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List extensive product information of Packaging Tapes (include Bopp Packing Tape, Sealing Tape, Adhesive Tape), provided by Packaging Tape manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Adhesive Tape
Features: 1) Suitable for letter press, rotary, silk screen, thermal transfer printing, especially for hot stamping 2) Coated with different glue with different paper 3) Surface material: polyester satin 4) Various colors available
Product Group: Adhesive Tape
Company: Zhejiang King Woven Label Co., Ltd.    China

Packing Tape
1) Transparent / pure white, strong viscidity, aging resistance. 2) Initial viscidity: 14 steel ball. 3) Sustained viscidity: 24hrs. 4) PH value: 7 - 8. 5) Peer force: 2.5N/cm. 6) Length: 25 - 1,000m. 7) Width: 24mm - 1.02m. 8) Thickness: 36 - 60 microns. 9) Colors: transparent, light yellow, pure white, ivory, brown
Company: Shangyu Hongyang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.    China

BOPP Packaging Tape
Material: BOPP. It has been extensively used for the box sealing, objective fixing; fastening and sticking. It is a staple for the special-purpose, such as cartooning sealing, art design, gift packaging, and mass fashion pocket closing. It is of wide use.
Company: Shenzhen Oker Tape Co., Ltd.    China

Packaging Tape
Bopp packaging tape (colorless and color) is suitable for packaging of all kinds of products with the characteristics of tastefree, innocuity, good feeling and adhesiveness etc. Physical Properties: Maximum Width:1.2cm~7.2cm; Heal resistance(steel ball): ≥13; Peel adhesion(Newton/25mm): ≥5; Holding power(mm/hrs): ≤3.
Company: Shangyu Hongyang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.    China

Specials Packaging tape
Our range of special packaging tapes consists of carry handle tape, resealing tape, bag sealing tape and bundling tape. 1. light-weight backing; 2. high adhesion; 3. high tensile strength; 4. weather-resistance; 5. broad temperature range; 6. printable.

Opp packing tape
Specifications: 1) Length: 10m ~ 500m; 2) Width: 50mm ~ 1,000mm; 3) Thickness: 40 microns, 45 microns, 50 microns; 4) Glue: water adhesive; 5) Best quality.
Company: Shenzhen Oker Tape Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Packaging tape
1, Size: thickness: 0.13mm, various sizes are available. 2, Specifications: Tensile strength: 18N/cm, Elongation:100%, Adhesive: Rubber, Adhesion: 1.5N/cm.
Company: Shangyu Hongyang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.    China

Packaging Tape 2 X 110 Yard
This is very good packaging tape. 1. 8 mil, easy use it the important thing is: it is low price. Perfect stick, and pure plastic. It is work as low as the temperature -2. So it is can use for any product. 72 rolls in one box: AUD 0.70 cents per roll.
Company: Shenzhen Oker Tape Co., Ltd.    China

BOPP Packaging Tapes
1) BOPP packaging tape with water based acrylic adhesive and high tensile strength. 2) Color: clear, tan, yellow, red, multicolor and printed. 3) Thickness: 38 - 65 microns. 4) Width: 12cm, 24cm, 36cm, 45cm, 48cm, 50cm, 60cm, 72cm, 76cm. 5) Length: 10 - 1,000m.

PP Package Tape Machine Set
The screw of extruder is made of premium steel after fine machining and nitrogen hardening and it features wear resistance and long service life. The complete system consists of sven machines such as Model ø80 extruder, Model ø60 extruder, stainless steel cooling sizing water tank, heating air oven, stretching-printing-embossing cylinder, printing ink drying device and machine winder. The recycled PP granules and used plastic tapes are used as major raw material. During the course of ...

BOPP printed packaging tape
1) Widely used in automated carton packing machines throughout different industries. 2) Can be printed with company's logo and is available in various colors. 3) Size and exact specifications are made as per clients' requirements. 4) The tape can be supplied with various colors and be printed with company's logos on it. 5) Widely used for sealing cartons and packing.

Various Of Packaging Tape
OPP tape: water proof and weather proof economy grade film tape. for sealing. of medium weight cartons. Cloth tape: polyethylene coated cloth tape. comes in vrilliant colors. super high adhesion and easy rewinding for packing, sealine, strapping, jointing marking, identifying and other use in many fields. Remoist tape: this glue super bonding agents, which coated on the kraft paper. for packing, sealing plywood joining, marking and oil resistance. Paper adhesive tape (crepe paper): ...

