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List extensive product information of Agricultural Packaging (include Jute Bag, Rice Bag, Pesticide Packaging, Agriculture Film), provided by Agricultural Packaging manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Pesticide Pouch
1) High quality laminated material: BOPP, VMPET, PE. 2) Suitable for different pesticide packaging, powder packaging. 3) Suitable for high-speed automatic packing machines. 4) Stable and smooth, wide sealing temperature tolerance

Jute Spiral (Tube) Bags
Jute spiral bags: Manufacturers and exporters of all sizes of jute spiral bags. The bags are also known as jute tubes used mainly for packing of cotton.
Product Group: Jute Bag

Fluorinated HDPE Bottle
At present, we have the following capacity of fluorinated HDPE bottle: 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 50ml, 100ml, 2L, 2.5L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 8L, 10L, 20L and 25L. At present, most of our customers will choose this fluorinated HDPE bottle for their small package liquid agrochemical order.

Paper Melon Tray
Molded pulp products as fruit trays, egg trays, egg cartons, cup carrier trays, packages for industrial and electronic products.
Company: Xiamen Jiekai Pulp Moulding Package Co., Ltd.    China

PP Woven Sacks
We are the leading manufacturers specialized in PP woven bags in China, widely used in packing: Flour/rice/sugar/grains/seeds/fertilizer/animal fodder 5kg-100kg

Rice Packaging Bag
1) Material: made of high quality raw materials. 2) Colors, printings, sizes can be manufactured according to customers' requirements. 3) Highly stretchable. 4) Able to withstand heavy weights. 5) Good barrier properties. 6) Used for packaging rice

Packaging for Seedling Pots
1) This pot helps improve survival rate by direct transplanting to a farmland without hurting the roots and increase the organic material of the land after decaying. 2) Material: environmentally friendly complex paper-pulp. 3) 100cells/pc. 4) Size (L x W x H): 40 x 40 x 4.8cm. 5) Weight: 650gms/pc

Pulp Tray Packing Material
1) Specification: according to customer's requirement 2) Capacity: environment friendly 3) Texture: according to customer's requirement 4) Purposes: packs biggish and heavier goods, such as color TV sets, refrigerators, air conditioning and so on some large electrons. It is also used of packing exact machine parts (such as amplidyne) 5) Nanometer strengthen technique evidently improve the capacity of dampproof, it's intension will not evidently decline because of being ...
Company: Xiamen Jiekai Pulp Moulding Package Co., Ltd.    China

Infared Film
Infared film is a Black and White poly that has been infused with metals that give properties that are both highly reflective and insulative. Poly Shield provides the same vapor barrier as regular black and white poly and adds reflectivity and insulative qualities. All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit infrared radiation

Jute Bags, Jute Cloths, Jute Yarn
We are the exporters of all sorts of jute products viz. Jute bags, jute cloths, jute sacks, gunny bags, jute twine, jute yarn etc. from china.

Wine Packaging Bag-in-Box
1) Materials: made of high quality raw materials. 2) Colors, printings, sizes can be manufactured according to customers' requirements. 3) Anti-vapor and anti-aeration. 4) Good barrier. 5) Well used for liquid, wine, beer, etc.

Vacuum Aluminum Foil Bag
1) Materials: made of high quality raw materials. 2) The colors, printings and sizes can be manufactured according to customers' requirements. 3) Perfect oxygen and steam barrier. 4) High shield off light transmission. 5) Aging resistant. 6) Suitable for refreshment, biscuit, candy, milk powder, instant drink and pharmaceutical
Product Group: Aluminum Foil Bag

Paper Egg Carton
1) Material: environmentally friendly complex paper pulp. 2) All kinds of packaging available to meet different requirements 6/ 12/ 15/ 30 holes available
Company: Xiamen Jiekai Pulp Moulding Package Co., Ltd.    China

Polypropylene (PP) Bailing Twine
Offer you a high quality polypropylene bailing twine a unique product which is made up of finest quality resins that give the final product a bright natural white color and superior break strength for packaging purpose. Polypropylene bailing twine is produce from 100% virgin polypropylene and it is an ideal packaging solution for the customers and thereby saves time, money and enhances workers safety. Product Use: Used as the main twine for tying purposes from packaging twine to baler twine ...

Daily Chemical Plastic Packaging
1) Lamination from OPP, PET, PA, AL, VMPET, C PP, PE. 2)Suitable for daily chemical products packing, such as liquid detergent ,washing powder ,shampoo ,fuel oil and ,so on. 3) Excellent printing, strong sealing and adhesion, strict quality control system. 4) Kinds of sizes and sealing types ;convenient for transport, take-along, use.

