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List extensive product information of Burglarproof system (include Bottle Tags, Detacher, RF Hard Tag, EAS Sensor), provided by Burglarproof manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

RF Reusable Hard Tag
1) Lock structure: three ball locking. 2) Dimensions: 48 x 42mm (1.88' x 1.63'). 3) Weight: 11g. 4) Frequency availability: 8.2 MHz. 5) Pin compatibility: P01, P02, P10, P11, P05, P06. 6) Color availability: black, grey, cream, white or customized
Company: Hangzhou Timing Technologies Co., Ltd.    China

2-Way Motorcycle Alarm with Remote Start
1) Enormous control range. 2) 2-way and color LCD display. 3) Sound / mute alarm. 4) Special protected circuit. 5) Multimode reminders: vibration, sound, icon, and colored lighted. 6) Energy-saving design. 7) Vehicle finding with remote control. 8) Adjustable vibration sensitivity. 9) Anti-hijacking function. 10) High-tech nanometer crystal mirror on remote control. 11) Power-off memory. 12) Available with more than one remote controller.

Home Intelligent Burglar Alarm System
International famous chipset 2262 coding, advanced beaverboard, automatization producing pipelining, so the control panel is so stable with strong compatible function. It is integrated with home, business store, public plaza security and so on intelligent home function. It is widely used for signal home, residential area, school, factory, electric power department, oil department, railway department, city planning department, police department and all industrial security and protection ...

1) nd iron boron, the material of strong magnetic power, is used on The magnetic core, suitable for all hard tags. 2) CD / cassette protector, bottle / cigarette protector and so on. 3) with very weak surrounding magnetic field, won't influent the Surrounding things, such as credit card. 4) surface magnetic intensity: =4, 500g / s. 5) diameter: 10cm. 6) height: 4cm
Company: Hangzhou Timing Technologies Co., Ltd.    China

EAS Sensors
1) Scan center frequency: 8.2MHz ± 0.05MHz. 2) Sweeping bandwidth: 7.7 - 8.7MHz. 3) Detection range: 120 - 200cm(note: be related with the size of tag or label). 4) Alarm volume: high, medium, low. 5) Dimensions: 1,610 x 480 x 92mm. 6) Optional colors: ivory. 7) Suitable for being installed in the exit of supermarkets, shopping squares and garment stores
Company: Hangzhou Timing Technologies Co., Ltd.    China

1.5TFT Theftproof Monitor System
1) Put the cat eye camera into the cat eye hole of the theftproof door, the magnet on the back of the camera could make the camera stick to the door. 2) Screen: 1.5"TFT. 3) Image sensor: color CMOS. 4) Picture pixels: 300,000. 5) Lens: could work in various wide-angle lens. 6) Rechargeable battery: lithium-ion battery 3.7V / 850mAh. 7) Charger: a) Input: AC100 ~ 240V / 50 / 60Hz ; b) Output DC 5V / 700mA. 8) Dimensions: 105 x 50 x 26mm

Digital Deactivator and Pad
Features: 1) Deactivate label in contactless and quick way, and the deactivation height can be up to 30cm. 2) Quick deactivation in contactless way. 3) Able to work with the laser scanner that has inner lock, the deactivator can finish deactivating and payment at the same time thus improves cashier's work efficiency and reduces customers' waiting time. 4) Advanced SMT technology, with high deactivating efficiency and is reliable. Specifications: 1) Frequency: 7.4 - 9.0MHz. 2) ...

RF System
1) Stainless steel pipe, top ABS housing. 2) Detection range: 1.4- 2.2m. 3) Dimensions: 32 x 168cm. 4) Center frequency: 8.2MHz±0.5MHz. 5) Scanning frequency bias: ±500kHz. 6) Scan rate: four optional. 7) Sensitivity: 5μA. 8) Bandwidth: 7.7 - 8.7MHz. 9) Safe guard: 250V, 0.5A, fuse self-remedy.

Safe Guard Sprays
The system designed to prevent the unpermissive person like thief, scamp, rascal. Enter into the importance place like home, office etc, The inductive distance of the first sensor is within 10 meters. The inductive distance of the second sensor is within 1 meter. Remote controllers working distance are within 50 meters. The alert power is within 100DB. Detection way: digital infra-red pluse and PIR. The spray distance of the OC pepper canister is within 3 meters. The spray speed of the ...

Pull Box
Pull box (anti-theft device) is a retractable lanyard tag with a sticker or toggle which effectively prevent showing merchandise from being stolen, such as mobile phones, digital cameras and other valuable products. It is widely used for all kinds of supper market, retail shops and exhibition giving estimative protection to valuable products for showing. When you want to set a product on exhibition for showing, you just need to fix the Pull Box at the bottom or back of storage rack or ...

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Anti-Thief Card For Purse
The product-anti-thief card is used to your purse, prevent thief to steal your purse from your pocket. The usage is simple, just put the card in your purse, and turn on the alarm switch. When the thief steal your purse from your pocket, it would alarm loudly, scare the thief away and remind you on guard.

