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List extensive product information of Packaging Bags (include Stand Pouch, Handle Bag, PVC Bag, Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Woven Bag), provided by Packaging Bag manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Vegetable bag
Size: width x length (40*60,45*75,50*80cm). Weight: 27±1g,29±1g,31±1g. Color : customized. It is non-toxic, portable, ventilated and economical.
Product Group: Vegetable Bag
Company: Changzhou Minghe Plastic and Rubber Co., Ltd.    China

Super Bag
1) 100% recycle material. 2) Durable and tearproof. 3) Flexible intermediate bulk container. 4) Used for storage and transport of free flowing granular and powdered products. 5) Cost effective. 6) Easy to handle

Paper Big Bag
1) Dimensions: according to clients' specific requirements. 2) Function: to pack all kinds of gifts, clothes and cosmetics. 3) Materials: C2S art paper, duplex board with white back, C1S FBB board, ivory card-board , white / brown kraft paper. 4) Surface disposal: gloss / matte lamination, vanish, aqueous coating, UV coating, gold / silver stamping. 5) Delicate design, fine craftsmanship, high quality and reasonable prices.

PE Woven Bag
1) Body material: 120 microns PE woven fabric with matte film. 2) Dimensions (W x H x D): 45x35x12cm. 3) Handle: pp webbing, 2.5x50cmx2pcs. 4) Printing: gravure, 4 colors
Product Group: Woven Bag

Handle Bag
1) Material: HDPE, LDPE, PP, CPP, Co-extrusion. 2) Film colors: natural, white, blue, green, etc. 3) Sizes: a) HDPE: 10-100cm in width ; b) LDPE: 5-100cm in width ; c) PP: 5-60cm in width ; d) BOPP, CPP: 5-50cm in width ; e) CPP: 5-50cm in width ; f) Co-extrusion: 5-100cm in width ; g) Print: 1-8 colors from clear to rainbow
Product Group: Handle Bag
Company: Jiangyin Tianpeng Packing New Material Co., Ltd.    China

Soft PVC Bag
Soft PVC bags are popular for packing underwear, toys and stationery. 1. Material: soft PVC, EVA. 2. Thickness of material: from 0.12mm to 0.50mm. 3. We can print the bag by offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, emboss and frosted effect printing
Product Group: PVC Bag

Ham Bag
Ham bag: Bag size: 42*60cm. Fabric: 100% cotton 100gsm. Logo: 1 color logo printed on 1 side ,80% printed area. It is used for ham packing and promotions

Standing Pouch with Handle
1) We can make according to clients' requirements. 2) Can be used as a plastic bottle and metal can. 3) Greatly reduces the packaging cost. 4) Suitable for packing beverage, edible oil and light wine. 5) Convenient for handling and putting aside
Product Group: Standing Pouch

Retort Pouches
1) Lamination from high quality raw material, PET, PA, CPP, and aluminum. 2) Suitable for food and nourishment sterilizing after packaging under high temperature, such as cooked meat, instant food, and chestnuts. 3) Able to stand up to high or cold temperatures, good puncture resistance, ultraviolet resistance

Zip Lock Bag
1. Made of PE via common lamination and mold-blowing. 2. Customized printing, design and size. 3. Printing, zipper-fixing. 4. High quality and low price. 5. Generous, exquisite and convenient use. 6. Mainly used for those outer package, garment, electric apparatus, commodities etc...
Product Group: Zip Lock Bag
Company: Jiangyin Tianpeng Packing New Material Co., Ltd.    China

Non-Woven Tree Bag
1) Name: non-woven tree bag. 2) Dimensions: 5*1.6m. 3) Material: 30g non-woven. 4) Mainly used to prevent overmuch frost, dew, rain to tree or protect the tree against the cold
Product Group: Non-Woven Bag

Waterproof Bag
1) Transparent front and back. 2) Many colors available. 3) Black sealing clip for high visibility. 4) Different bags can be attached in both sides with black sealing clip. 5) Some sizes available. 6) Used in beaches and pools. 7) Also used in boating, paddling and fishing. 8) 100% waterproof and watertight. 9) Users friendly. 10) Effective protection for cell phones, cameras and PDAs. 11) You can use the PDA or mobile phone through plastic cover

Aluminum Bag for Milk Powder
1) PET/AL/PE, or PET/NY/AL/PE, or PET/AL/CPP, or PET/NY/AL/CPP. 2) Side gusset bag shape can be made. 3) Printing colors can up to 10 colors. 5) Thickness and size are decided by customer's requirements. 6) Used for storing food, tea, milk powder

Packing Paper Sacks
Composite packing sacks of vinylon soluble yarn are new type packing sacks. They are made with new process of weft surrounding contiguously and non-middle-suture by the composite sack-making machine. General, composite packing sack consists of 2-layers of national standard sack-making paper outside and inside, with glued net vinylon yarn in between, thus combining 3 in 1. Due to vinylon soluble yarn without condensating aldehyde treatment, it can dissolve into about 80oC hot water, so the ...

1) Good quality of plastic material that provides high level of transparency, not only protects the inside. 2) PVC bags have different styles and shapes. Suitable for products need exquisite packing like toy or gift industry
Product Group: PVC Bag
Company: Jiangyin Tianpeng Packing New Material Co., Ltd.    China

Vacuum Pouches
Features: 1) Structure: PA / tie / PA / EVOH / PA / tie / PE. 2) Thickness variation: 70 - 120um. 3) Proportion of nylon layer: 15 - 20%. 4) Proportion of EVOH layer: 3 - 15%. Functions: 1) Moisture barrier. 2) Oxygen barrier. 3) Prevents the increasing of the microbes. 4) Prevents the losing of the odor of the food. 5) Prevents the losing by the freezing. 6) Keeps out the touch by human. 7) To meet the requirements of the sanitation. Applications: 1) Bloated food: banger, ham, preserved ham ...

