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List extensive product information of Food Packaging (include Stand Up Pouch, Lunch Box, Food Bag, Food Container), provided by Food Packaging manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Tin Can
1) Dimensions: (dia) 159 × 95 mm (H). 2) Material: 0.23mm (thickness) tinplate. 3) Various colors for your selection
Product Group: Tin Can

Plastic Bags
Plastic bag is a generic name for a flexible thin-walled container made from plastic and used for carrying products or wastes. The bag normally consist of a shaped sealing on 3 sides with the one opening. It allows for a simple and economic manufacturing and compact storage of the bags before use
Product Group: Plastic Bag
Company: Qingdao Ori-Color Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd.    China

Blister Meal Trays and Boxes
1) Materials: HIPS, PP, PVC, PET, BOPS. 2) Used for food packing in supermarkets, homes and restaurants. 3) Various colors, sizes, shapes and thicknesses available. 4) PP products can be put in microwave ovens and stored in refrigerators as well, and refreshers like PVDC can be smeared on the outer side of the product to keep safe, healthy as well as to protect the environment
Product Group: Blister Tray
Company: Qingdao Ori-Color Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd.    China

Tea Boxes
1) Materials: copperplate paper, ivory card-board, white board of gray bottom, complex paper of environment protection, kraft paper, special type paper. 2) Printing techniques: UV lithography, silk screen printing, copperplate printing. 3) Surface disposal: ant-forgery, part glaze, bronzing, impress, cover membrane
Product Group: Tea Box

Food Packing for Salads and Seafood
1) Seal-top cans with plastic containers (FDA standard). 2) Easy-open lids with aluminum or galvanized iron ends. 3) Specially designed to contain seafood and salads (especially pasteurized, fresh or frozen crabmeat). 4) Pull-top cans also available. 5) Many sizes available. 6) Hermetically sealed - temper resistant and liquid tight

Cookie Box
1) With abnormality flower picture on the surface. 2) Rectangle shaped box. 3) Used for packing cookie. 4) Different sizes available

Ice Cream Box
Full new PP material, healthful, thin wall technology, thin but strong, good lid fitting and in-mould labels are available.

Stand Up Bag
1.Lamination from the high quality raw material PET,PA,PE. 2.Excellent moisture barrier. 3.Suitable for liquid Packaging. 4.Excullent show on the stand. 5.Colourful,bright,vivid printing. 6.We can make it according to clients' requirements. 7.Good show on the stand
Product Group: Stand Up Bag

Cake Holder
1) Dimensions (L x W x H): 238 x 179 x 14mm. 2) Material: 0.23mm thickness tinplate. 3) Printing: customer design. 4) Applications: suitable for storing candy and any other gifts and crafts.

Foldable Lunch Box
1) Foldable lunch box. 2) Made of PP material. 3) Size: 15.5 x 10.5 x 5.5cm, white lid: 16.5 x 11.5 x 1.8cm. 4) Weight: 107g
Product Group: Lunch Box
Company: Qingdao Ori-Color Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd.    China

Easy-To-Drink Beverage Pouch
1) High-speed automation packing. 2) Excellent sealing strength. 3) Low temperature resistant. 4) High temperature resistant. 5) Re-closable zip lock. 6) Convenience standing pouch with easy to insert straw. 7) Vivid, bright color and original alike printing. 8) High impact resistant. 9) Solid and high transparency
Product Group: Beverage Pouch

Ice Cream Pouch
1) High quality printing gives an excellent shelf presentation. 2) High puncture resistance. 3) High strength material for heavy contents. 4) Good moisture barrier for dry products. 5) Keep products fresh. 6) Up to 12 colors available. 7) Optional punched handles for easy carrying. 8) Customized logo,size,shape are welcome.. 9) Suitable for frozen food, dried food, popped food, seafood, snack food, pet food, biscuit, beverage, liquid, fruit juice, candy, ice-cream milk powder, coffee, ...

Bottles for Food
1) Material: HDPE. 2) Capacity: 454ml (can produce as per requests). 3) With printings and colors. 4) Can print 1 to 6 colors (offset printing, silk-screen printing, and hot membrane printing). 5) Can carry on the stamping gold and silver, seal the tail, and paste the sign. 6) Can produce monolayered, double-decked and multilayered compound hoses. 7) Used for food, the consumables and washes

Aluminum Foil Product
1) Keep food fresh. 2) Keep food hygeian. 3) Suitable for any cooking style. 4) Save cost. 5) Protecting Environment. 6) Flexible and variable

Biscuit Box Set
1) Material: galvanized sheet. 2) Size: Φ8" x 4", Φ9.5" x 4.5", Φ 11" x 5". 3) Finishing: powder coating. 4) Silk-screened printing any logo. 5) Nested packing

Two Compartment Meal Box
1) Good quality and food grade paperboard, high resistance. 2) Double or single PE is available. 3) Offset printing with food grade ink. 4) Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Food Bag
1) Materials: PA/PE five-layer extrusion. 2) Used for beef jerky packaging. 3) Three-side-sealed with zipper. 4) With a tear nick. 5) Open in the bottom for fill
Product Group: Food Bag

20pc 10x12" Frozen Bags
1) Materials: LDPE, HDPE, LLPE. 2) Usages: multi-purpose and keep food to be fresh. 3) High visibility, easy to carry, easy open/close tops. 4) Ideal for storing or freezing. 5) Re-usable. Proper refrigeration and freezing can prolong the life of food, raw meat and poultry should be wrapped securely. Use plastic bags over store packaging so they do not leak. Repeated handling can introduce bacteria to meat and poultry. It's best to store product in store wrap unless it is torn.

