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List extensive product information of Medical Packaging (include Pill Box, Pill Vial, Medicine Bottle, Medicine Box, Medicinal Sheet, Pharmaceutical Packaging), provided by Medical Packaging manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Eye Drop Bottle
1) Material: LDPE. 2) Capacity: 3ml, 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 40ml, 60ml. 3) Attractive appearance, high quality and low price. 4) Custom-tailored products available

Medical Packaging
1) Capacity: 1 - 20ml. 2) Raw material: borosilicate (USP type I). 3) Color: clear. 4) Manufactured by vertically integrated manufacturing with an automatic inspection system
Company: Weifang Xinlei Medical Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Medicine Case
1) Material: 0.4mm stainless steel 18/0 and 5mm foggy toughened glass. 2) Inside: two layer. 3) Outside: a) Satin finish and mirror, iron with powder coated (different colors available). b) With lock to avoid children open the door. 4) Size: 30X12X30CM. 5) Spare part: 2 keys and 8 screws. 6) N.W.:2KG
Product Group: Medicine Case

Pill Box, Capsules Case
Timer pill box your health partner. Pills, tablets & capsules installed. Together with timer sets to remind your dosages daily & weekly. A short beeping for 5 to 3 minutes to pre-remind your eating time, count down within 99 hours / 24 hours alarm clock, up to 4 alarms per day. Beeping your dosages, getting you better health
Product Group: Pill Box

Medicine Box
1) Size: according to clients' requirement. 2) Printing: 1-8 colors. 3) Materials: white paper board, duplex board with white back, copper plate, art paper, silver and gold paper, ivory card-board and other special paper. 4) Surface treatment: gloss/matte lamination, vanish, aqueous coating, UV coating, gold/silver stamping, embossing
Product Group: Medicine Box

PTP Aluminum Foil
Supply aluminum foil packaging from china. Blister Packaging for pharmaceutical products such as Tablets, Capsules, Pills and Granules etc.

Gusseted Reel Pouch
1). Medical grade paper: adopt imported medical paper, and conformed to the medical standard entirely. 2). Blue, white and transparent composite film: the articles inside the pouch can be clearly seen, and it features resistance to high temperature, and has perfect split intensify. 3). Sterilization indicator: the printing of indicator adopts chemical indicator, color of which will turn when it is sterilized by EO and steam. 4). The packing article three-dimensional in shape, installing the ...

Aluminum Foil Pouch Used in Medicine
1) Material: PET/Al/CPP. 2) High barrier and high intensity properties as well as anti-corrosion against chemicals. 3) Up to 8 colors available. 4) Various sizes and shapes available
Product Group: Aluminum Foil Pouch

Medical Products Clamshells
1) Materials: PET, PVC, PP, PS. 2) Ideal for medical products packing. 3) Vacuum formed or flocked, static-free or electricity conductive
Company: Weifang Xinlei Medical Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

Medicinal PVC Rigid Sheets
The pharmaceutical PVC hard sheet is made of refining and calendaring hygienic PVC resin. It is mainly used in solid medicine (pill and capsule), bubble packing and make the medicine in compound packing material and basic material. Thickness: 0.10-0.90mm. Width: 110-800mm. Color: clear, all kinds of colors available.
Product Group: PVC Rigid Sheets
Company: Weifang Xinlei Medical Packaging Material Co., Ltd.    China

1) Equipment: advanced horizontal ampoule production line and ampoule printing system. 2) Vertical ampoule machines imported from Italy. 3) Advanced technology and automatic manufacturing line
Product Group: Ampoule

Tubular Vial for Injection
1) Capacity: 2ml - 30ml. 2) Material: neutral borosilicate glass (USP I). 3) Color: clear and amber. 4) Automatic inspected. 5) Special specifications can be made. 6) Blowback
Product Group: Tubular Vial

Pharmaceutical Glass
Tube for ampoule. Tube for injection vial. Tube for oral liquid vial. Injection vial: 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 7ml, 8ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml. Oral liquid vial: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml. Ampoule: from 1ml to 30ml

Medicine Bottle, Pill Vial
Out size:5.8 x 1.3 cm (length * dia. ). Inner size:4 x 1.1 cm. Material: Aluminium alloy. Unit weight:15g. Screen printing: Yes. Laser: Yes. Meas.: 42*23*33cm 800pcs/carton
Product Group: Medicine Bottle

Packet for Biologic Preparation Made of EPS
1) Products accord with the "RoHS" requirement (make SGS test every month) 2) EPS (polyfoam) molding, non-mould, air-condition and refrigerator parts, special type, multi-density, heat-resistant (120°) 3) EPS molding craft 4) Pulp tray molding packing material 5) EPP molding packing material and parts 6) EPE molding packing material and parts 7) EPS and EPP anti-static molding products 8) EPS board molding 9) Φ0.5mm - 5mm polyfoam pellet 10) Plane model and telecontrol plane made ...

