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List extensive product information of Retail Packaging, provided by Retail Packaging manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Hang Tabs
We are a professional supplier of hang tabs. We have more then 100 items for your choice, widely suitatble for different weight of products. PET material.
Product Group: Hang Tab

Paper Bags for Holidays
1) Made of paper. 2) Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 16cm. 3) Thickness: 128 - 350gsm. 4) Printing: according to requirements of customers. 5) Used for shopping and to pack clothes, shoes and gifts
Company: Wenzhou Windsor Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

EVA Pouch, Cosmetic Bag, Food Bag
1) This kind of bag is made from first glass EVA. 2) Matte, with metal or plastic buttons, reclosable. 3) This material is environment friendly, can be used to pack food, cosmetic products
Company: Wenzhou Windsor Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

Non-woven Shopping Bags
We have held the products such as non-woven gift bags, shopping bags, suits cover, toy bags, vehicle, one-off products of medical treatment and all industry advertisement bags, commemorative gift bags for meetings and all kinds of non-woven packaging of shoe industry, leather industry etc.
Product Group: Shopping Bag

Vacuum Compressed Bag
1) Compress the bag to saving the space of storage. a) Using zip lock to strengthen its air tightness strength. b) Using the vacuum pump or the vacuum machine to operate it easily. c) Using for packing all kinds of products, such as clothes, quilts, and pillows, especially suitable for home, traveling and camping using. 2) Material: PE. 3) Size: 110 x 100mm, 50 x 60, 60 x 90cm

Laminated Bags for Clothes
1) Material: CPP, BOPP; BOPP/CPP. 2) Processing: dry lamination; wet lamination; solvent-free lamination; extrusion lamination. 3) Specifications: according to customers' requirements. 4) Style: 3-sided seal, back-seal, side-welded, wallet-like, zipper, standing, straw. 5) Features: air tight seal, good packaging barrier. 6) High transparency, high stiffness
Product Group: Laminated Bag

Gift Shopping Bag
1) Fabric: paper. 2) Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 13cm. 3) Thickness:128 - 350gsm. 4) Printing: according to requirements of customers. 5) Used for shopping and to pack clothes, shoes and gifts
Product Group: Shopping Bag

Cardboard Wine Box
Features: 1) Lining: pink silk. 2) Color: pink. 3) Size: 35.5 x 9 x 9cm. 4) Capacity: 1 bottle. Made in china.
Product Group: Wine Box

Multilayer Film with Metallized Foil
1) Good barrier performance. 2) Shield off light transmission. 3) Wide range heat sealing temperature. 4) Good laminating strength. 5) Excellent for high speed packaging equipment. 6) Lowest cost for the same barrier property. 7) Good for gas flushing. 8) Applications: cake, biscuit, candy, medicine
Company: Wenzhou Windsor Packaging Co., Ltd.    China

Printable PVC Sheets on Plates
Variety: 1. Ultra high degree transparency: colorlessness, transparent (blueish), protective film could be adhered. 2. Fluorescent sheet color sheet: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, the color can be optional. Spec: Width<1300mm, Thickness:0.18---5mm. Usual Spec: 915mm*1220mm, 915mm*1830mm. Characteristics and usage: Main characteristics: highly transparent, no impurity, excellent, possibility, ant erosion insulating. Both soft and hard sheet are available. They can be applier to ...

Shoe Box, Commodities Packaging
Shoe Box: Material: cardboard, white board of gray bottom paper. Process: silver stamping, offset printing. Commodities Packaging: 1) Material: PP. 2) Spec.: Dia. 16.5cm, height 10.5cm. 3) Used for steaming food

Plastic Bag
1) Material: lamination from high quality BOPP, PET, CPP, AL, PAPER, PE. 2) Suitable for dozens of food packaging, pet food, beverage, agriculture, daily chemical products and tea packaging. 3) Good printing quality, low temperature heat sealing property, high transparency, excellent moisture, oxygen and gas barrier. 4) Offer pouches with zipper or spout, handle hole
Product Group: Plastic Bag

Tray Wrapping Sealer
Specifications: 1) Max sealing width: 450mm. 2) Max temperature: 160oC. 3) Voltage power: 220V/50Hz 300W. 4) Dimensions: 500 x 580 x 180mm. 5) Weight: 7.5kg