Safety Light Curtain
Number of beams (Max.) 128. Response time(MS) 65. Range of detection 0-3000mm. Active protection height 20-1841mm. Vertical mounting tolerance +/- 20mm/10degrees. Horizontal mounting tolerance +/- 3mm/7degrees. Light immunity(LUX.) 50000. Operating temperature -20-+65 degrees. LED indicators Green: power supply; Red:signal indicators. Housing material Aluminum alloy, finished black. Housing dimension(L) 2000mm. Housing dimension(W) 55mm. Housing dimension(D) 20mm. Power consume 3w. System ...

Positioning Device
The Pull box (Retractable Lanyard) is ideal for product positioning, as a theft deterrent for product samples, as a counterbalance or as a wire harness positioner. Using TIMING constant force spring technology, the Retractable Lanyard provides consistent, reliable tension at a variety of forces, with a range of versatile end fittings. TIMING also offers the widest range of cables and pull forces. Individual Retractable Lanyard designs can be custom manufactured, quickly and cost-effectively, ...

Godrej High Security Vault Doors
Godrej High Security Vault Doors are made as per UL standards. The High SEcurity Vault Doors are the strongest Barriers that you can provide to your valuables. Built to defy Fire, Explosion and all sorts of Torch and Tool attacks - this is the highest level of protection you are looking for your valuables

EAS Antenna
Features: 1) Made of acrylic sheeting, attractive appearance. 2) Can effectively prevent interference from metallic objects. 3) Uses advanced electrical techniques for high reliability and stability. 4) No harm to people's health or the storage of library. 5) It can be installed either on the pedestal or on the floor. 6) It can generally detect 6cm magnetic strips. 7) It can work with four paths and give sub-channel surveillance and alarm. 8) Available for physically challenged people. ...

Wireless Burglarproof Alarm System
1) Classical design, blue backup light, big and beautiful LCD display. 2) 32 defense zones including 8 wired defense zones, wired / wireless compatible. 3) Individual arm / disarm for each zone. 4) 100 history records with time indication, easy operation. 5) 6 groups of alarm telephone numbers preset, build-in alt siren. 6) Call-in priority for alarm call. 7) Long distance control: live monitor, remote arm/disarm. 8) Alarm automatically when telephone line is cut or in short circuit. 9) ...

Multi-tech Detector
1. Ir, microwave and air technology. 2. Dual-element pir sensor. 3. Function failure detection. 4. Up to 30cm anti-masking. 5. Temper switch.

8. 2mhz Electronic Article Surveillance (Eas) System
The Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system is effective equipment to against theft for all kinds of maketplace. It's an advanced equipment, which can promote management efficiency, reduce labor cost and improve shopping environment. V2000 detection antenna is made of stainless steel. Application Area: All kinds of markets, supermarket, garment shop, bookstore and CD / DVD shop etc. Specification: Center Frequency: 8. 2mhz. Scanning Rate: 180HZ. Voltage: 220V or customize. Power: ...

RF Antenna
1) Economical RF EAS sensor designed for supermarkets. 2) Scan center frequency: 8.2MHz. 3) Scan bandwidth: 7.7 - 8.7MHz. 4) Detection distance: 70 - 150cm (note: be related with the specifications of the detected tags). 5) Scan speed: 160,180, 205Hz. 6) Detect region:more than 85%. 7) Consumption: 45W (one Tx with one Rx). 8) Dimensions: 1,650 x 340 x 85mm. 9) Optional color: stainless steel, blue pedestal cover. 10) Suitable for being installed in the exit of medium and mini supermarkets

EM Soft Tags
EM strip: 1) Compatible with 3M and Knogo EM (Electromagnetic) anti-theft systems. 2) Rhoplex is an archival quality self-adhesive, meeting certain preservation standards. 3) Easily sealed and available in various formats. 4) Perfect for your bookstores, magazines, video and magnetic media. 5) Resistant to damage or shielding that may otherwise prevent detection. 6) Must make contact with the deactivation and reactivation. 7) Light-weighted. 8) Has a very high detection rate to prevent the ...

Home Wireless GSM Burglar Security Alarm System
No need of telephone line in order to have your location fully protected. Program the duration length of the siren. Password protected. Record your own personal message for ten seconds. Up to 6 telephone numbers can be pre-stored in the unit and dialed to summon help in priority order. Remote command and access to the system from anywhere via any telephone / mobile. Emergency / panic button is available for 24 hours whenever arm / disarm. Separately arm / disarm for certain detected areas. ...

Bottle Tags
1) One of the smallest reusable EAS tag. 2) Can be used in combination. with acoustic magnetic (AM), radio frequency (RF) or electromagnetic (EM) anti-shoplifting systems. 3) Easy to attach. 4) Highly visibility and hardness to remove. 5) Scratch and tamper resistant. 6) Standard/super lock with three or four balls clutch. 7) Very small, easy to remove using the normal detacher. 8) High cost performance ratio. 9) Frequency: 8.2 MHz, 58kHz, 8.2M+58K. 10) Wide detection range: 1.3 - 1.4m (5.2 ...

