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List extensive product information of Fire-fighting (include Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Fire Hydrant, Fire Hose, Smoke Detector, Fire-Fighting Suit), provided by Fire-fighting products manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Fire Hose
Features: 1) Made from Dacron and coated with high quality rubber. 2) Dimensions: 1.5 - 4". 3) Working pressure: 0.8Mpa and 1Mpa. 4) Material: rubber. 5) Customized packaging available.
Product Group: Fire Hose
Company: Linhai Huafeng Plastic Products Factory    China

Fire Extinguisher Valve
1) Mounting cup: tinplate with epoxy resin coat. 2) Actuator: actuator with large dose. 1) Inlet thread: PZ 19.2. 2) Outlet thread: M22x1.5. 3) Dip tube thread: M10x1. 4) Pressure: 18 - 22MPa
Company: Ningbo Kaixuan Fire Control Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Fiberglass Fire Blanket
Excellent fireproof, heat resistance and insulation properties. Effectively keep fire from outside air to put out the fire, absorb heat to protect and save people. 1.0m x 1.0m, 1.2m x 1.2m, 1.2m x 1.8m, 1.8m x 1.8m.

Fire Alarm Button
Faceplate: mirror finished stainless steel, titanium finished stainless steel, hairline finished stainless steel. Fixing the faceplate with ornamental nail. Prevents fire under fire-emergency just by breaking glass. Switch box and turning on the fire-switch

Heat Detector
1) Models: 2-wire, 4-wire. 2) Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms. 3) Easy installation and maintenance. 4) Polished low-profile housing design. 5) Durable sensor head, no need for replacement. 6) SMD circuit board design: satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed. 7) N/C (normal / close) and N/O (normal / open) relay output ways for option. 8) AR (auto reset) function for security systems (optional for 4-wire models). 9) Five-year warranty

PVC Water Hose
1) In accordance with the national level of GB9476-88. 2) Made from pure polyester gauze: a) High intensity ; b) Strong pulling force ; c) Good pressure resistance ; d) Convenient installation and long life span. 3) Applications: constitution, anti-drought, anti-water logging, irrigation. 4) PVC water hoses available: a) Sizes from 1 - 8 inches ; b) Working pressure from 2 bar - 10 bar (0.2mpc - 1.0mpc) ; c) Colors and length according to customers' requests.
Company: Ningbo Kaixuan Fire Control Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguisher takes the new high-tech product E-500 extinguishing, a king of water-foam, as its material. This product has so much characters as easy to use, non-burn and non-explode, safe and reliably for carrying and storing. It's suitable for car, home, office, camping, oil station, gas station, and factory, etc. 1. Using on spot fires of class A, B, C, D, and E, no burn again after fire-stop. 2. Environmentally safe, contains no materials of HCFCs and HBFCs that destroy the ...

Chubb Portable Fire Fighting Pump
CHUBB PORTABLE FIRE FIGHTING PUMP: Foam Inducted High Pressure Air-Cooled Diesel. Ruggerini MD-151-1.16 HP 12V/24V Electric starter motor. FE-HV Mark 2 Pump. Bell Reel SS cast hose. FD/25 Diffuser nozzle. Ray dan RTP Foam inducer. Bell glass fiberglass foam tank x 100 ltrs. Aluminum mounting frame with forklift/crane sling.

Fire Hydrant and Hydrant Body
We manufacture various hydrants, hydrant components, hydrant bodies, bonnets and O-rings from china. These products are widely used in water supply for fire fighting. Materials are ASTM A48 CL3 and A536 85-65-7.
Company: Ningbo Kaixuan Fire Control Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Fire Escape Hood
Specifications: 1) Fire resistant and flame retardant and used to protect against CO and toxic smoke. 2) Service life, min > 30min CO and HCN: > 30min. 3) Penetration: ≤0.01%. 4) Leakage coefficient: ≤5%. 5) Inhalation resistance, dapa ≤80 (at 85L/min). 6) Total field of vision: 80%. 7) Binocular field of vision: 60%. 8) Total weight: 800g