Packaging Tapes With Dispenser
Two rolls of high quality packing tapes packed together with an economical hand tape dispensers for carton sealing and other packing purposes. Suitable for home use, moving service use and light industry use. Size: 2 rolls x 48 mm x 30 yard with 1 tape dispenser ; 2 rolls x 60 mm x 30 yard with 1 tape dispenser. Color: Clear, Brown, Super Clear. Quantity/Carton: 12 set.

Bopp Packing Tape In Jumbo Roll
1) take best Bopp film with better Tensile strength,Elongation break rate and other properties. 2) research and develop glue water for long present,we have almost 50 kinds glue water, they can meet almost entire demands of packing tape. 3) made by high precision coating line,average thickness and enough dry.

Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tapes
1) Meets requirements on environmental protection due to its substrate of Kraft paper. 2) Suitable for packaging and adhesion. 3) Adhesive: solvent acrylic or water acrylic. 4) Width: 25 - 1,020mm. 5) Length: 20 - 1,000m.

Thermal Label Glue
This product adopts USA-made DuPont resin, mainly used for adhesion of embroidery and fabric. It is ideal for textile adhesion and good wash-ability. It is easy for use, with high efficiency, poison-free and friendly to environment. Thickness: 0.06 - 0.18mm. Width: 47".

Joint Tape
Fibreglass joint tape ; Mesh: 8x8,9x9 ; Weight: 50-80gsm ; Width: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 1,000mm, 1,200mm ; Length of roll: 20/ 45/ 50/ 90/ 153 meters or customer size. Packing: 1 roll packed with plastic bag or Shrink film pack ; 24-72 rolls/ctn.

Bag Sealing Tape
Silicone Coated Protection Film and width: HDPE 18mm. Glue Coated Material and width: PET 10mm. Adhesive width of A/B side: 7mm/10mm. Total Thickness: 73 micron. Adhesion(steel):17g/mm. Adhesive: acrylic. Films Color: Blank or Printing. Directive: Glue on left or Glue on right. Packing: 20rollsx1000m/box.

Reseal tape
The sticky tape made of PP and Hot Adhesive. Which is used to the individual packing film of the sanitary napkin, with the extent of 3±1mm. Function and configuration: 1. Dimension: width:28±0.5mm. The extent of the non-adhesive area:3±1mm. The length of one roll:≥800m. We can produce sticky tape in different dimension as your requirements. 2. The direction of the sticky tape: type A and type B. 3. We can design the different sticky ability base on the different producing ...

EVA adhesive tape
1. Single-side and double-side adhesive tapes. 2. Can be firmly pasted on the surface of base material but no remaining rubber will be left on the surface when the protection or covering function is completed, no corrosion can be generated. 3. Used for different aluminum products, stainless steel products, organic glass products, high-quality furniture, lacquer-coated boards, mirror-surface plates, anti-static spaying, F-C spaying, color steel plates and other objects needing surface ...

Wet water adhesive tape
it can be worn out easily, with-connecting,strong stretching-desistence, which can be applied in sealing tying, book-mount, jointing of carpet, protecting for telephone line, wrapping of pipeline and fixing of handworking.

Fiberglass adhesive tape
Material: Fiberglass or C-glass. Color: white. Construction: Leno. Counts: 9x9/inch, 8x8/inch. Weight: 50g, 60g, 65g, 75g/sqm. Mesh size: 3x4MM. Width: 35mm, 48mm, 50mm,100mm. Roll length: Europe: 20m, 45m, 90m, 153m ; Americas: 65', 150, 300', 500'. Subject to buyers requirements. OEM according to specifications.

Solder wave masking tape
Solder wave tape is designed for electronic manufacturing and is primarily used during the solder wave process. This wave soldering tape is a superior stain resistant high temperature masking tape. Solder wave tape is constructed with a smoother crepe backing and provides for a finer paint edge with superior color seperation. Wave soldering tape has a special release coat that eliminates paint and primer flaking problems, resists solvent penetration and provides for a controlled unwind. ...

Aluminum Foil adhesive Tapes
The aluminum Foil adhesive Tapes is suitable for shielding or isolating the interference of the electro-magnetic wave or the radio wave during the high frequency transmission to the precise electronic products,computer,general-purpose cable and wire and so on.

Anti-Water Self-Adhesive Tape
Composition: The anti-water self-adhesive tape is mainly composed by Isobutylene isoprene rubber, plus with other filler such as anti-aging agent, soften agent, and reinforcement agent. The product can be processed to the proper dimensions, in rolls or padsform, or different color. Precaution: Surface must be clean, dry, and free from loosen material. Feature: 1. The sealing tape is self-adhesive, non-dryness adhesive tape, coated with release paper on one side and aluminum foil on the ...

