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List extensive product information of Alarm system (include Door Alarm, Window Alarm, Anti-Lost Alarm, Car Alarm, Motorcycle Alarm, Burglar Alarm), provided by Alarm manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Ring-Pulling Alarm
1. Emit screamed voice to scare away villains and draw other's attention effectively. 2. Lovely design with key ring. 3. Portable to be close-fitting bodyguard for single female

LED Flashlight with Personal Alarm
1) Can be recharged anywhere and anytime without using any power source. 2) No battery or bulb required. It's a wind-up generator. 3) With mobile phone charger, 5 LED and alarm. 4) Patented product. 5) Rainproof. 6) With flashlight warning light, money detector, built-in battery. 7) Cranking 3 minutes provides 2 - 8 minutes mobile phone speaking time

Magnetic Door Alarm
1) Effective magnetic door alarm with excellent performance to prevent from theft. 2) This product is installed on a door or window. 3) When a thief opens the door or window, a loud sound is emitted
Product Group: Door Alarm
Company: Ningbo Sipol Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Home Alarm Telephone
1) The new telephone of scene / the warning multi-functional integrative machine of intelligence adopts advanced microprocessing and communication technology as the intellectual control core. 2) The integrated level is high, dependability is good. 3) Has all functions and performance of the wired telephone of routine, still can realize room guard against theft. 4) Fire prevention, defend gas reveal and person who seeks help of various kinds of safe precaution function promptly to defend. 5) ...

Magnetic Door/Window Alarm
Specifications: 1) Easy installation, no wired required. 2) For use on windows and doors in houses, offices, factories, storage rooms. 3) Settable to (no less than 98dB). 4) Safe and convenient
Company: Ningbo Sipol Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Nap Alarm
1) Safe for long drive and drive at night for anti-sleepy. 2) It is guardian angel for drivers. 3) Small device which is clipped behind your ear and alert you if your head moves forward. 4) Nap alarm is a new product that has been appreciated for its safety and value in preventing accidents

Smoke and Fire Alarm
Max. Closed-circuit current: 24VDC. Contact resistance: ≤0.01. Operating voltage: 220VAC 50Hz 24. Working ambient temperature: 220VAC. Max. Moisture: 93± 2%
Company: Ningbo Sipol Electronics Co., Ltd.    China

Gas Detector
Home-use independent flammable gas detector is adapted in resident house, top grade flat and hotel's kitchen places. The detector with the function of outside output, it can drive exhaust fan and solenoid valve. Equipments or send alarm signal through cable to the connective control system. 1. Real time inspect the flammable gas in the environment, when inspected that the gas concentration is exceed the enactment concentration, detector will send voice and light alarm. 2. Alarm delayed ...

Water Level Alarm
1) Figure: 2.5" (length) x 1/2" (width) x 1/2"(height). 2) With white jacketed. 3) Alarm when water level beyond set height. 4) RoHS compliant. 5) 250pcs every box (about 10kg)

Electronic Sirens
Features: 1) A 40W extra thin shaped siren. 2) Attractive appearance, novel panel design with complete function. 3) Adds 7 sorts of warning tones (radio, wail-1, yelp, hi-lo, ail-4, Rites 1, tool, Rites 2) and amplifier. 4) Every tonality can be freely adjusted. 5) Can control lightbar directly. Specifications: 1) Input voltage: DC 12V/24V. 2) MIC input: 100mV. 3) Operating current: ≤15A DC 12V; ≤7A DC 24V. 4) Output power: 16Ω/1Ω. 5) Sound pressure: 110 - 120dB (A) 2m. 6) Net weight: ...

Updated Car Alarm System
1) Upgraded car alarm. 2) Compatible for cars with original remote central locking. 3) Positive and negative door trigger. 4) Arming/disarming/silent arming. 5) Auto re-arming. 6) Trigger memory and indicator. 7) Panic/car finder. 8) Ignition/starter disable. 9) Auto central lock. 10) Adjustable shocking trigger. 11) Learning code

Mini Alarm
The smart design vibration alarm, can be taken along with, operating conveniently. The function is well-found. Functions of the vibration alarm: The password setup/recall, the password can be set up arbitrarily, insuring operate safely, double keys alarm function to meet an emergency, the early-warming time of entrance and withdraw can be selected arbitrarily. It can examine the vibration signal which have no direction and from any angle: Sound and light hint; alarm includes whistle; ...