Fire Extinguisher
Obtain the national appearance patent. Aluminium system, can't oxidize aluminium not the whole (the red / silver / the blue) , hight; 275mm, diameter; 64mm, weight; 1. 0kg, dry powder is 0. 50kg. Time is 12 seconds to spray effectively maximum effective discharge time seconds: >12 s, product weight: 2. 2lb (dry chemical weight of 1. 0 lb, extinguisher agent charge weight 2. 2 lb) dry powder is 0. 45 & 0. 50kg (hy-3015) , body material: steel (hy-3011~hy-3014) aluminum (hy-3015)

Smoke Hood / Smoke Mask
The psm pocket smoke mask is a small, portable heat resistant hood that covers the entire head to the shoulders. Protecting eyes, nose, and mouth from lethal smoke and fumes. A special ionized filter blocks heavy smoke and allows you to breath while making your way to safety.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
1) Power: a) AC: 110 / 220V ; b) DC: 9V battery. 2) Sound level: above 85dB (at 3m). 3) Static current: below 8μA. 4) Alarm current: 10mA. 5) Low voltage alarm: 5.5 - 6.2V. 6) Ambient temperature: -5 - 40°C. 7) Low battery alert: 7 - 15 days

Hydrant Part
1) Material: cast iron, ductile iron. 2) Casting process: sand cast, lost-form cast. 3) Surface treatment: epoxy powder coating. 4) Product range: completed hydrants or individual components, including hydrant bodies, bonnets, O-ring and other components. 5) Widely used in water supply for fire fighting

Firefighting Machine
Features: 1) Rated speed: 6,500r/min. 2) Net weight: 9.5kg. 3) Volume wind outlet: 0.5m/s. 4) External dimensions: 1,040 x 10 x 10mm. 5) Fuel consumption volume: 2.0kg/h. Engine: 1) Model: HL6MF-26. 2) Type: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled. 3) Displacement: 78.5ml. 4) Max. power/rotation speed: 3.7/7,000kW/r/min. 5) Fuel consumption rated: 544g/kW. 6) Carburetor: diaphragm MP22. 7) Magentor: CFW-79 CDI. 8) Spark plug model: A4117. 9) Fuel model: RQ70. 10) Oil model: HQ-6 or HQ-10, or L-ERB ...

Anti-Chemical Fire Fighting Suit
1) Material: a) Rubberized fabric ; b) Thickness: 0.45±0.05mm ; c) Tensile strength: no less than 450N/5cm ; d) Tear strength: not less than 32N. 2) Weight: no more than 5kg. 3) Acid anti-permeability: under 10mm liquid pillar of 80% H2SO4, 60% HNO3 and 30% HCl for 1 hour. 4) Alkali anti-permeability: under 10mm liquid pillar of 6.1mol/L NaOH3for 1h. 5) Benzene resistance: no cracks and not sticky after immersing in 120# petrol for 30s. 6) Chemical anti-permeability: 5 pieces, not permeable ...

PVC Fire Hose
1) Produced by new technology. 2) With high tensile strength polyester threads used as its reinforcement. 3) With good adaptability to cold weather conditions. 4) Light, flexible and colored. 5) Excellent resistance to fire. 6) Working temperature: -5~70°C. 7) Can be used as the matching hoses for winding wheels of fire-fighting
Product Group: Fire Hose

Fire Hydrant
Product range: completed hydrants or individual components, including hydrant bodies, bonnets, other components. Widely used in water supply for fire fighting

Middle / High Multiple Foam Generator
1) Middle / high multiple foam can full of huge area and space quickly, changes covering type into submersed type, good fluidity and penetrability, with high adiabatic performance, anti thermal radiation, and thermal convection. 2) Can be the temporary refuge for site fireman, avoids high temperature and poison smoke

Fire Fighter Boots
1) Material: flame / heat-resistant rubber. 2) Electric shock resistant soles and heels. 3) Steel toes with extra heavy outside toe cap reinforcement. 4) Structural fire fighting. 5) Slip-resistant. 6) Waterproof. 7) Application: protect feet and legs. 8) In accordance with the Chinese Standard GA6-91

Rubber Lined Fire Hose
1) Jacket: high tenacity polyester staples, polyester filament. 2) Easy rolling. 3) Aging resistant. 4) Size: 100mm (4"). 5) Working pressure: 10 Bar (1.0Mpa). 6) Bursting pressure: ≥30Bar (3.0Mpa). 7) Colors of outside jacket and inner linning: as per customers' requirements. 8) Light weight

Fire Fighter Glove
1) Outer layer: the material is made from Nomex. It enjoys the ability of flame resistance, oil proofness, electrical insulation. It also has good resistance to acids and alkalis. 2) Moisture barrier: GORE-TEX, the material could stop water passing through to the firefighters personal clothing while allowing perspiration and heat to escape to the outside atmosphere. 3) Thermal barrier: it used the no-woven felt made of ARAMID. To thermal barrier, flame resistant, anti heat radiation. 4) ...