Aluminum Foil Pouch
1) Made of high barrier laminate material (with aluminum foil), multilayer film with metalized foil. 2) Suitable for refreshment, biscuit, candy, powder milk, instant drink, pharmaceutical. 3) Perfect oxygen and steam barrier, high shield off light transmission, aging resistant 4) Dozens of shapes and sealing types
Product Group: Aluminum Foil Pouch

Feed Pouch
1) Material: laminated plastic material. 2) Suitable for pet articles, pet food and pet toy packaging. 3) Superior printing quality, excellent moisture, oxygen and gas barrier

Color Antiaging Synthetical Rubber Bands
Specifications: 1) Diameter: 2.5cm. 2) Width: 2mm. 3) Thickness: 0.55mm. 4) Environmentally friendly material + antiaging material. 5) Widely used for binding. 6) Has passed the inspection of European Union ROHS

Agricultural Packaging
1) Material: BOPP/PE, PET/PE, PET/AL/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE. 2) Suitable for feeds, seeds and animal's medicine packaging, liquid pesticide packaging, pesticide powder packaging. 3) Excellent printing, strong sealing and adhesion. 4) Offer environmental protection, permeate resistance and corrosion resistance

Polyethylene Silo Bags
Polyethylene silo bags for grain with 5 feet and 9 feet. The 5 feet siloplast is a pipe-silo of 60 M length and 1.50 M diameter, produced in co-extrusion, a process that makes possible the production with more than two layers. Storage costs are minimized, stocks management is enhanced, and autonomy of transport availability is increased. The 9 feet siloplast is a pipe-silo of 60 meter length and 2.70 diameter. It is applicable to: Soycorn and other grains, corn ensilage, sorghum (the entire ...

Jute B Twill Bag Food Grade
Jute B Twill Bag 44"X26. 5" / 2. 25 LBS, PXS 6X8, FOOD GRADE / VEGETABLE OIL TREATED / HFC, 300 pcs / Bale, 65 Bales / 20' Container

Chemical and Pesticide Packaging Product
Features: 1) High chemical-resistant materials to avoid chemical corruption and pervasion. 2) Used for pesticide and chemical products. It adopts a printing process in which letters and pictures are transferred from an etched copper based chrome plated cylinder to a web of paper, plastic film, or similar material in a rotary press.The advantage is superior quality at up to 175DPI providing photo quality results. We have the capability to print up to 8 colors.

Agriculture Reflective Mulching Film
Agriculture reflective mulching film is a new agriculture material in the whole market for reflecting sunshine, and have a light furture. This film is waterproof, salt alkali-proof, coated aluminium which is not easy to lose. It is good at double sunshine to promote photosynthesis of the fruit. Vegetable. Flower ect plant. This product size: Width less than:1.524m. Thickness less than:0.018mm

Vot Binola Twills Jute Bags
Article no.4. ) quality: Vot binola twills jute bags, size:44" x 26.5", weight: 2.00 lbs per bag, porter & shots:6 x 7, hemmed at mouth, overhead dry sewn, 3 blue stripes, packed:300 pcs per bale.
Product Group: Jute Bag

Agriculture Film
Thickness: 0. 1mm to 0. 25mm. Width: 1 m to 14meters. Application: greenhouse covering with various function as per customer's requirements. Duration: 6 months to 5 years as per customers' requirements. Color: customerized

Jute Bags, Jute Sacks, Gunny Bags
We are the exporters of all sorts of Jute products (Jute Cloths, Jute Bags, Jute Yarn) from china. Our Jute Bags/Jute Sacks/Gunny Bags have been used for packaging various agri-commodities viz. Cocoa, Coffee, Cahsewnuts, Groundnuts, Palm karnals, Peanuts, Maize, Wheat, Rice, Paddy, Lentils etc.
Product Group: Jute Bag

Fertilizer Bag
We can supply feed pouch, pesticide bag, fertilizer bag from china. Material: HDPE.

Jute Rot Proof Sand Bags
Jute rot proof bags - used mainly by army and flood projects. We manufacture standard quality jute sand bags both in jute and polyproplene in different sizes

Greenhouse Film
Agricultural film (Green house film) Place of origin: China Materials: LDPE LLDPE Thickness: 10mic--500mic Width: The less than 1400mm Color: Clear, white, black white For agricultural usage, green house, cover for vegetable, Strawberry, grain, etc
Product Group: Greenhouse Film
Company: Su Qian Huanyu Plastic Products Co;Ltd    China

Tea gift box ,paper box
Tea gift box ,paper box Size showed in picture:200x350x70mm Advantage: gorgeous color effective and very nice touch Custom logo Yes Custom sizes Yes Custom colors Yes Custom materials Yes
Product Group: Tea Box, Tea Gift Box
Company: Shanghai Jiangxiang Packaging Product Co.,Ltd    China

Ton Bag/Ventilated Bulk Bag/Firewood Bag
Ventilated bulk bag: Ventilated bulk bag are produced from a unique ventilated woven fabric that provides optimum airflow through the bag, during storage. Black fabric is also available for maximum light protection. Ventilated bulk bag for storage of firewood, potatoes, onion and peanuts etc are manufactured in white or black ventilated fabric. This feature allows maximum air flow, which in turn minimizes sprouting or rotting during storage and shipping. Fabrics woven with a breathing ...
Company: Shandong Anthente New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.    China

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