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List extensive product information of Transport Packaging, provided by Transport Packaging manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Beer Kegs
1) Model no.: Beer Kegs. 2) Material: stainless steel. 3) Unbreakable stainless steel outer shell. 4) Capacity: 15L, 30L, 50L. 5) Logo printing and etching available. 6) High quality and reasonable price

Compressed Wood Pallet
This pallet is made from wood particle through the process of compression, under extreme heat and pressure.

Nesting & Stacking Plastic Container
1) Materials: PP, PE. 2) Volume: 50L. 3) Load capacity: ≤25kg. 4) Stack load: ≤100kg. 5) Height: 90mm. 6) Width: 490mm. 7) Optional part: flat lid. 8) Dimensions:565 x 385x 320mm
Company: Shanghai Horen Science and Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Promotion Corrugated Box
1) Used for containing other cases. 2) Outside printed will be accepted. 3) Any sizes, design are available. 4) Many layers acceptable. 5) Use for promotion box

Cage Pallet
1) Products code: cage pallet. 2) External dimensions (L x W x H): 820 x 1,220 x 1,000mm. 3) Internal dimension (L x W x H): 750 x 1,150 x 850mm. 3) Mesh size: 50 x 100mm. 4) Fold down gate: fold down once. 5) Capacity: 800kg. 6) Static stacking: 3/1. 7) Can be made as per your specifications
Product Group: Cage Pallet
Company: Shanghai Horen Science and Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Foldable Pail
1) Capacity: 2 / 3.5 / 9 / 11 / 15 / 20L. 2) Material: 600D jean fabric and PVC coating. Upper and lower rings are PP plastic, which is environment friendly, innocuous and non-pollting. 3) Performance: bulk of an empty bucket may be contracted to 1/6 of the normal height, which provide great convenience for carrying and storing
Product Group: Foldable Pail

PP Woven Bag
PP woven bag is used for packing wheat, flour and sugar. It is nontoxic, portable, ventilate and economical. The size and color can be made as per customers' requirements. Tow types: single bag and bag on roll. Single bag with/without sewing on the top and at the bottom of the bag

Electrostatic Resistant Box
The products have the advantages of being economical, water and insect proof, easy to stack, firm and durable. In addition, they are environment friendly.

Wooden Collar
1) Heat treatment/fumigation in according to IPPC/IPSM15# standard. 2) Correctly stamped twice with manufacturer code no. and IPPC symbol. Wood characteristics: 1) Residual moisture: less than 20%. 2) Mildew free, completely demarked, completely document of heat treatment/fumigation. 3) Hinges: zinc coated steel hinges to connect each board. 4) Hinges thickness: 1.2mm or 2.0mm

File Zipper Bag
1) Fabric: PVC, PP, PE. 2) Dimensions: A4, FC, B4, B5. 3) Thickness: 0.10 - 0.20mm. 4) Printing: according to requirement of customers. 5) Transparent, semi-transparent or opaque. 6) Various colors and specifications are available as per customers' requirements. 7)Usage: For office, school, market and promotion use. 8)Strongpoint: a) Durable, antistatic and stain-resistant. b) Can be recycled, antibacterial and healthy.

Plastic Woven Sacks
Manufacturing PP woven sack, patch cloth, composite bags, paper and plastic composite bags; color film bags, PE thin film bags of the width of 27cm - 200cm, with the functions of health, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging.

Produce bucket from china. Features: 1) Product dimensions (DxH): 17.5 x 18 cm. 2) Material: iron. 3) Finishing: coating

Aluminum Foil Composite Bubble Bag
Specifications: 1) Made of aluminized foil with bubble linings. 2) Superior cushioning and surface protection. 3) Self-adhesive tape available. 4) Many colors/designs available. 5) Multi-functions for mailing and package. 6) Customized designs/shapes are welcomed. 7) Clean and easy to use. 8) Can be reused. 1) Characteristics: This is one type of bubble mailer products. It's water and moisture resistant, durable and tear resistant. The bag prevents products from damages due to ...

Stackable Logistic Container
1) Volume: 12L. 2) Outer dimensions: 400 x 300 x 148mm. 3) Inter dimensions: 355 x 260 x 130mm. 4) Material: composite of PP and PE. 5) Load capacity: ≤20kg. 6) Stack load: ≤100kg. 7) Optional part: lid

Drum Closures and Drum Accessories
1) Drum closures: 2" and 3/4". 2) For oils, chemicals as well as other drum accessories, such as cap seals, drum openers, in large quantities

Plastic Pallets
1) A necessary appliance in logistics warehouses. 2) Lightweight, high intensity, long service life, anti-corrosion, recyclable. 3) Heavy plastic tray with bigger load capacity and bigger application scope. 4) Plastic tray load capability based on shelf structure. 5) Load capacity: static load: 6MT; dynamic load: 1.5MT, raise: 1MT. 6) Non-standard specifications available
Company: Shanghai Horen Science and Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Collapsible Container
1) Reduces the risk of manual handling injury, lateral partition separate products, minimize crushing and ensure security of valuable products. 2) Pallet collars can be built up around products size and strong enough to support top loading. 3) Collars added to standard wooden pallet. 4) Collapsibility minimizes storage and transport costs, quick to re-engage. 5) Turns a pallet into containers. 6) Eliminates cartons and shrink-wrap

Easy-Opened Bubble Lined Mail Bag
Specifications: 1) Fully laminated paper and bubble construction provides stiffness and puncture resistance. 2) High-slip bubble lining for easy product insertion, effective air retention and consistent cushioning. 3) Strong paper exterior for premium appearance, excellent for printing, labeling, franking and writing. 4) Lightweight bubble cushioning means to reduce shipping costs. 5) Self-seal closure is secure and convenient. 6) Easy-open tear strip allows quick access without tools (this ...