Handle Box
1) Made of 100% paper material. 2) 1-8 color printed, gold hot stamp available. 3) Ivory board material. 4) With laminated or coated plastic. 5) Any size available. 6) Plastic window

Tin Box, Packaging Bag, Tea Can
The tin boxes of our products can be used for the packaging of gift, food and other different things. The printing and the materials have passed the test of SGS and RoHS to meet the high requirements of environmentally-friendly

Food Container
1) Material: OPS. 2) Thickness: 0.2mm - 1.5mm. 3) Best container for food, cake and cookie. 4) Elegant style and various sizes. 5) Can be covered or sealed directly for the convenience of storage, display, or carrying. 6) Dimensions (mm): 190 x 164 x 6, 190 x 164 x 48, 24oz
Product Group: Food Container

Lunch Box
Supply lunch boxes from china. 1) Material: PP. 2) Dimensions: 240 x 225 x 80mm. 3) Used for food storage. 4) With lid.

Stand-Up Bag with Spout
Stand up bag series are mainly classified as milk white PE, transparent PE, lightless PE, lightless milk white PE products etc. 1) Materials: made of high quality raw materials. 2) The colors, printings and sizes can be manufactured according to customers' requirements. The printing colors is up to 10 colors. 3) Excellent sealing strength. 4) High impact resistance. 5) Good barrier properties. 6) Used for packaging of fruit juice, beverage, milk, and other food.
Product Group: Stand Up Bag

Spout Pouch, Stand Up Pouch
1) Food grade, FDA approved, laminated, metallic or can be foil laminated. 2) Full printing, customized, up to 12 colors, gravure printing. 3) With spout, can be at the corner or middle. 4) Safty cap: it needs to be broken to open. 5) Applications: mainly used for packing wine, juice and other liquids
Product Group: Stand Up Pouch

Frozen Bag
1) PP woven bag. 2) Sizes, weight and colors as per your requirements. 3) Suitable for feed, sand packing. 4) Environmentally friendly and good appearance. 5) Waterproof and recycle

Biscuit Pouch
1) Excellent moisture barrier and good transparency. 2) Oil resistance. 3) Up to 7 colors. 4) Packing for biscuit, candy, light food. 5) Suitable for high-speed automation packing machine, packing speed at 80~120 packages/min, hot seal temperature at 150~200 degrees Fahrenheit

Paper Foldable Box
1.Material:white card paper, corrugated cardboard. 2.Printing:1-8color printing. 3.Treatment:glossy or matte, silver or golden hot stamping, UV, embossed
Product Group: Foldable Box

Bowl Lid Paper
The unique PE and EVA materials and designs of this bowl lid make a perfect airtight seal on PP, PS or paper bowls. It could be printed at the surface. The material can be sealed at a low temperature and easily striped.

Raschel Mesh Bag
1.Raschel Bags are made of PE ,PP virgin raw material, can be woven into different mesh sizes. 2.Raschel knitted bags are used for field crops packing and other products, such as onion, potato and fruit. 3. Loading capacities: 5kg , 10kg , 20kg , 25kg and 50kg. 4.It is non-toxic, portable, ventilate and economical. 5.Any colors ,sizes ,style and logo are available

Tin lunch box, tin box, tin cans Pass FDA
Lunch box with handle Size:205*148*72mm Thickness: 0.23mm Model: Ml-866 Material:tinplate Printing:Silver According to the function, our products can be divided into: 1 gift box: Watch box, pencil box, CD case, jewelry case, squeezer case, perfume case, case with handle, bucket 2 food case: Coffee can, chocolate box, tea cans, cookie jar, cake can, ginseng can, alcohol package, cigarette case 3 iron craft works: Key holder, hanging lamp, candle stand, cigarette ash case, ...
Product Group: Lunch Box
Company: MJ Tin Can Factory Ltd.    China

Coffee Bag
Coffee bag, Stand up Pouch, standing pouch, zipper bag, vacuum pouch Lamination from high quality raw material, PET, PA, CPP, and aluminun, Suitable for feeds, seeds and animal medicine packaging, liquid pesticide packaging, pesticide powder packaging
Product Group: Coffee Bag
Company: Perfect Packing Industry Co., Ltd    Jiangsu

Stand up Pouch / Standing pouch
Stand up Pouch, standing pouch, zipper bag, vacuum pouch Lamination from high quality raw material, PET, PA, CPP, and aluminun, Suitable for feeds, seeds and animal medicine packaging, liquid pesticide packaging, pesticide powder packaging
Product Group: Stand Pouch
Company: Perfect Packing Industry Co., Ltd    Jiangsu

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