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Detailed Asbestos Packing Description:

Construction Asbestos Packing Square braided from high quality asbestos yarns, it has more flexible structure. The grade of max. Temperature is based on your requiremengt, we ll offer 350 centigrade, in general. PA 1002 Asbestos round braided packing. PA 1000G Graphited Asbestos packing with oil Braided from high quality asbestos impregnated with graphite and oil, it has a good elasticity and very good sliding properties. PA 1000IGE Nickel Reinforced Asbestos packing treated with graphite& rubber Good quality asbestos packing treated with rubber and graphite inside and outside coated, each yarn reinforced by a thin nickel wire, other reinforced materials e. G. Stainless steel, brass etc. Are also available. PA 1000PO Asbestos Packing with PTFE& oil impregnation Same as PA 1000P, but treated with a special lubricant. It is soft and can be used for stainless steel or chromed shafts in the presence of high peripheral speeds without etching them.

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Asbestos Packing in china.

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