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List extensive product information of Industrial & Specialty Packaging, provided by Industrial & Specialty Packaging manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cosmetics Box
1) It is made from paper board, or MDF material. 2) This kind of box is for decorating gift. 3) Special for cosmetic packaging. 4) Any size and design available
Product Group: Cosmetics Box

Flower Sleeves
1) Materials: copperplate paper, ivory card-board, white board of gray bottom, complex paper of environment protection, Kraft paper, special type paper. 2) Printing techniques: UV lithography, silk screen printing, copperplate printing. 3) Surface disposal: ant-forgery, part glaze, bronzing, impress, cover membrane

Liquid/Standing Spout Packaging Bag
Features: 1) Materials: made of high quality raw materials. 2) The colors, printings and sizes can be manufactured according to customers' requirements. 3) Excellent sealing strength. 4) High impact resistance. 5) Good barrier properties. 6) Used for packaging of fruit juice, beverage, milk, and others
Company: Ningbo Huafeng Package Co., Ltd.    China

Antistatic Products Made of EPP
1) Products accord with the "RoHS" requirement (make SGS test every month) 2) EPS (polyfoam) molding, non-mould, air-condition and refrigerator parts, special type, multi-density, heat-resistant (120°) 3) EPS molding craft 4) Pulp tray molding packing material 5) EPP molding packing material and parts 6) EPE molding packing material and parts 7) EPS and EPP anti-static molding products 8) EPS board molding 9) Φ0.5mm - 5mm polyfoam pellet 10) Plane model and telecontrol plane made ...

Tubular Glass Vial for Medical Use
Features: 1) Size: 1-40ml ; 2) Diameter of finish: 7-28mm (+/-0.35mm) ; 3) Diameter of body: 7-30mm (+/-0.35mm) ; 4) Total height: 15-185mm ; 5) Glass type: soda lime glass. Physical properties: 1) Expansion: 90±2.0 x 10-7/°C. 2) Anti-water stability: grade 4. 3) Annealing point: 510°C - 380°C. 4) Density: 2.5g/cm³ 5) Volume resistivity TK-100: 230°C. 6) Temperature of softening point: 560°C. 7) Heat resistant emergency performance (ΔT): >110°C
Product Group: Tubular Glass Vial

Cosmetic Packaging
1) Materials: transparent materials like PVC, PET and PP. 2) Blister packaging for cosmetics. 3) Make your products more elegant and superior
Company: Ningbo Huafeng Package Co., Ltd.    China

Chemical Packaging Bag
It is a special laminated material with high barrier against chemically aggressive products, such as detergents, carpet cleaning products and washing powder.
Company: Ningbo Huafeng Package Co., Ltd.    China

Paper Box
1) Different size and design promotion boxes for your selection. 2) Material: cardboard, corrugated box or as requested. 3) Process disposal: part UV varnish, matt or gloss lamination, bronzing.

Caddy / Tea Box
1) Dimensions: 75 x 160. 2) Material: 0.23mm (thickness) tinplate, PVC body. 3) Various colors available

Paper Gift Bag
We can supply high gloss laminated paper bags. The bag has a blank gift tag, allowing you to or your customer to personally write a message. This tag is attached to 10" rope handles, which makes the bag easy to carry. This bag is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. This stock design bag is perfect for giveaways in any setting to reflect you holiday spirit. Custom imprinting is available with this bag.

High Pressure Gas Cylinders
High pressure gas cylinders. Seamless steel high pressure gas cylinders for Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, hydrogen, Methane, neo, air etc. Also cylinders for liquified gases, carbon dioxide, Chlorine, ammonia, freon etc. Also cylinders for compressed natural gas, for dissolved Acetylene.

PP Food Punnet
1) Material: PP. 2) Resistant to freezing and microwave. 3) Used for packing food. 4) We have the facilities to make customer designed products in PET, PLA, PP, PS, PVC or OPS material

Shielding Bag
1) Anti-static bags are made from complex materials, silver laminated, (PET / VMPET / anti-static PE). 2) Can be anti-static and static shielding. 3) Provides protections for electronic components. 4) Suitable for packing static sensitive parts, such as computer hardware, and CPU

Gift Box
1) Materials: a) Inner: 1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0mm grey board ; b) Outer: 157 Art paper. 2) 6pcs per set. 3) with metal handle. 4) Various designs and sizes available

Paper Bag
1) Material: kraft paper, art paper, ivory board. 2) Printing technique: logo printed. 3) Handle: cotton handle, without handles. 4) We supply perfect designs according to our customers' detailed requirements. 5) Size: 26 x 36.5 x 6.7cm. 6) Embossing for the paper

Anti-Static and Moisture Bag
1. Applicable for packing vacuumized electronic components. 2. Be well protected against static, moisture, gas etc., a low oxygen transmission. 3. High quality and High quality printing

Asbestos Packing
Construction Asbestos Packing Square braided from high quality asbestos yarns, it has more flexible structure. The grade of max. Temperature is based on your requiremengt, we ll offer 350 centigrade, in general. PA 1002 Asbestos round braided packing. PA 1000G Graphited Asbestos packing with oil Braided from high quality asbestos impregnated with graphite and oil, it has a good elasticity and very good sliding properties. PA 1000IGE Nickel Reinforced Asbestos packing treated with ...

