

Perforated Paper Joint Tape
Perforated paper drywall tape is made with high quality paper. With laser perforation and strong center crease, it is easy application for perfect job. Regular size: 5cm x 75m ; 5cm x 150m

Plastic Caps
1) Materials available: PP, ABS. 2) Different sizes available. 3) High quality, reasonable prices and various colors

Laminated Tubes
Manufacture packaging tube from china. These tubes are a good barrier to mucilage glue, light, moisture, and smell. Can be heat sealed.
Company: Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Polyimide Film
1) Very similar to DuPont's. 2) Core material: paper / plastic core. 3) Size: 76mm (152mm). 4) Appearance: transparent or semi-transparent golden film with smooth and flat surface and without any needles, bubbles or electrically conductive impurities

Sculptural Tin Tea Caddy
1) Material available: pure tin. 2) Various fashionable designs. 3) Available in customized specifications. 4) No poison and can prolong preservation of tea. 5) Good gift and wonderful museum piece. 6) Thailand amorous style

T-shirt Bags
1) Material: HDPE, LDPE. 2) Available in different colors and specifications. 3) Suitable for use in supermarkets, shops, homes, etc

Plastic Remote Controller Box
1) The item is made of plastic in acrylic look. 2) It has a chrome plated metal rack with 2 black rubber "feet" on the rack. 3) There are 6 compartments for remote controls. 4) Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 11cm

Linear Flexible Tube
Single chip linear flexible tube. Double chip 3528 SMD LED. Size of each section: 76 x 7 x 0.25mm, 6pcs LED. Power dissipation (W) each section: lower than 0.72W. Luminous flux (lm) each section: 24lm. Maximum meters length: 4.8meters/roll with 384pcs LED. Controller unit available to get changing function like fade in and out or sound
Product Group: Flexible Tube

Woven Bags
1) Name: cotton / PP woven bag. 2) Item 1: general width: 40 - 220m, weight: 60 - 330gsm. 3) Item 2: Jumbo size: 35 x 35 x 40", white 5oz. coated fabric weight: 2,500g / 3,500g / 4,000g

Cold-Pressed Adhesive Tape
Cold pressing adhesive tape: the tape is also devided into 2 aspects: a) threaded cold pressing adhesive tape ; b) leather cold pressing adhesive tape, they have same feature: thickness: 0.13 ±0.02mm ; Width: 8, 12,18, 23, 28mm ; length:200m ; core:76mm(diameter). Usage: used in metal spray-masking during production of metal film capacitor. Advantage:cover easily, peel easily, no vestige, no pollution.
Product Group: Adhesive Tape

Plastic Laminated Sealing Film
1) Widely used for sealing containers. 2) Suitable for packing foodstuff, such as jelly, beverage, dairy, sauce, and purified water. 3) Strong sealing, easy tear, non-delamination after pasteurization, non-leakage, flat and smooth appearance after shrinkage

Aluminium Foils
Specifications: 1) Length: from 3m to 300m ; 2) Width: from 25cm to 60cm ; 3) Thickness: from 11mic to 25mic
Company: Shanghai Sanying Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Glass Bottle
1) Unique design. 2) Three heads. 3) Each 120C bottle to be combined together. 4) Single bottle capacity: 200±5ml. 5) Neck finish: PRPP. 6) Single bottle net weight: 300g. 7) Cap: aluminum
Product Group: Glass Bottle

Push Out Bottle Caps
We produce battle cap, bottle lid from china. Features: 1) Push out bottle caps are easy to open. 2) Anti-fake plastic bottle caps for 500 - 700ml bottle mouth

Paper Handle
1) We manufacture handles for bags. 2) Diameter of paper rope: 3-5mm. 3) Distance of two rope ends: 9-12mm.

Self Adhesive with Aluminum Foil Paper
Features: 1) Face paper: aluminum foil paper. 2) Bottom paper: 73g yellow paper. 3) Adhesive: water based adhesive or hot melt paper

Anti-Fake Bottle Cap
1).Material:PP plastic. 2).Size:dia.33xH47, dia. 33.5xH48, dia. 33.5xH49, dia. 33.5xH58.5. 3).Cap color: available according to customer's request. 4).Logo color: available according to customer's request. 5).Print type: Silkscreen printing, hot stamping

We can supply wine bottles, beer bottles, beverage bottles, liquor bottles, oil and vinegar bottles. Volume: 4 - 50oz. Color: Transparent or with color.

Self-adhesive Fiberglass Tape
Self-adhesive Fiberglass Tape is used woven fiberglass mesh as base material, after coated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid then clean cut into different width and length tape. The chemical stability and no oxygenated property of fiberglass make the tapes have superiority that other materials can not be compared with. The products with good performances, like good softness, high stickiness, easy application, it gives you the best solution for the wall problems like wall crakes, ...

Flexitanks which is one economical Packing solutions for liquid products. Flexitanks to suit 20' and 40' containers. Range from 10,000 Litres to 24,000 Litres. Single use flexitanks VERY Good price.
Company: Flexitank Industrial Co.,Ltd    China

Glass cartridge
We manufacture glass cartridge 1.8ml.2.25ml.3ml. This is for filling in lidocaine,insulin etc. We can also manufacture according to customers requirements.
Company: Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co.,Ltd    China

BOPP plain film
Super clear and glossy BOPP film with single/both side(s) corona treated. It is widely used in packaging industry such as printing, lamination and Aluminium metallization. Featuring : Super high transparency and glossy,Super high tensile strength Super high grease barrier, Excellent ink and coating adhesion Low static electricity,Superior thickness uniformity Smoothness of the vertical section and much compact of film rolls winding Specifications Thickness:12-75 micron ...
Product Group: BOPP Film
Company: Asia Pacific International Group    china

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