Eas Rf 8. 2mhz Sensor System
1) Applications: toggery, super market, shopping square, decoration and Gift shop, bookstore, software shop, library, beadhouse, kindergarten. 2) Specification parameters: A) Center frequency: 8MHz0. 05mhz ; B) Scan rate: 180Hz ; C) Power supply: 220V AC ; D) Power source and power depletion: <15W. 3) Exterior dimensions: 1, 650 x 340 x 85mm. 4) Detecting range: soft label 1. 0~1. 2m, hard label 1. 2~1. 5m. 5) Capability: A) Applies the intelligent numeric identify technology, good ...

Dome Camera
1) The camera can rotate within the angle ranging from 0 to 355 degrees in horizontal direction as well as ranging from 0 to 90 degrees in vertical direction. 2) remote control Optionally. 4) Video output signal range: 1.0Vp-p (positive pole). 5) Horizontal turn angle speed: 10 degrees/second. 6) Power voltage: DC 12V. 7) Weight: around 300g. 8) Distance of remote control: over 8m (cable). 9) Video bandwidth:8MHz. 10) Power consumption:2W
Product Group: Dome Camera

Security Door
Composite wood door: 1) Standard size: 2,000 x 800 x 40mm. 2) Various styles available. 3) Environmentally friendly material, finished with up to 7 coats of paint. 3) Humidity-proof, heat-resistant, crack-resistant, non-deformable and good sound insulation. 4) Custom requirements accepted. PVC door: 1) Standard size: 2,000 x 800 x 40mm. 2) Healthy product: contains no formaldehyde and toluene. 3) Humidity-proof, heat-resistant, crack-resistant, good sound insulation and non-deformable. 4) ...
Product Group: Security Door

EM System
1. Working voltage: AC220V ± 15%, 50Hz. 2. Working condition: -10 ~ 40oC. 3. Output power: ≥13W. 4. Working time: able to be continuous. 5. Alarm mode: making a sound and light glistens. 6. Material: UPVC. 7. The detected tag's length: 50mm (minimum). 8. Detection height: 1,700mm. 9. Detection width: 800-1,000mm (It is determined by the length of magnetic strip and hard tag). It can be combined to double paths or multiple paths. 10. Weight: 42kg. 11. Outline dimensions: 1,590 x 420 x ...

Europe Thin Type Light Curtain
Number of diodes: 32. Scan beams: 212 beams. Detecting beams: 32 beams (<400mm), 94 beams (≥ 400mm). Detecting height: Lowest 23mm, highest 1823mm, (Above to Bottom of light curtain). Size: 9mm (thick) x 28mm (wide) x 2000mm (high). Detecting distance: 0-4000mm. Vertical displacement 0mm: ± 20mm. Horizontal displacement 0mm: ± 3mm. Angular displacement 0mm: ± 15degrees. Cable reliability: 20 million door movements. Free fall: 1000mm. Light immunity: ≥100000LUX. IP Rating: IP55. ...

GSM Alarm System
GSM Alarm System: The GSM alarm system adopts the newest GSM network and Digital Signal Processing technology, and is widely used in security field. With SMS data transmission and voice platform of GSM network, it really realizes wireless alarm control and remote managements and solves the limitation of wired data transmission in telephone and wired network. Features: 1. Suitable for all buildings, such as house, retail shop, garage, farm, office and factory etc. 2. Protection ...
Product Group: Home Security
Company: Supremevalue Intl Corporation Ltd.    China

GSM Alarm System (dual network)
GSM Alarm System: FunctionsAll operation process with voice prompt. 1. Both GSM and landline are available, full compliance with ADEMCO contact ID, could send ADEMCO through GSM or telephone line. 2. Could set the sequencing of GSM dialing and local calls; the sequencing of the short messages and the GSM dialing, or choose whether use the message and GSM dialing. 3. The operation is very easy: Set the dialing number or revise the number on the keyboard of the panel, edit the content ...
Company: Supremevalue Intl Corporation Ltd.    China

MMS GSM Alarm System
GSM Alarm System Main Function With PIR and Camera itself Can call you and send SMS Can send MMS to your mobile phone Can send pictures to your e-mail Can match detectors/sensors with mainframe by learning 1.IR thermo image monitoring and detection for moving objects, the double detection technology can eliminate the false alarm caused by environmental reasons. 2.It has real-time mobile AV alarm and e-mail video image back-up receiving model. 3.You can monitor the site by mobile ...
Product Group: GSM Alarm System
Company: Supremevalue Intl Corporation Ltd.    China

Sell Pull box for mobile phone
Quadrate pull box, This reel can be broadly applied for various POP security displays for electronic articles / electricity appliances etc, such as mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, MP3/MP4, PDA, electric tools and computers etc. This reel can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder (as shown on our website) from us. The box can be fixed on the back of display cabinet by screw or adhesive tape. Box is made of ABS plastic, with stainless steel cable winding onto ...
Product Group: Pull Box
Company: Hangzhou Timing Technologies Co.,Ltd    China

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