Door and Window Alarm
This compact, attractive magnetic door/window alarm uses magnetic affinity to initiate its 110-decibel siren. The base of the alarm is bolted to a door or window frame and the actuator is connected to the window or door. The alarm is activated by opening the door or window. Great for any door or window, particularly those hard-to-protect sliding glass doors. Requires 3 lithium button cell batteries. Available in black or white.
Product Group: Door Alarm

Wireless Alarm System
1) It own more defend zones (128 zones), almost all functions which operated by the remote controllers, it can operate from the main unit. 2) 45 seconds of recording, nine groups of telephone number. 3) own 100 history / menory for operation records

Xenon Strobe Lights
The product model number is SF-101. The usage electric voltage is 10.5 - 30V. Two flashes and three flashes are available. Two kinds of bright degrees can connect the line. The outside cover adopts the high clarity to gather the carbonic acid fat material (PC). The bottom adopts metals and plastics. The product is dampproof. The diameter of the bottom of the product is 180mm, the lampshade diameter is 130mm and the height of the lampshade is 145mm.

Car Alarm
1) Keyless entry. 2) Reminder of arming. 3) Arm/disarm, Silent arm/disarm, automatic re-arm (re-lock doors). 4) Reminder of closing door. 5) Siren pause. 6) Intelligent identification of two trigger stages. 7) Auto central locking. 8) Emergency siren. 9) Panic/car locator. 10) Overtaking alert with sound and light. 11) Anti-robbery feature (starter disable). 12) Automatic circumstance identification. 13) Domelight supervision compatible
Product Group: Car Alarm

Innovated Security Alarm
This electronic wireless anti-lost device consists of transmitter and receiver. 2 Main functions: 1) Prevents lost / theft function - turn on the transmitter and connect it to the valuable things (such as mobile phones, purses, notebook computers, cameras or even your babies / pets). Receiver switch to anti-lost and set up the reception range from the receiver (0-25m direct point-to-point which may vary due to the obstacle block or interference). The alarm will turn "ON" when they ...

Multi-Cam Burglar Alarm with PIR
1) Image sensor: 1/3" Sony super HAD color CCD. 2) Horizontal resolution: 480 TV lines. 3) Sync mode: internal sync. 4) Scanning system: 2:1 interlace. 5) S/N ratio: ≥48dB. 6) Power supply: DC 12V±10%. 7) Min. illumination: 0 lux (infrared lamps turn on). 8) Built-in quality PIR sensor for detecting movement. 9) Needless setting: work after electrifying. 10) Easy operation: all the features will work without typing any key. 11) Infrared distance: 20m

1) Detects all halogenated refrigerants. 2) Detect once power on, no need manual-adjustment. 3) Van-speed sensitivity adjustment. 4) Enter into the best state of detecting automatically while adjusting the sensitivity. 5) Tricolor battery voltage indication. 6) Equipped with quality sensor, high sensitivity, 6gr/yr. 7) Inner precise IC with ultra-low consume circuit design, more stable, longer battery time.

Anti-Lost Alarm
1. It is widely used for trip to protect the important and valuable things, for example, baby, mobile, pets, bags or other important things you want. 2. It has the functions of adjusting distance (1-15m random adjusting), anti-lost, searching, alarm with vibrating and auto-saving electricity. 3. Convenient to use, easy operation, small size and portable. 4. Microcomputer control technique adopted. It consists of two parts: receiver (big part) and transmitter (small part). It works and ...

Wireless Sensor Doorbell
1) Wireless sensor alarm, when the sensor finds somebody moving in its range, the receiver will ring sound. 2) 32 sounds which can be set on the receiver. 3) The operated range of the sensor is 6m and the operated range of the sensor and the receiver is 100m remote. 4) The sensor uses 3pcs 1.5V AA batteries (not included) or a 4.5-6V transformer (not included), the receiver uses 3pcs 1.5V AA batteries (not included).