Sanitary Product Packaging
1) Material: PE. 2) Raw and auxiliary materials, including ink and solvent, all meet environmental protection standards; especially popular among international retailers

Wooden Soap Box
1) Main material: pine. 2) Logo position: inner and outer lid. 3) Exterior dimensions: 29 x 22.8 x 5cm. 4) Board thickness: 0.8cm
Product Group: Soap Box

Side Gusset Pouch
1) High quality laminated material. 2) Suitable for dozens of food packaging, frozen & high-temp packaging available, the powder, beverage available. 3) Suitable for high-speed automation packing machine, stable and smooth , wide sealing temperature tolerance

Click-clack Tin
1) Suitable for mint packaging. 2) Click-clack opening function. 3) The tin opens when you press the center of the top

Washing Powder Bag
1, Material: PE, CPP, BOPP, VMCPP, VCPET, NY, aluminum foil, and so on. 2, All of similar bag that we can produce it as per your requirements to make sure it is suit for your products. 3. The picture for reference only and you are available sample of similar anytime. 4, You are available most of 8 colors on it, and we can made it with zipper, lid. 5. We can made it become the roll and you can with you automatic machine for it.

Handle Bag
1) Size: (29.5L + 7.5 bottom gusset + 3.5 inside folder) x (40W + 7.5 x 2 side gussets) cm. 2) Material: LDPE125. 3) With gussets so that it can be folded and stand up itself. 4) With rope handles. 5) With bottom and side reinforcement. We have produced many handle plastic bags for various customers from different countries and they have enjoyed great popularity among the customers. The style can be bottom gusset, side gusset, with rope/loop/hard plastic handles, reinforcement, die-cut ...
Product Group: Handle Bag

Candy Pouch
1) Materials: BOPP27 /VMCPP25. 2) Dimensions: (133+8) x 152. 3) Thickness: 0.052mm. 4) Used for packaging food

PVC, Pet And PP Folding Boxes, Folding Box
1) Materials: high quality PVC, PET, and PP. 2) Environmentally friendly. 3) Transparent and decorative for all surfaces. 4) Various styles available for customers' options

PP Bag
1) Material: black polypropylene sheet 2) Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 7.5cm 3) Handle: rope 4) 4C printing 5) Client's logos for promotion and advertisements are acceptable 6) Printable, recycled, resistant, waterproof

Zip Lock Bag, Reclosable Bag
1) Material: transparent LDPE and zipper. 2) Customers' sizes and designs are available. 3) With zipper at the top, perforated line above zipper, and open at the bottom. 4) With metal U-shape wire to bundle them, often about 50-200pcs per bundle. 5) Can be used for auto packaging machine

Daily Necessities Packing
1) High quality, favorable prices and various colors. 2) Applicable for designs that require printing and plating at the same time. 3) With environmentally friendly printing ink: good color effect and good color fastness against washing. 4) Vivid pictures. 5) We can supply and design according to customers' requirements

LDPE Bag With Hook, Plastic Bag For Textile Products
1) Made of high quality LDPE raw material, 2) Soft, with slider, reclosable, with hook, convenient to display products 3) Nice printing, customized printing design, up to 8 spot gravure printing color and CMYK color 4) This poly bag is mainly used to pack textile products
Product Group: Plastic Bag

Reclosable Bag
This kind of plastic bags are made from high quality low-density polyethylene film, soft, transparent. Nice custom made: printing up to 8 gravure color, adding zipper after printing, reclosable. This poly bag can be widely applied to many areas, such as food, spare parts and light industries

Cigarette Case Packaging
Cigarette Case Packaging. Place of Origin: China. Our company is offering high-quality products and most favorable service to the business partners.

Washing Powder / Liquid / Chemical Bag
1) Material: excellent raw materials, BOPP, PE, NY, Al. 2) Colors, printings and sizes can be manufactured according to customers' designs. 3) Anti-vapor, waterproof. 5) Good barrier properties. 6) Chemical resistant

PVC Hook Bag
PVC bag,hook bag, hanger bag, to pack garments High-transparent and Semi-transparent PVC film are all available. Feature: With hanger and button, gusset bags, convenient for display, style can be made as per your design.
Product Group: Hook Bag
Company: Perfect Packing Industry Co., Ltd    Jiangsu

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