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List extensive product information of Electronics Packaging (include Electronic Box, Electronic Blister, Electronic Clamshell), provided by Electronics Packaging manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Blister Trays for Electronic Products
1) Materials: PVC, PP, PET and PS with anti-static function. 2) Used for packing electronic products. 3) More convenient for electronic products such as electronic components, computers, mobile phones
Product Group: Blister Tray
Company: Hangzhou Xunda Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

Musical Player Box
1) Material: paper and plastic. 2) Simple and elegant color for jazz music box. 3) Customer's designs are available

Electronic Blister Packaging
1) Blister clamshells and blister coverings with a card paper inserted in the back. 2) Material: PVC or PET. 3) Transparent. 4) For packing hardware tools.
Product Group: Electronic Blister Packaging
Company: Hangzhou Xunda Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

Electronic Box
1) Finish: plain, printing, hot stamping, embossing, shining lamination, matte lamination, UV varnishing. 2) Shapes: rigid, square, round, rectangle from standard to customized shapes. 3) Colors: available in multiple colors. 4) Sizes: various sizes available according to your needs. 5) Top-class packaging boxes suitable for packing electronic products
Product Group: Electronic Box

Electronic Product Packing
1) Materials: PS / PP / PET / PVC (including standard, electric conduction, and staticproof and so on). 2) With various colors. 3) High shockproof capability (PP and PS product). 4) High transparency capability (PET and PVC product). 5) Suitable for electronic packaging
Company: Hangzhou Xunda Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

Conductive Grid Bag
Conductive PE bag is made from LDPE, anti-cavitation agent and super conductive carbon black after blow molded by special machineries. It applies to: military industry, aviation, Web communication, sensitimeters, instruments and meter. . . Conductive grid bag, made from anti-static transparent plastic membrane coupled with conductive black printing ink, is used to print grid conductors. After special processing it can resist outer static and becomes the resistor on the surface. It is usually ...

Electronics Packaging
1) Material: PVC, PP, PS, PET, PE, OPS. 2) Ideal for general packing. 3) Designed for encasing a variety of items. 4) Silkscreen printing, offset printing, gold and silver foil and frosted finishes available. 5) Transparent or semi-transparent. 6) Applications: electronic products, toys, and sport products packaging

Plastic Trays & Cylinders
1. Blister tray is used for packing all kinds of electronic accessories. 2. Various sizes, printing, colors available according to customers' requirement. 3. Cylinder box is used for packing gift, stationary. 4. Transparent or semi-transparent cylinder box is available

Electric Appliance Boxes
1) Material: ivory board, white board of gray bottom, corrugated paper. 2) Process: 4-color off-set printing, membrane covering. 3) Other materials are available.

Electronic Packaging
1) Material: BOPA/PE; VMPET/PE; VMPET/CPP. 2) Vacuum packing for electronic products, good anti static properties. 3) Good moisture barrier, good anti static properties

Aluminum Foil Bag
1) Made in class 1000 clean room. 2) It protects against oxygen, static, electromagnetic and moisture. 3) Superior puncture resistance and anti-static inner and outer layers with a surface resistance of 108 - 1,011ohm. 4) Applied to packaging moisture-sensitive or static-sensitive devices and components. 5) It is heat seal-able and ideal for vacuum packing. 6) All sizes are available in open flat, ziplock, envelop and tridimensional styles

Mobile Phone Plastic Packaging
It's a plastic packaging for mobile phone.We have advantage of competition in quality. It's materail is PS, PE, PP and so on

Conductive Grid Bag
1) Made from anti-static transparent plastic film which is printed with conductive black grid structure conductors. 2) The plastic film provides equal voltage to keep the inside packed products from being shot out by electrostatic. 3) The black grid structure conductor effectively avoids static accumulation. 4) Its inner surface resistance is 108 - 1011 ohm and the outer surface resistance is below 106 ohm which provides an effective ESD function. 5) Usually used to pack PC boards, ...

Tins for Electronic Products
Tins for electronic products. Practical and simple style. Good printing and high quality. Made of prime tinplate. Made in China

Electric Appliance Box
1) Innovative and unique design. 2) Buyers' printing and logo acceptable. 3) Almost any size can be done. 4) Specify shape, structure and dimensions such width, length and height. 5) printed as customers' specifications. 6) Other designs and artwork service for your selection. 7)Packing: as per customers' requirements

Blister and Tray
1) Nontoxic, harmless, sanitary. 2) Materials: PET, PVC, PP, PS, PLA, OPS. 3) Thickness: 0.15 ~ 2.0mm. 4) Degradable and environmentally friendly

Thermoformed Plastic Packaging
We can supply high quality thermoformed plastic packaging for electronic products from china.