Chocolate Boxes
1) Material: environmentally friendly ivory cardboard, white board of gray bottom, copperplate paper, special type paper, coated paper, golden or silver foil, complex paper. 2) Printing techniques: offset printing, silkscreen printing, intaglio printing. 3) Surface finishl: anti-forgery, cover membrane, hot stamping, impress, embossed, glossy or mat lamination

DVD Cases
1) Material: PP. 2) Dimensions: 190 x 135 x 19mm. 3) Weight: 133g. 4) Available in many colors. 5) Can be run on automatic packaging machines. 6) OEM/ODM orders accepted. 7) Customers' designs and logos are welcome

Sushi Packaging
Our products can be widely used in the packaging of foodstuff, cosmetic, hardware, handicrafts, medical care and electronics products. All of our products use high quality PET, PVC, PS, BOPS, K-HIPS, PP, HDPE, PETGS and ABS materials.

Composite Vessel
We design and fabricate Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) storage vessels and gauge vessels from 1m³ to 300m³. Our products are mainly used in Acids, Alkali, Water, Oxidizer, Halogen, Hydrocarbons and Solvent environments.

Medicine Bottle
1) Material: HDPE, PP. 2) Capacity: 350ml. 3) Feature: light, damage-proof. 4) Suitable for pill, tablet and capsule packaging. 5) Any size, color and logo available as per customers' requests
Product Group: Medicine Bottle

Home Appliances Packaging
1) Full color printing on 350g good quality paperboard; 2) Varnishing coated on surface; 3) 350 grams paperboard glued on corrugated paper; 4) Die-cutting and scoring the packing shape; 5) We use good printing ink, good glue and good paperboard and the packing would be very strong

CD Case
CD case, made of tinplate, is good-looking for collect your CDs. Features: 1) Size: 160mm(D), 33mm(H). 2) 4-color printing with a zip to open and close the case. 3) Can hold 20 CDs at least and other design will be welcomed

FRP Horizontal Tank
1) Applications: chemical industry, petrol industry, chemical fabrication. 2) Made from high quality corrosion-resistant resin, adopting continuous filament winding technique. 3) Corrosion resistance. 4) Good hydraulic performance. 5) Durable under high temperature and high pressure. 6) Lightweight. 7) Long service life. 8) Easy to install. 9) Diameter: ≤4m. 10) Capacity: ≤120m³

Standing Pouches
1) High-speed automation packing. 2) Excellent fragrance preservation. 3) Excellent moisture barrier. 4) Convenient standing pouch with spout added. 5) Easy forming. 6) Forgery prevention feature. 7) High impact resistant. 8) Vivid, bright color and original alike printing
Product Group: Standing Pouches

Glass Bottle
We could supply all kinds of glass bottles, for many uses with different sizes, volumes and shapes. We could manufacture as per your design or with our own drawing.
Product Group: Glass Bottle

Beijing Printing Paper Bag or Wine Bag or Gift Bag(China Printer)
China Beijing Wine Bag or Gift Bag or Shopping Bag Printing Service Expert Company Paper Bag: (handle bag), Wine Paper Bag, Promotional Paper Bag, Gift Bag, Shopping Bag, Promotional Paper Bag 1) Printing: 1 to 5 colors printing 2) Bag materials are card paper, art paper (157gm, 200gm, 250gm are available), white and brown Kraft paper, from 100g to 400g 3) Handles material: cotton, chemical fiber, ribbon, cloth 4) Ends option: clipped or knotted 5) Finish option: gloss and matt ...
Company: Beijing Printing Factory    China

High Voltage Self-fusion Tape, Self Adhesive Tape
Self-adhesive tape, high voltage self-fusion tape, butyle rubber tape, high-pressure rubber self-adhesive tape: Properties: Use rubber as the basic materials, is out standing in self-fusion, shedding free, effective sealing. Usage: Mainly for insulation sealing of the connection of wire and cable, also for pipeline protection, remedy and sealing.
Product Group: Adhesive Tape
Company: Xingtai Kuayue Plastics Co.,Ltd    China

Suitcase-shaped tin box, tin can
Item: Suitcase-shaped tin box Usage: Gift packing,Toy packing Size: 80x60x29mm Material: First-class imported tinplate. Thickness: 0.23mm. Printing: CMYK offset printing Comply with the standard of Food Grade. Various of shapes are available
Product Group: Tin Box
Company: MJ Tin Can Factory Ltd.    China

Egg-shaped tin box/tin can/package
Egg-shaped tin box It is composited by three parts; Function: Gift packing Size:83*133mm Thickness:0.25mm Printing:CMYK offset print Welcome your inquiry
Product Group: Tin Box
Company: MJ Tin Can Factory Ltd.    China

Tin pail,tin bucket,metal bucket,gift bucket
Tin pail with lid. Size: Top Dia=126mm. Bottom ,dia=83mm,Height=133mm Usage: Toy packing, gift packing Thickness:0.23mm tinplate Printing:CMYK process outside Food grade. Various of size and patterns are available.
Product Group: Tin Box
Company: MJ Tin Can Factory Ltd.    China

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