Active Infrared Barrier Intruder Detector
1) Indoor / outdoor use, prevent from small pet alarm. 2) High sensitivity, both wireless and hardwired compatible. 3) Power supply: 12 - 18V DC. 4) Static current: 60 - 200mA. 5) Detection distance: 30m - 250m. 6) Effective length: 20cm. 7) Number of beams: 2. 8) Signal output: wireless or hardwired

Smoke Alarm
Specifications: 1) Working voltage: DC 9V (battery supply). 2) Working current: monitor state: less than 12μA, alarm state: less than 10mA. 3) Alarm loudness: distance 3m, loudness not less than 85dB. 4) Temperature: -10°C - +60°C. 5) Relative humidity: ≤95% (40±2°C). 6) Physical dimension: Φ100 x 35mm. 7) Weight: 130g

Piezo Siren with Strobe
1) Operation voltage: DC 6V ~ 15V. 2) Power consumption: 250mA. 3) Lens color: orange, red, blue. 4) Output sound level: 105dB. 5) Size: 122(L) x 73(W) x 45(T)

Polygon Turn Light
1) Light bars adopt colored multi-prism domes and have dual-deck light sources. 2) There are 12 amber reflect bulbs in the lower-layer. 3) Its flash mode can be selected or can be program controlled

Digital Active Infrared Electronic Fence
Infrared fencing detectors: 1) Multi Beams infrared and mutual rays auto recognition. 2) Waterproof and dampproof, all weather available for both indoor and outdoor. 3) High quality aluminum housing cover elegant and reliable. 4) Easy and convenient installation and adjustment. 5) Special function design against dismantlement, cutting-off or remove. 6) Operating voltage: DC12-18V. 7) Triggered time: 1 second. 11) Alignment angle: 360°. 12) Alarm output: wired, wireless, compatible. 13) ...

Motorcycle Alarm Systems
1.Remote control arm/disarm. 2.Super remote distance. 3.When armed , the system will detect any of the following and activate the alarm. 4.Attempts to turn the ignition to the on position. 5.Vibration caused by touching or moving the motorcycle. 6.Attempts to remove components from the motorcycle. 7.Attempts to "crack" the remote code. 8.Dual protection-prevents accidental disarming of the system. 9.High volume piezo siren. 10.Optional pager alerts owner while out of earshot. ...
Product Group: Motorcycle Alarm

Home Alarm
Specifications: 1) Power source: 9V/DC. 2) Detection distance: 8m (Max. <24°C). 3) Detection range: 140°. 4) Alarm time-delay: 7S switch. 5) Function: Alarm/Off/Chime. 6) Alarm loudness: 70db. 7) Static current: 0.07mA

Anti-Lost Alarm
1) Anti-lost alarms are used for reminding you of losing or being stolen. 2) Working distance: up to 25m. 3) It rings or vibrates when out of the set distance. 4) It is easy to use, small and safe without radiation. 5) Can be put on many objects. 6) Dimensions: a) Receiver: 60 x36 x 15mm (1x No.7 battery) ; b) Sender: 44 x 28 x 8mm (1x CR2032 button cell).

MODEM Online Telephone Alarm System
1) The alarm can transmit to a fixed phone or to the online police station. 2) Can be equipped with the alarm horn/flash bulb, used for the spot alarm. 3) Chinese menu supported, easy and simple for the user to operate. 4) The system has 6 - 8 cable armed areas, and can be connected with 6 - 8 cable detectors. 5) Each armed area has an output of 12V DC for the detectors. 6) The system also has 8 wireless armed areas, and can be connected to 8 wireless detectors. 7) The system can be equipped ...

GSM home alarm with keypad and lcd
adopts SMS data transmission and voice platform of GSM network to send control command and receive alarm remotely. The system can be set delayed-arm. When a signal is detected by detectors, the detectors will send alarm signal to host immediately, then the host sends alarm SMS to its pre-set mobile phone numbers, and meanwhile dials its pre-set telephone/mobile phone numbers automatically and drive wiretap. In addition, users can dial the system and set it in arm/disarm mode by any remote ...
Product Group: Gsm Burglar Alarm
Company: Horner Electronic Co., Ltd    china

Gsm alarm with 3 relay output
English language SMS and voice reminder, Chinese/Russian for optional Each zone with independent arm/disarm function With 2 wired zones, 12 wireless zones With 3 Relay output to control your home appliances With voice reminder when users operate the system Work with external Microphone Work with external speaker Auto send SMS to remind users when GSM signal becomes weak Work with wired & wireless sensor Each wireless zone can match countless wireless ...
Product Group: Gsm Burglar Alarm
Company: Horner Electronic Co., Ltd    china

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