BOPP Plastic Bag
1) Material: 0.11mm BOPP Plastic, look and feel like paper. 2) Size: customized sizes are available. 3) Printing: 1 color. 4) Handle: white cotton rope with plastic end. 5) Reinforced header and base. 6) Ideal for shopping, gift packaging, promotion, and retail store

PP, PVC Gift Bags
1) The material can be transparent, translucent or opaque, including many different colors for your choice. 2) The surface of bag can be glossy, frosting, rainproof, faviform, mixed dot, litchi veins, weaving, glue roller, twill, sunflower veins. 3) Cotton rope, PP rope, PP plastic handles, PVC tube or die cut hold handles for carrying. 4) The printing can be UV oil print, screen print, rotogravure print. 5) Hot seal the side and bottom of bag in order make the bag more durable and firm. The ...

Tod Seal Lid / Spout Added Standing Pouch
1) Stable heat sealing, leveling and easy peel. 2) Excellent heat sealing property. 3) Good moisture barrier, leak proof. 4) Strong film shape. 5) Superior printing quality. 6) Standing pouch with spout

Polymesh Bags & PP Leno Mesh Bags
Polymesh Bags & PP Leno Mesh Bags. Density of Warp: 10 Pairs/10cm Warp: 14 Pairs/10cm. Warp & Weft: Weft: 20-22 Pcs/10cm Weft: 22-24 Pcs/10cm. Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White etc. Type: Big, Medium, Small Mesh

Double Layer Composite PE Bag
Specifications: 1) Models: A15, A20, A22, A25 2) 15L, 20L, 22L and 25L double layer composite PE use: outside with high temperature cartons after filling package, light weight, hermetic capacity, sufficient carrying capacity, environmental friendly capacity, low cost, one-off packing, accords with sanitation requests for food 3) It is one of packing which is popular in overseas 4) Used in public dining rooms, restaurants and families

Kraft Paper / Woven PP Compound Bag
1) Material: kraft paper outside / WPP inside. 2) Width: 350 - 650mm. 3) Length: according to customers' requirements. 4) Print: according to customers' requirements. 5) Closing bottom in additive tape. 6) Use: for packing pulverous or granular materials, such as chemical fertilizer, synthetic materials, dynamite, foodstuff, salt, sugar, mineral and cement

Handy Paper Bag
1) Various sizes, inks, colors, and paper types available. 2) Handle: cotton, PP, or paper rope, with a variety of knitting methods available. 3) Used to pack clothes, shoes and gifts

Quilt / Blanket Bags
1) Various beautiful printings available, according to customers' requirements. 2) Various specifications and colors available. 3) Our quilt bags are made of non-woven, PVC and artificial leather, for a durable bedding packaging

Center Sealed Pouch
Center sealed pouches, T style bags, backed side sealed bags. Up to 8 colors gravure printing on 2 sides as per your artwork provided both side gusset, available. Various constructions of the films, such as PE films, BOPP films, Nylon films, etc.

LDPE Zipper Bag
1) Material: PO, PP, PE, OPP. 2) Soft loop handle, die cut handle, patch handle, PO/PP/PE/OPP rigid handle, and side seal and bottom seal. 3) Length: 3 - 25cm. 4) Width: 4 - 170cm. 5) Thickness: 0.015 - 0.3mm. 6) Recyclable and anti-static bags available. 7) Plastic or copper mould printing and 8-color printing available
Product Group: Zipper Bag

Food Bag
1) Food grade and green material, ideal for the food packaging. 2) Plastic or copper mould printing and 8-color printing available. 3) Customized designs and printing available upon requests. 4) Various sizes, inks and colors available

Packaging Bags
1) Size: 280 x 378mm. 2) Beautiful design. 3) Strong and waterproof. 4) Colors and ink coverage as customers' specifications. 5) Finishing: gloss/matte/aminate, gloss/matte/warmish and UV coating are optional

Paper Bags
1) Innovative and unique design. 2) Various sizes, inks and colors are available. 3) Various paper material are available such as art paper, kraft paper and white card paper. 4) Can be made as per customers' designs and requirements. 5) Used to pack clothes, shoes and gifts
Product Group: Paper Bag

Flexible Packaging Bag
1) Lamination from OPP, PET, PA, AL, VMPET, CPP, PE. 2) Our products can apply to: shampoo, detergent, soap, softener, pesticide, cosmetic, mask

Blanket Bag
Manufacturer of zipper bag, PVC hand bag, garment bag, gift bag, cosmetic bags: 1). Material: pvc, environmental pvc; clear, super clear pvc, matt pvc 2). It is used as blanket/carpet/quilt bag/holder. 3). Size, thickness and color are determined by customers requirement.
Company: Xiamen Honyi Plastic Factory    China

Pvc Handle Bag
1) material: Pvc 2) Size, color and other specifications are based on clients' individual specifications(requirement). 3) Thickness: according to your personalized requirement 4) Customers' specifications accepted. 5) Customers could design printing artwork or logo by themselves. 6) Outer packing: Standard export cartons
Product Group: Handle Bag
Company: Xiamen Honyi Plastic Factory    China

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