Composite PU Seam Tape
1. Softening point: 165(329); 2. Air temperature: 450-550 (852-1022); 3. Face Fabric Application: PVC or PU Waterproof Cloth 4. Feature-benefits: 1). Low melting viscosity, high adhesion; 2). Superior resistance against washing; 3). Solvent-free, healthy, eco-friendly and fashionable; 4). Superior anti-fraying, extending the lives of garments; 5. Packing: 200m/roll, 50 rolls/carton, 10,000m/ctn 6. Application: Winter wear,anorak,anorak ski suit, ...

PU hot air seam sealing tape
1) Thickness: 0.08mm,0. 10mm, 0. 12mm, 0. 15mm 2) Width: 18-22mm 3) Length: 200m 4) Water-resistant value: 1, 500-10, 000mm 5) Strip intensity: 4. 5n / cm 6) Draw intensity rate: 10% 7) Tear and extend rate: 10% 8) Appearance: the surface of seam sealing tape without crease, dent, dark Spot, noises or patch, no obvious distortion, and both edges meet flush 9) Extensively used in waterproof treatment for tents, rain wear, ski-wear, Sports wear, diving dresses, wader, space suits, ...

Self-adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape
It is woven with fiberglass yarn and then coated adhesive latex. It has perfect corrosion-resistant, self-adhesive, high strength and convenient use. it is widely used for wall surface reinforcement in building fields as an ideal material for preventing against drywall holes and used to repair the crack and joints of drywall, plaster board and other wall surface. Specification: (1) Mesh: 8x8, 9x9 (2)Weight: 60g-80g/m2 (3) roll: width:35mm, 40mm, 50mm,100mm,200mm or others (4) roll: ...
Product Group: Fiberglass Mesh Tape
Company: ZiBo xinli special fiber S&T Co.,ltd    China

BOPP adhesive tape Jumbo-roll
BOPP adhesive tape Jumbo-roll (1280MMx4000M) BOPP Jumbo-roll adhesive packing tape is widely used for slitting medium/smaller rools for sealing heavy-duty cartons. 1) BOPP adhesive packaging tape with water based acrylic adhesive, high-tensile strength and adhesion 2) Colors: clear, tan, yellowish, red, multicolor and printed so on . 3) Thickness: 35mic - 68mic 4) Width:980mm,1280mm,1270mm,1635mm ,others 5) Length: 4000 m ,6000 m 6) Qty: 1200rolls/day Customer's own ...
Product Group: Adhesive Tape
Company: Asia Pacific International Group    china

PVC adhesive tape, PVC insulation tape
PVC adhesive tape, PVC insulation tape, PVC colored adhesive tape, PVC industrial tape, PVC electric tape: Use PVC film as the basic material, is outstanding in high stickiness and insulatibity, soft, elastic and aging resistance. Usage: Suitable for insulation protection of the wire, cable, and electrical equipment under 600V, also for binding or bandaging etc. during industrial manufacture.
Product Group: Adhesive Tape
Company: Xingtai Kuayue Plastics Co.,Ltd    China

bopp packing tape
WBPPSA(water-based pressure sensitive adhesive)OPP PACKING TAPE is made from BOPP(biaxial oriented polypropylene )film coated with acrylic adhesive. characteristic:light weight, high resistance, non-strechable and economic,it is widely used for automic carton packing machines throughout various industries. color:clear yellow blue red white green black ect. thickness:36mic-90mic length: 35m-1500ys or as required width:12mm-288mm material: BOPP film Use: carton sealing adhesive: ...
Product Group: Bopp Packing Tape
Company: Dongguan Guanhong Packing Industry Co., ltd    Guangdong

bopp jumbo roll
Material:Bopp Use:carton sealing Adhesive:acrylic Adhesive type:pressure senstitive,water activated Feature: waterproof Design printing:offer printing Place of orign:China Price:FOB 200-700USD Port:ShenZhen Payment:L/C T/T D/A Minum order:20 rolls Supply ability:12000rolls /month The available thickness is 36micron to 90micron. 3" paper core, can print your brand name on the inner core. The available width is 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 24mm, 36mm, 38mm, 48mm, 50mm, 72mm, ...
Product Group: Bopp Jumbo Roll
Company: Dongguan Guanhong Packing Industry Co., ltd    Guangdong

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