Smoke Detector
Photoelectric smoke + heat alarm with 9V DC battery, ceiling type smoke alarm with CE approval alarm. Features: Ceiling or wall mounting. Easy to install with mounting hardware included. 9V DC battery. Suitable for any room. Flash alarm indicator (red). Test button for easy recommended monthly testing. Low battery signal. Safety clip feature, not allow mounting of smoke alarm, without battery installed. Photoelectric chamber for early detection from all directions. Loud 85dB alarm signal. ...

Fireman Hose Nozzle
1. Virtually unbreakable - engineered from zinc, aluminum, glass-filled nylon, and brass. 2. Adjustable from gentle shower to powerful jet stream

FRP Fire Extinguisher Stands
1) Skillful manufacturing. 2) Modern design. 3) Corrosion resistance. 4) Light weight. 5) High intensity. 6) Aging resistance. 7) Excellent dimension stability. 8) Long service life. 9) Smooth surface. 10) Good flexibility. 11) Manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with glass fiber

Fire Alarm
This smoke alarm works on the principle that infrared scatters in the smoke to probe the smoke which is generated by the incomplete combustion at the initial stage of the fire. The smoke alarm consists of photoelectric system, signal processing identification circuit and alarm circuit. The infrared scatters on the surface of the smoke when the smoke enters the darkroom of the detector, and then the photoelectric diode receives the scattered light and generates the photoelectric signal ...
Product Group: Fire Alarm

Stock Tank Pressure Type Air and Foam Device
Our stock tank pressure type air and foam proportional mixing device is composed of a foaming tank, pressure type proportional mixer, inlet pipe, outlet pipe and control valve. When the pressure flow goes through the proportional mixer of this device, the water and foam can be automatically mixed according to a certain proportion and the foam mixture will then be sent to the foam generator and spray equipment to produce spray air foam for fire extinguisher. This device is available in two ...

Foam Gun For Low Pressure And High Pressure Fire Pumps
1. Anodized light-alloy casting with rubber handle and adjusting lever. 2. Interior parts made of stainless steel. 3. Rotating ball-bearing type hose connector made of stainless steel. Technical data: 1. Continuous flow-rate adjustment between 0-150 1 / min. 2. Continuous jet adjustment between full jet, flat jet and spray jet. 3. Approx. 25m at 150 1 / min and with a 40 bar full jet. 4. 3 / 4" BSP male threaded connector for hose coupling. 5. Weight 3k. G. Practical advantage: 1. The ...

Fire-Fighting Suit
1) Material: nomax, waterproof ventilation layer, heat insulation layer, cosiness layer. 2) Burning resistant ability: burning extent less than 2s. 3) Static water pressure resistance: more than 30kPa. 4) Ventilation ability: more than 5,000gsm, 24h. 5) TPP more than 35Cal/cm². 6) Weight: 3.5kg

We can supply fire-fighting products including hoses, groove couplings, fire hose nozzles, fire sprinklers and alarms, fire hydrant, fire extinguishing etc from china.

Extinguishing Controller
Voltage: 24/12V DC. Load current: 24V, 100,000 times

Fire Extinguishers
1) ABC dry powder extinguisher. 2) 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 4 liters, 6 liters, 9 liters foam and water extinguisher. 3) 1.5kg and 6.8kg co2 extinguisher. 4) 25kg - 100kg trolley extinguisher. 5) Screen print or stick label. 6) Epoxy coated cylinder have a phosphate under treatment to resist corrosion by paint. 7) Auto-line control. 8) Color: RAL 3000. 9) Burst pressure: 55 bars. 10) Valve to be pressure release with CE approval. 11) Monoammonium phosphate based dry chemical agent. 12) ...

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