Home Appliances Packaging
1) Full color printing on 350g good quality paperboard; 2) Varnishing coated on surface; 3) 350 grams paperboard glued on corrugated paper; 4) Die-cutting and scoring the packing shape; 5) According to clients' requirements; 6) We use good printing ink, good glue and good paperboard and the packing would be very strong

Electronic Blister Packaging Tray
1) Material: PS, PVC, PET, PP. 2) High transparency and impact resistant. 3) Suitable for electronics packaging to the specification

Circulation Box
1) Contour size (L x W x H): 600 x 400 x 220mm. 2) Interior size (L x W x H): 563 x 365 x 185mm. 3) Surface resistance: below E6Ω. 4) Cover available

Electronic Clamshells
1) Used for packaging of electronics. 2) Ideal for packing food, electronics and handicrafts
Product Group: Electronic Clamshell

Hardware Packaging
1) Our products is widely used for all kinds of foodstuff, cosmetic, hardware, handicrafts, medical care and electronics products. 2) We specialize in custom made packaging with imported high quality raw materials, such as PET, PVC, PS, BOPS, K-HIPS, PP, HDPE, PETGS and ABS. 3) We can meet customers' special designs and processing due to our own R&D team to offer CAD design assistance

PET Thermoformed Plastic Tray
It's a plastic packaging for electronic products. We can supply high quality PET thermoformed plastic trays from china.

Moisture Barrier Bag
Its structure normally has two types, one is PET/AL/CPE, the other is PET/AL/NL/CPE. It has three main resistant function of static, electromagnetic interference and moisture. Normally applied to large machines, electronic components , vacuum packing , telecommunication. The product has superior puncture resistance and anti-static inner and outer layers with a surface resistance of 108 - 1,011ohm. (All sizes are available in open flat, ziplock, and kinds of tridimensional Styles)

Quantity-Expressed Conductive Component Boxes
1) Contour size (L x W x H): 253 x 140 x 70mm. 2) Interior size (L x W x H): 233 x 127 x 58mm. 3) Surface resistance: below E6ω. 4) Quantity expressed

PVC electric tape
PVC electric tape Use PVC film as the basic material, is outstanding in high stickiness and insulatibity, soft, elastic and aging resistance. Usage: Suitable for insulation protection of the wire, cable, and electrical equipment under 600V, also for binding or bandaging etc. during industrial manufacture. Our company is a comprehansive enterprise, merging with reseach, development, production, manufacture as an organic, with perfect management, and rich technology development strength, ...
Product Group: Electric Tape
Company: Xingtai Kuayue Plastics Co.,Ltd    China

ESD shielding bag
Static shielding bag contains four layers , including static dissipative polyester outer layer, aluminum shielding middle layer and anti-static polyethylene inner layaer. Application : widely used for packing PC board , computer main board , sound card , VGA card, network card and static sensitive electronic devices. This kind of bag can keep components sensitive to static away from the potential static danger to the largest extent. Its special four-layer structure can create an inductive ...
Product Group: Anti-Static Shielding Bag
Company: Wuxi Xindazhong Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd    China

Moisture-barrier bag
ESD moisture barrier bag is usually composed of four layers, and can protect inside products from static ,electromagnetic interference, and moisture , The bag is mainly applied to pack electronic components , precision equipment and chemical raw material etc. the product has superior puncture resistance and surface ,we can offer the necessary certificates , such as Rohs, PFOA/PFOS and halogens testing report from SGS institution , Different types will be available here like open-end,,and ...
Product Group: Anti-Static Metallic Bag
Company: Wuxi Xindazhong Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd    China

Anti-static PE bag
It has all common characteristics of PE bag as well as anti-static function. Its material is soft, and its thickness can be adjusted freely. It is widely used in general electronic products like printed circuit board. As an outer package, it can not only lower cost but also protect electronic products from damaging by static generated by mutual friction of the insulators. This anti-static bag is the best packaging material for PCB, which makes the static electricity generated on the PCB to ...
Product Group: PE Anti-Static Bag/Film
Company: Wuxi Xindazhong Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd    China

Conductive grid bag
Black conductible grid printed composite conductive packing bag is made from translucent anti-static PE film coupled with printed grid conductor of black conductive printing ink. Through special treatment, it can resist external static. It has the appearance of translucent ground with black grid, which is excellent in mechanical strength, electrostatic discharge performance and conductive function. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the packed goods from static damage. With a surface ...
Product Group: Conductive Grid Bag
Company: Wuxi Xindazhong Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd    China

Composite Anti-static Air Bubble Bag
This products applies to the packaging of electronic products for long-distance transportation or high precision required. Its outer layer can be customized in material, specification and color. This products has made up the shortcomings of other domestic counterparts.(Many normal anti-static air bubble bags without the outer coating layer will lead to air leakage after a period of time and they are poor in shock reduction and cushioniong). Our company has been granted a patent for this ...
Company: Shenzhen Star Packaging Co. Ltd.    China

High quality BOPP capacitor film
The film is manufactured with high purity, high isotacticity polypropylene. It has high BDV, excellent mechanical strength. Features: By adopting the imported super high-purity capacitor-grade home-polypropylene resin, the film is made by biaxial-orientation tenter process.The film features excellent profile evenness, high BDV and high mechanical strength. The winded capacitors take on the characteristics of low dielectric dissipation and high insulation resistance. Applications: The ...
Company: Anhui Green Imp. & Exp. Co.,LTD.    China

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