Metal Pill Box with Mirror
Pill box, pill bottle, pill vial manufacturer in china. 1) Metal case. 2) The inner can be two or three grid for your selection. 3) Size:6.7*3.6*1.4cm. 4) Logo imprint available, ideal for promotion.
Product Group: Pill Box

7-Day Pill Dispenser
1) Size: 9.1cm (dia.) x 1.8cm. 2) Round case with 7 compartments. 3) "Dial-a Day" action- top spins from day to day. 4) Plastic slide opens and closes compartment. 5) Days of week printed on compartments
Product Group: Pill Dispenser

Medicine Paper
1) 100% wood pulp, good in tensile strength and toughness. 2) Specially processed, watertight and oiltight, in conformity with international health standards. 3) Widely applied to the packing of food, medicine, home appliances, 23 - 40g sandwiches, 70 - 75g food (kraft paper for packing of beef and other kinds of cooked food). 4) Roll, sheet and other kinds of unit

PVC Sheets for Pharmaceutical Packing
Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.10 - 0.50mm 2) Width: ≤640mm 3) Outer diameter: ≤600mm 4) Roll core: 3" 5) Colors available: transparent with blue tint, brown, orange, milky white, or according to customers' samples and requests
Product Group: PVC Sheet

Infusion Glass Bottle
Glass: USP II. Color: clear. Specifications (mm): 1) Total height: 104.0 +/- 1.0 ; 2) OD of body: 49.0 +0.7, -0.9; 3) OD of the lip: 32.0 +/- 0.3 ; 4) ID of the lip: 22.5 +0.6, -0.2 ; 5) Finish height: 7.0 +/-0.3 ; 6) Capacity (ml): 100 +/-5.0
Product Group: Glass Bottle

Pill Boxes
1) Material: plastic. 2) 6-10 compartments can hold one week's pills, capsules, tablets. 3) Weeks display, you can differentiate every day's medicine easily. 4) Many colors for choice and large area for logo imprint. 5) Small size for carry. 6) Suitable for schools, offices and promotion
Product Group: Pill Box

Bottles for Health Products
1) Materila: PE, PFT, PP and PS. 2) With safe lids and security lids. 3) Capacity: 50 to 250ml. 4) Used for food and health products

1) Material: PP. 2) Function: for medical use, to put pill. 3) Design: can accept OEM design. 4) Function: Used at treatment, easy to help patient to remember to eat medicine, usually sell at drug store and hospital.

Metal Pill Box
1) Product size: dia.: 5cm; height: 1.5cm. 2) Plastic inlay: non-toxic food grade, 1 or 3 compartment is available. 3) Metal outside: gold and silver is available, also red, blue and green. 4) Logo is available; customers can choose engraving, paper stick, ceramic and soft crystal sticker. 5) Customer's new design is welcomed; our professional technician can open new plastic mould and metal mould

Aluminum Squeezing Tubes for Medicine
1) We are a professional manufacturer of aluminum squeezing tubes and toothpaste tubes. 2) Diameters: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, 12.5mm, 13.5mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 45mm, 50mm, and the volume could be from 1.5ml, 3ml, 5ml to 400ml. 3) Produced on fully automatic machines and applies high technology. 4) 1-4 colors printing on tube, coating inside, and coating on the tail of tube. 5) Used in cosmetic, medicine, chemical product, hair product areas. 6) Production by international ...

Sharps Container For Hospital
A leakproof and puncture resistant polypropylene container is designed to collect, store and dispose of medical waste. It has a unique and permanently locking snap-top lid which seals the container and prevents spilling of contents. Rounded edges prevent cutting while being handled. It is easily stackable for storage in environments with limited space. It is specially designed according to the safe disposal of contaminated waste.

Pill Case, Pill Holder, Pill Box
1) Material: stainless steel, iron, brass. 2) Surface finish: polish finish, nickel plating, chrome plating, etc. 3) Logo: laser carving, die casting, silk screen printing, etc. 4) Shape: different shapes available
Product Group: Pill Case

Packaging Materials For Medical
Our main products include PVC sheets for pharmaceutical package, PVC sheets and aluminum-plastic composite laminated foils for medicine package, paper-aluminum-plastic laminated foils, and medical vials such as silicone glass vials. 1) PVC sheets for pharmaceutical packing. Transparent sheets: colorless (or slightly blue), transparent ; Brown sheets: shallow or thick brown (flexible to customers' samples), and light ; Orange sheets: orange, golden (flexible to customers' samples), ...

Plastic Bottle HDPE
Wide-mouth 600ml. HDPE plastic bottle. cap included; -Soft Sealer included; All plastic bottles are tested for internal pressure.

Prefilled syringe
We manufacture prefilled syringe. This is the first project both in China and our company. The most popular size is 1ml long and 1ml standard. We can also manufacture 2.25ml.and make according to customers requirements. We can also manufacture luer needle head.
Product Group: Prefilled Syringe
Company: Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co.,Ltd    China

Al-plastic (Al-Al)automatic blister packing machine
The product uses the composite Aluminum film as material which has best performance of seal, proofing moisture and light, and uses special mould to cool-form. It is renewed packing equipment in pharmaceutical industry. The machine has two functions. When it changes mould, the machine can pack the object not only with Aluminum-Aluminum, but also with Aluminum-Plastic. Characters: 1.Frequency conversion to adjust speed, adjustable travel, touching -type heat , shaped with positive ...
Product Group: Blister Packing Machine
Company: Lilong Industrial Company Limited    China

Specimen Bag / Ziplock Bag
Specimen bag, also called medicine bag, ziplock bag, zip lock bag, reclosable bag, zipper bag Standard size: LDPE 0, 05x150x200+120mm transparent LDPE 0, 05x150x200+120mm with 3 writing panels
Product Group: Ziplock Bag
Company: Perfect Packing Industry Co., Ltd    Jiangsu

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