D2 Type Wooden Pallet
The pallet can be used for forklift lift. Its load capacity is 1MT and it is able to tour around easily in warehouses. Features: 1) Single side only. 2) Four-side movable. 3) Regular sizes: 100 x 100cm (international standards), 110 x 110cm, 120 x 80cm. (European Standard), 120 x 100cm (Korean and Chinese standard), 120 x 120cm
Product Group: Wooden Pallet

Corrugated Products
We offer various kinds of corrugated products such as corrugated cartons (regular slotted cartons), trays, wraparounds, die-cut boxes, corrugated cardboards, corrugated sheet, storage box, gift box, pizza box, mail box and office equipment etc. In addition, we manufacture single wall, double wall, triple wall corrugated cardboards to accommodate any shipping needs, we have a, b, c, e& f flutes to satisfy any specific requirements, also cartons can be printed with graphics in 1 to 4 ...

Envelope Bag
1) Made in a clean room with the class of 1000. 2) It protects contents against oxygen, static, electromagnetic interference and moisture. 3) Heat sealable, ideal for vacuum packing. 4) All sizes available in open flat, zip-lock, envelop and tridimensional styles

Dunnage Air Bag
1) Also called expansible air bag, kraft air bag or shake-proof buffering bag. 2) The exterior made of kraft filmed with PP or PE is leathery and sturdy. 3) The interior is the multiply co-extruded plastic bag mainly made of LLDPE. 4) It is the innovative simple protective tool for transportation that has been widely used in various transportation ways, such as containers, sea shipping, trailers and trains. 5) It can protect the goods in the course of transportation from mutual collision and ...

Static Kraft Paper Bubble Envelope
1) Save time and labor: two-step packaging operation vs. six steps with cartons. 2) Reduce packaging material costs: eliminate the need for dunnage material and tape. 3) Save postage: total shipping weight is reduced. 4) Improve productivity: especially important in periods of peak demand. 5) Save inventory space: mailer products store flat and do not need extra void fill or cushioning, minimizing valuable warehouse space. 6) Greater security: self-seal or heat-seal closures produce a more ...
Product Group: Bubble Envelope

Rack Decking for Step Beam
1) Dimensions: 42" x 46" with 4 flared support channel. 2) Wire mesh: 2.5" x 4.5" with 5.5mm wire. 3) Capacity: 4,000lbs. 4) Galvanized finish / powder coated finish. 5) Less expensive and stronger than wood decking. 6) Easy to install - drops into place; no fastening needed. 7) Make identification of inventory easier. 8) Improves housekeeping. 9) Environmental friendly. 10) Allows for better lighting and ventilation in the workplace. 11) Reduction of fire hazard. 12) ...

Steel Pallet
1) Product dimensions (L x W x H): 1,200 x 800 x 120mm. 2) Surface treatment: plastic powder spraying. 3) Loading capacity: 1,000kg
Product Group: Steel Pallet

Shipping Box
We can provide Shipping Box for packing anything from china. Available in any size, thickness and quality as per buyer`s requirement.

LDPE Mailing bag / Mailer / Courier Bag
LDPE mailing bag, also called courier bag, mail bag, mailer multilayer coextrusion materials, outside-white and inside-black
Product Group: Mailing Bag
Company: Perfect Packing Industry Co., Ltd    Jiangsu

Co-extruded poly mailer
The co-extruded poly mailer is made of poly film ,by special machinery,which is co-extruded from many kinds of plastic resins with different functions. There’s no adhesive between each layer of the co-extruded poly film , so there’s no pungent smell , no residue of organic solvent and no permeation of harmful solvent on the bag. So the mailer bag is a safe and environmentally-friendly product that is widely used and can be recycled. By making full use of the good function of each plastic ...
Product Group: Poly Mailer
Company: Wuxi Xindazhong Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd    China

belt box, paper box
Belt box manufactured by: Shanghai J.X.Package Sizeshowedpicture:155x130x156mm Advantage: 1. the ability of producing bizarre box 2.details well conducted Suitable for belt packaging OEM,ODM,OBM orders are welcome Advantage:1. the ability of producing bizarre box 2.details conduct Custom logo Yes Custom sizes Yes Custom colors Yes Custom materials Yes
Product Group: Belt Box
Company: Shanghai Jiangxiang Packaging Product Co.,Ltd    China

PP woven bag
PP woven bag (simple printing) For packing flour, sugar, salt, sand, fertilizers, animal feeds, and others Width size from 45 to 110cm Length: As per buyers' requests Wave: 8 x 8 to 15 x 15 Denier: 700D to 1500D Top: Heat-cut and hemmed Bottom: Single fold and double fold Printing: One side or both sides, in one color or four colors, Coated or uncoated.
Product Group: Woven Bag,PP Woven Bag,Woven Sack
Company: Qingdao full Trust International Co.,Ltd    China

cookies packaging box
cookies packaging box, cookies box, cookies tin 1. tin box size: dia285x75mm 2. printing: multiple colors can be printed as per customs artwork 3. embossing optional 4. good choice for cookies, egg rolls, biscuit, chocolate, mooncake, gift 5. OEM and customers' design are welcome 6. Logo available
Company: Guangzhou Henghua Tin Industry Co., Ltd    China

logistics,shipment,shipment from Guangzhou
Guangzhou Hurricane express have own freight special line to Singapore, Malaysia,we already operate for many years. This freight service transit fast and safe.and the price is more cheaper then DHL, many customers like to send the goods by this freight service to Singapore and Malaysia. We can pick up in Guangzhou,other place can send the goods to our warehouse.then transit by us. the following is our best price to Singapore and Malaysia by courier (door to door) about 3 days ...
Company: Guangzhou Hurricane express company    China

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